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Methods of Data Gathering

Methods of Data Gathering

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1. OBSERVATION  Is done through the use of the sensory capacities  The nurse gathers information about the family’s state of being and behavioral responses  Family’s health status can be inferred from the signs & symptoms of problem areas a. Communication & interaction b. Role perception c. Conditions 2. PHYSICAL EXAMINATION  Significant data about the health status can be obtained through direct examination  Data generated from physical assessment form a substantive part of first level assessment 3. INTERVIEW  One type of interview is completing a health history for each family member  The health history determines current health status based on past health history, family history and social history  Second type is collecting data from significant others to generate data on what wellness condition and health problem exist in the family  Productivity of the interview process depends upon the use of effective communication technique to elicit needed responses. 4. RECORD REVIEW  Gather information through existing records and reports pertinent to the client 5. LABORATORY/DIAGNOSTIC TEST  Through performing laboratory test, diagnostic procedures carried out by a nurse or other health workers STANDARDS UTILIZED IN DETERMINING THE STATUS OF THE FAMILY 1. Normal health of individuals 2. Home and environmental conditions 3. Family characteristics or level of functioning

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