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MAGAZINE PLYOMETRIC ML Me b) a ik a — f ry 5, y —S Motivation in 20092 a to find a better you! 11 Locations in Charleston ES Ac CHECK OUT OUR NEW LOCATION: Latah East Shore 1005 Tanner Ford Blvd. Athletic Club Eee) PES Cr TT) January/February 5 Fit over Fifty and Beyond by Lilla Folsom 9 Running After Fifty by Arlene Jensen 22 Plyometric Training by Nancy Edwards 24 Desire or Disorder? by John Di Giovanni 8 Featured Trainer 10 Body Parts 12 Yoga Pose of the Month 16 Interview 18 Charleston Legend 27 Nutrition 28 Sports Injuries Lilla Folsom | Managing Editor Kimi Parkhill | Intern iovanni | Editor/Publisher Melissa Weir | Proofreader Kristen Thibodeaus | Intern Charleston's BLIQUE MAGAZINE “Benita Schlau \ Photographer Jack Alterman www.centerforphotography Active her whole life, Benita Schlau, began running at the age 30. She isa two-time winner of both the Kiawah Island Marathon and the Cooper River Bridge Run's Mar during her compet Newberry Award. She has run 30 marathons eer, Benita is a Certified Personal Trainer by the Ameri Council on Exe and has been on staff at MUSC Wellness Center since it opened in 1988. She has helped organize the Cooper River Bridge Run for over 25 years, as well as directed walking and running clinics. Since turning 50, she has incorporated strength training five days a week. to Bob Schlau, and has two children Jennie and Eric, along and diversified her workouts. Benita is marti with one grandson, Charlie. Gua 1