or whatever. What’s plagiarism? Almost everybody thinks that they know what plagiarism is. of the ideas. we are less tempted to ‘steal’ somebody else’s ideas and put our name on it. design. we are forced to think. musical.” (According to The University of Kentucky) I wanted to give a defition of college plagiarism representing a different situation of plagiarism because „inspite of the seriousness with which student plagiarism is treated by academics.” (According to OED. and publication as one's own. etc. to be creative or if it’s too much to say that …. it must be done by the student. I mean students because we are confronted with it whenever we write an essay. their collective efforts seem to be inadequate to the size of the problem” (Karlins.Oxford English Dictionary.” 2. wording or anything else from another source without appropriate acknowledgment of the fact. or work. and the student alone. but I’ll still mention some definitions of this term: 1. Considering this true. artistic. “The action or practice of plagiarizing. but when the actual work is done. organization.”(The University of Kentucky) . chapter of a book. the wrongful appropriation or purloining.Writing about plagiarism is an important lesson that we all should experience…And when I say we…. a paper from a friend or some file. The same institution added: “Plagiarism includes reproducing someone else's work. whoever that other person may be. Even if we are aware of its implications we still can misinterpret it. 2nd edition) “The acts of passing off as one’s own the ideas or writings of another. Plagiarism also includes the practice of employing or allowing another person to alter or revise the work which a student submits as his/her own.” (According to Honor Council Document) • “When students submit work purporting to be their own. 1988). whether it be a published article. Students may discuss assignments among themselves or with an instructor or tutor. passage.we are forced to respect other people work. but which in any way borrows ideas. the students are guilty of plagiarism. or the expression of the ideas (literary. And why is it such an important lesson? Because when writing about plagiarism we are less tempted to cheat. mechanical.) of another. “A purloined idea. Michaels and Podlogar. why so many people plagiarize? Maybe it has to do more with ethics than law.

Here we must try as much as we can to avoid plagiarism. What should be done? . As I said it before it’s all about ethics where background education and one’s character plays an important role. How to do that? • Quotation. so we treat it as ‘common-knowledge’ we don’t cite it every time we use it in verbal communication. Even then we should the source of information. we can use the ideas in our own words. • Due to the fact that there is so much to be done and so little time. Placing in quotation marks the whole paragraph according to a standard documentation style. the research and all the reading we did. • Due to the fact that they can’t make or aren’t able to do a complete useful research. Reasons can be found but excuses not.Plagiarism(Social Sciences Research and Instructional Council). This information is now part of us. But in written communication things are different. Why do students cheat? (Regarding plagiarism as a way of cheating) • Due the fact that they are not interested in the subject and find it useless. We also need to show the interest in the subject. We need to use somebody else’s words maybe because they illustrate better the concepts or as a sign of respect for a great author that we really admire. When fully understanding a piece of information. we can avoid plagiarism. we don’t name every author that generated the idea merely because we don’t remember so many names. without the risk of misunderstanding.College Plagiarism It’s very hard to avoid plagiarism because our knowledge is based on others contributions. This is the case when we demonstrate ourselves that we did learn something from other sources. • For more reliable information and clear examples in avoiding plagiarism students should read Earl Babbie. Paraphrasing. • Due to the fact that some students don’t have writing abilities • Due to the fact that everyone wants a good mark taken with little efforts. we forgot that we read it in our books or discussed it in class. on others discovered and organized information.

" Two students challenged their dismissal in federal court this year. dismissed or expelled. .and they are not sanctioned by anyone for encouraging plagiarism. Smith said those cases were dismissed. This wide-ranging probe of student plagiarism at the University of Virginia has ended with the dismissal of 45 students and the revocation of three graduates' degrees.referate.a misplaced emphasis” published in the Journal of Information Ethics (1994). In Romania there are sites like www. There is plagiarism ‘with intent’. The measures that have to be taken depend upon the university because this is merely an ‘in-house’ problem depending on the seriousness of the fraud." Honor Committee Chairman Christopher Smith said Monday. "But it shows the system worked. "It's never a happy day when 48 students leave. The only penalty for breaking the code is dismissal from school. 109 students were exonerated and 48 others were either convicted of cheating or left school admitting guilt. students pledge not to lie. But how to blame them if university professors allow plagiarism without severe sanctions? In other countries things are different. The Charlottesville school's student-run Honor Committee finished the last plagiarism trial on Saturday after a 20-month investigation. For example I’ll cite the penalties applied in case of such an offence at The University of Kentucky. if appropriate. Bloomfield devised a computer program to detect duplicated phrases and caught 158 papers during the four previous semesters. that the student be suspended.ro where you can find whatever you like free of charge. An example of this is buying a paper from the internet or just ‘lending’ it.Recommend to the Dean of their college or to the Dean of the Graduate School.Students do cheat. On every test.” ( The text is extracted from The Associated Press with little modifications) Other types of plagiarism In his article “Plagiarism. the University of Virginia ranks among the nation's top public universities and has one of the oldest collegiate honor systems.” A real case of college plagiarism at University of Virginia „All began in spring 2001 when physics professor Lou Bloomfield heard that some students had copied their term papers in his introductory physics class. Brian Martin talks about different plagiarism in society that is accepted and practiced. cheat or steal. Founded by Thomas Jefferson. „Assign a grade of E for the course in which the offense occurred (the minimum penalty). This is mostly for high-school students but still there are sites where for a substantial sum of money you can buy or order your license paper…. In all.

