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SPECIAL MEETING OF THE FLAGLER BEACH CITY COMMISSION, DECEMBER 10, 2008 IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWING THE TOWN HALL MEETING AT 6:30 P.M. PRESENT: Chairman Jane Mealy, Vice-Chairman John Feind, Commissioners Joy McGrew, Linda Provencher and Ron Vath, Interim City Manager Bernie Murphy, CRA Director Caryn Miller, Planning Director Jan Hancock and City Clerk Angela Apperson. ABSENT: Mayor Alice M. Baker. 1. CALL THE MEETING TO ORDER: Commissioner Mealy called the meeting to order at 9:30 p.m. 2, PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE: Commissioner Feind led the pledge. 3. DISCUSSION AND NECESSARY ACTION RELATED TO THE PROPOSED CITY CENTER: Commissioner Mealy read the title of the item into the record. Discussion ensued and included putting the building on the agenda at another time; directing Mr. Murphy to research federal funding and grant money available; to direct Mr. Murphy to continue negotiations with the County regarding the property west of the City owned property; the need for a design before a grant could be applied for; where the matching funds might be found; scheduling; the need for a motion for a referendum or to discontinue the project, and to not stop the research at the state and federal level as there might be other local funding available. The following citizens gave their input on the item: Bob Chase, JoAnne Ricardi, John Horan, Dick Ricardi, Richard Price, J. NeJame, John Healey, and Frank Vignati. Discussion among the Commissioners centered around the previous motion made by the Commission on October 30, 2008, indicating after all the research was completed; if the Commissioner decided to move forward with the project, a referendum would be placed on a ballot for the voters to decide if City Center or City Hall would be built. Motion by Commissioner McGrew, seconded by Commissioner Vath, we delay further funding and planning of the proposed City Center and for staff to continue research of funding sources for future reference and for the City Manager to continue negotiations of the possible land swap with the County. The motion carried unanimously. 4. ADJOURNMENT: Motion by Commissioner McGrew, seconded by Commissioner Vath, to adjourn the meeting at 10:04 p.m. The motion carried unanimously. Jane Mealy, Chairman ‘Angela M. Apperson, City Clerk Page | of 1 12/10/2008