Chapter 1 Endless Night The nightmare swept endlessly through Molly’s mind.

They were both horrify ing and all consuming as she sought out the voices coming from the darkened rece sses. The forests had grown thick as she wondered the foreign countryside lookin g for a way out and back to her home, Fall River. Her mind ached as she fought t hrough the recesses of the vegetation. Then, out of the corner of her eye she sa w a face! It was Osulf! He had escaped Morrighan! He was free! “Osulf! Osulf! It’s me, Molly!” she shouted as she begun to run, low-lying shr ubs grabbing at her dress. Breaking through a deadfall, she emerged along a smal l creek and stopped. Looking up and down the creek she did not Osulf causing her heart sink as she succumbed to her exhaustion, kneeling alongside the cool runn ing water. Leaning over, she cupped her hands and scooped the water into her dry parched mouth. She had been trying all day to do magic but nothing she tried se emed to work. Something was wrong for she felt as if her life was slowly being d rained from her body. Molly had always been strong. She had never backed down from a challenge but now she felt as if she had been cast out of the witching community… alone. Sh e looked down into the cool running water and smoothed her long unruly hair from her face. Streaks of blood etched along her cheeks and forehead where the brush and torn through her skin. “Mother, father, please help me,” she pleaded tears beginning to stream down her cheeks and dropping into the water. It took her a moment to realize that th e drops were thick and bloody as the water gradually begin to turn from the clea r of its natural state into a beautiful glossy red. Molly smiled. “It’s beautiful,” sh e murmured as she reached her hand down into the coolness of the stream. “The blood oath has been given. But it was intended that your life was to be forfeit and I will have your life!” the male voice echoed from all around, heav ily accented. Molly stood quickly, dizziness overtaking her as she tried looking throu gh the forests to find the source of the voice. “Who’s there? What do you want from me?” A laugh reverberated from all around. She had heard that laugh before. U rais! “Surprised? I want you Molly Toothaker. You are in my way and now that you are weak, I can strike. But first, I will take all you love away from you and w atch at your own helplessness for Fall River shall once again be a Celtic haven and witchcraft banished… forever!” Horror and shock struck Molly hard at the voice. And what the voice said . How could this be? Mother Earth claimed him and brought him down to her domain . She would not let this happen and closing her eyes, feeling with her mind, she steeled herself, blood streaming from her nose as she concentrated. Her eyes tu rned brackish green as she pulled whatever magic was left deep from within its r ecesses. With a scream of anger and rage, she stretched her hands out before her and watched as power charged through the forests, leveling everything in sight with a great explosion. The voice began to laugh once again as the scene before her changed to one of recognition. It wasn’t the forests she had decimated but her beloved Fall River itself. Everywhere she looked the dead and dying lay gasping for breath, eyes seeking out the one that had attacked them mercilessly, hersel f. Molly screamed! It was a long wailing heartbroken scream that reached th e very gates of Merewif Falls far to the west. “No!!! What have I done! Mother, fa ther, Abigail! Granny… no, please no! Please let this be a dream!” she screamed over and over again as she collapsed into a heap on the ground.

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