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Racist Teacher

Racist Teacher

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Published by: URBNAnthony.com on Jun 09, 2012
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Racist Teacher Kathleen Pyles The Status Quo

How many times do you think they call the students Nigger at home or under their breath? She said “black boy” but thought Nigger I bet. Black Boy isn„t nigger though, It„s not that bad, right? Did she take the “Multi-Cultural Issues In Society” course at University, or do they just let white people teach? How about “gay boy”? She would have been fired. But, then again, a Kentucky racist makes a difference, we as black people should understand them. That‟s just how they are right? People from Waterbury like Former Governor John Rowland, and Former State Rep. Michael Cicchetti, are from Waterbury. I am sure they told her, she shouldn‟t have said it. Those things, you should just think them. Is this not the end of the school term? Should she not know her students. Even if you may understand her forgetting or not knowing all of her students in September, this is June. How about excuse me dear, what is your name again, sorry I forgot. I just came out the bathroom where I took a nip from my bottle thing. But, I am sure they support the racism. The State of Connecticut has been supporting that for years. The truth just oozes out. Where are the Gay and Lesbian Organizations, like the ACLU? Oh, that‟s right, racism against black people is the level under homosexuality. Black presidents and such can speak for them, but where are they when it isn‟t them. Why does the lady still have a job? Well, the homosexuals and racist, and racist homosexuals still have their job. Let a black person call a Waterbury student “cracker” or “whitey” or “Hey Jew Boy” sit down, or something like that. Just like the justice system operates, it would have already been to the level of termination for an African American teacher.. “We demand an apology and the immediate termination,” always comes along with a flagrant violation of their rights. The sad thing is, it appears that the torment that African descendents endured over the years doesn‟t seem to be enough. She will probably get a nice size promotion for that. The people that destroyed this “black-man” life sure did. They still work and some get promotions and pensions. A nice racist private school can‟t wait to snatch her up. It is just what they want, a confirmed racist. They can‟t probably offer her enough as they are probably competing for her services now.

It doesn‟t matter how much you tell “the system” or this type person about themselves, the city and state will support their own, especially when it comes to issues like this against the black community. Do you really need “sensitivity training” or a meeting that racism is wrong in 2012. This is were the Administrative Mafia probably have their headquarters. The teacher shouldn‟t worry though, she scored big points with the white people throughout the state with this one. Although they say “It‟s not acceptable”, it is a paid administrative leave. That is crazy. If that is not support what is it? Where is the governor? Or does he not want to anger the “white vote”. It must be nice to play politics with racism. I experience it everyday in the state for the past several years. The people inflicting such get rewarded in this state. I wouldn‟t want a person that thought such a thing in the privacy of their own home to teach a child. People like that shouldn‟t be teachers. Black children, especially boys face enough racism during the day to day in society. Now, if he grows up hating white people, what? He learned it in school. Let‟s hear it for the Connecticut State Department of Education. They are funding this program. BANG UP JOB. This must be tolerance, yeah, black people should be more tolerant of white folk. That‟s the ticket. It‟s our fault. Everything Is. It is just an allegation though, when it comes to our black children. Hire me to fire her racist ass. I can use a day‟s pay.

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