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A.5/31/3BC Luke 1:5-25 Shavout His Father, Zacharias, John the Baptist
(Pentecost) Serving in the temple Conceived
B.8/12/3BC Daniel 9:24 Rosh Chodesh Jupiter (king planet) and Magi begin looking
Numbers 24:17New Moon Venus (mother planet) signs of the king’s
rises in Leo (king const. birth.
C.9/11/3BC Rev. 12:5 Rosh Hoshana Jupiter approaches Regulus Magi understand
(Tishri 1) in the early morning, while that surely this is
the sun rises in Virgo(Virgin) a sign .
the moon is below and
the dragon (Draco) is above
D.9/14/3BC Middle of the Jupiter and Regulus rise Another Sign
F. of Booths in Leo
E.12/14/3BC Luke 1:26-38 First day of 6 Months after conception Jesus conceived
of Hannukah of John the Baptist
F.2/17/2BC Purim Jupiter rejoins Regulus Another sign
G.3/18 2BC Luke 1:57-80 Passover 9 months after 5/31/3BC John’s birth
H.5/8/2BC Jupiter again joins Regulus Appearing to
crown the star
I.6/17/2BC Tammus Feast Jupiter and Venus rise near 279 days since
Regulus: The most brilliant .9/11 3BC(Human gest-
Conjunction ever seen ation)Magi start journey
following Jupiter
J.9/14/2BC Luke 2:4,5 First day of Full moon Mary and Joseph
Feast of Booths leave for Bethlehem
K.9/21/2/BC Luke 2:6-20 Great Day of Fall Equinox Jesus is born in a barn.
Feast. Angels tell shepherds
L.9/29/2BC Luke 2:21 Jesus is circumcised
M.10/31/2BC Luke 2:22-38 Celtic Feast Changed to Halloween Mary presented an
Isaiah 9:2 of Sanheim offering, Anna and
John 11:25,26 Simeon prophesy.
N.12/25/02 Matt. 2:1-15 Roman feast of Changed to Christmas Magi, having followed
Mal.4:2 El Sol Invicti. The sun is higher on Jupiter to Jerusalem,
“The Invincible horizon following notice that it turned
Sun” the winter solstice south, offer gifts to
Family leaves for Egypt Jesus.and leave.
O.1/9/01. Lunar eclipse
P. ? Josephus wrote that Herod
died between the dates of
the eclipse and Passover
Q.4/6/01 Ex.12:1-13 Passover: Mary, Joseph, hearing from the angel of the Lord that
Herod was dead, leave Egypt for Judea, but hearing Herod’s son Archelaus was reigning there, went
to Nazareth instead.