DON'T Negotiate. Make Noise. Act. Now. We don't negotiate with children's lives. Do you?


Sometimes you just have to say no. Period. No negotiations. No compromise. Today is such a time. A cornerstone of our democracy is a free and highquality public education available to all. Yet, every minute and in every corner of the country, essential elements of public education are being chipped away. These are not random attacks: altogether, they evince a carefully coordinated strategy designed to replace our public education system with one that is privately controlled. Success will be measured by cost effectiveness and profit.

Prevailing education reform policies are not supported by peer-reviewed research studies (see reference list). Instead, they are being foisted upon communities to destroy public education. More importantly, the opportunity for students to experience real learning is eroded, valuing testbased choice, accountability, and punishment over caring relationships, creative and critical thinking, arts-based methods, and to inquire and experiment with their world. All in the name of the almighty dollar, our children have become their profit. We have asked. We have explained. We have met. All to no avail. We say, “enough!” We begin by asking – if you too are unwilling to concede to this corporate takeover, how can we help you? Call us. Email us. Tweet us. If we can be on the ground in your city to support your efforts – we will be there. If we can use social media to help publicize what your local paper will not – we will do it. We do not negotiate with children’s lives.

We continue our weekly actions at United Opt Out National but we will push hard where we are asked to push. We will do our best to bring to the forefront what mainstream media hides from the public. Join us today. Do not negotiate. Make noise. Act. Now.


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