Dear Friends, Two years ago, many of us attended several hearings to get a seasonal leaf blower ban passed

in Dobbs Ferry. The seasonal ban that was passed covers only the summer plus a few weeks on either end. Unfortunately, the seasonal ban is under attack and we need your help to defend it. The summer seasonal ban was a compromise with landscapers; we wanted a much longer seasonal ban that would start earlier in spring (just after spring clean-up) and end later in fall (when the leaves actually come down heavily). But we settled for what was essentially a summer of clean air and less noise. Building on the seasonal ban, we supported multiple training sessions for landscapers and homeowners at Greenburgh Nature Center to teach more energy-efficient, environmentallyfriendly, and money-saving landscaping techniques. As a result, lawn clippings and leaves are now being mulched throughout the Village – instead of blown and bagged – to fertilize and enrich the soil. Collecting, trucking, and dumping of clippings and leaves has now been drastically reduced, saving homeowners, landscapers, and government tens of thousands of dollars. Now some landscapers wish to repeal the seasonal ban, claiming that their customers are demanding that their yards and driveways be kept “clean” of organic matter. Their argument, that not using blowers is hurting their business, is illogical, since all landscaping companies operating in Dobbs Ferry must comply with the same ban. Please help defend the seasonal ban. Dobbs Ferry is one of 17 Westchester municipalities with seasonal leaf blower bans, including Hastings, Larchmont, Mamaroneck, Scarsdale, Tarrytown, Tuckahoe and Yonkers among others. Please join me in emailing our Board of Trustees BEFORE TUESDAY’s BOT Meeting. Ask them to keep the ban “as-is,” or make it even longer. All you have to do is cut and paste the list of trustees below into your emails: To:,,,,,, Subject: SAVE OUR SEASONAL BLOWER BAN! Or come to the Board of Trustees Meeting at Village Hall this Tuesday at 7:30pm and ask the trustees in person! Thank you for your time. Best,

Rob Baron 693-9155

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