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The Prophet’s Love For His

Something to think about…
How would you feel if you
found out that someone was
thinking about you more than
1400 years ago?
A few days before he left this
world, the Prophet Muhammad
was heard saying…
“I wish that I had met my brothers….

His companions, who were

around him said “We are your
He replied :

“You are my companions.

But my brothers are ….
“those who come
after me, and believe
in me without seeing
This shows a glimpse of
our Prophet’s love for us
And of course, we claim to
love him as well.
But when love becomes
limited to words,

it becomes meaningless.
And when the loved one’s
advice is not taken seriously, it
invalidates this love.
Don’t you think?
Isn’t it about time we follow our
‫صلى ال عليه و سلم‬

Isn’t it about time we reconsider our

Please pass this around,
perhaps you would be a
reason to awaken the love of
the Prophet in someone’s
‫صلى ال عليه و سلم‬