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AµµrccIatc what vnu havc!

One dav . . . a veaIlhv faniIv nan look his son on a liip lo
lhe counliv, so he couId have his son see hov pooi counliv
peopIe Iive. Thev slaved one dav and one nighl in lhe hone
of a veiv hunlIe fainei. Al lhe end of lhe liip, and vhen
lhev veie lack hone, lhe falhei asked his son, "Whal did
vou lhink of lhe liip`"
The son iepIied, "Veiv nice dad."
Then lhe falhei asked his son, "Did vou nolice hov pooi
lhev veie`"
The son iepIied, "Yes."
The falhei conlinued asking, "Whal did vou Ieain`"
The son iesponded, "I Ieained lhal ve have one dog in oui
house, and lhev have foui.
AIso, ve have a founlain in oui gaiden, lul lhev have a
sliean lhal has no end.
And ve have inpoiled Ianps in oui gaiden . . . vheie lhev
have lhe slais!
And oui gaiden goes lo lhe edge of oui piopeilv. ßul lhev
have lhe enliie hoiizon as lheii lack vaid!"
Al lhe end of lhe son's iepIv lhe falhei vas speechIess.
His son lhen said, "Thank vou dad foi shoving ne hov
pooi ve ieaIIv aie."
Isn'l il liue lhal aII depends on lhe Iens vou use lo see Iife`
One can ask hinseIf vhal vouId happen if ve give lhanks
foi vhal ve have inslead of aIvavs asking foi noie.
Lcarn tn aµµrccIatc what vnu havc. Wca!th Is a!! In nnc's
µnInt nf vIcw.

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