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Preces and Responses for Christopher Brown Fast our mouth shall shew fort (© Lord open thou our lips, Lord make haste to help us, oe —— © God make speed to save us. & Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Ghost & "Fx it was inthebe -gin-ning, is now tens shall be, World with-out end. A ~ men Letus pray. pe The Lord be with you. mp apialaaraataten alece Lenthree E opn ae, Crise ee 9-08 Lord have mer-cy up-on us. 2 2 cee) ol bie ‘The Lord's Prayer (or may be intoned on G) Flowing - minim beat ft 2 I ™p ‘Our Fa-ther, which art in heaven, hal-lowed be thy name; Thy king-dom come; thy will be done on earth th thy ad sided y T — i GRe” us this day our daily bread. And for - give us our eee | = A little slower to end mp fres-pags-es, as. we for - give thei’ that tres-pass a-gainst us. And lead us notin-to temp- aad 4 eal === © Lord, shew thy merey up-on us. OLord, save the Queen, us thy sal - va-tion. — — a — Ts hee eee Sead eae ‘And grant us thy sal - va -tion Abd (9: Endue thy ministers with righteousness. eo _ — Lord, save thy peo - ple