This is a well know fact in Romania that everybody know and few admit it. For some academic textbooks.“In typical cases. . or movie star gives a speech or writes a book or newspaper column. Then he mentions “authorship”. “Many people treat the official structures as reflecting the underlying reality. church and trade union bureaucracies. they receive in reply a letter from the minister which is almost always written by someone in the department and seldom seen by the minister at all. corporate. but do relatively little work. famous sports figure. in parliamentary systems. The actual writers of such "managed texts" may receive little or no credit”. who has done little or none of the research. the official authors are chosen for their market value. including government. is listed as co-author of a research paper. When someone writes a letter to a minister. “Work that is done by junior workers is commonly signed by higher officials”. For example. a minister is an elected parliamentarian in charge of a government department. a supervisor or laboratory director. frequently the actual writing is done by someone else”.First he mentions ‘ghostwriting’-“When a politician. The letter writer seldom thinks of the interaction as having been one with a junior bureaucrat”. And the author gives here an example that hardly bares any comments. He also mentions the authorship that occurs in bureaucracies. they do not speak from the heart and just glaze at the paper for ideas. business executive. This is the case in Romania too when politicians who usually don’t write their own speeches due to the fact that they read entirely from the paper. Let’s face it…juniors are exploited.

“As New York Times Executive Editor Howell Raines told the Washington Post today." "The government's reaction utterly fails to explain. most reporters don't make things up because 1) they're as ethical as Jesus Christ or 2) they know they'll get caught. “In some cases.C. the critics said.” (Jack Shafer. but this is a considerable embarrassment for a government trying still to make a case for war. You expect him to use it wisely and honestly. "This is the intelligence equivalent of being caught stealing the spoons. Jenkin said. and there's hamburger all over the wallpaper! Hence." When an editor gives somebody a notebook and pencil and tells him to go out and report. But one slip. deny or excuse the allegations." Mr." said Menzies Campbell. In other cases. "The dossier may not amount to much." (Sarah Lyall-NYT). Britain Admits That Much of Its Report on Iraq Came From Magazines Shocking or not this was the title that appeared in New York Times on 8th February. it's a little bit like giving somebody you barely know a loaded gun.ANOTHER TWO REAL EXAMPLES OF PLAGIARISM 1. “had been lifted from magazines and academic journals. "Frankly. Young journalist from New York Time Fired because of plagiarism Jayson Blair. The article talks about how information can have life and death consequences! The British government issued a report on Iraq.most notably in stories about Jessica Lynch and The Washington D. no newspaper in the world is set up to monitor for cheats and fabricators. 2003) . 2003. parts of the articles — or of summaries posted on the Internet — were paraphrased in the report. "The document has been cited by the prime minister and Colin Powell as the basis for a possible war. the foreign affairs spokesman for the Liberal Democrats. a young journalist from New York Times was caught both plagiarizing and making up information from other newspapers . Who is responsible for such an incredible failure of judgment?" 2. praised by Secretary of State Colin L. as "a fine paper" in his speech to the United Nations. they were plagiarized — to the extent that even spelling and punctuation errors in the originals were reproduced”.

2004) Brian Martin Plagiarism: a misplaced emphasis (Published in Journal of Information Ethics.REFERENCES William Harris . 2. Vol. Middlebury College PLAGIARISM IN ACADME www.uky.edu/courses/common/plagiarism .edu/~harris Robert Harris Anti-Plagiarism Strategies for Research Papers (November 17.chem. 3.Prof. 1994) Earl Babbie Plagiarism (Social Sciences Research and Instructional Council) http://www.middlebury. No.

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