back hack lack pack quack rack

sack tack black clack crack knack

bail fail hail jail mail trail

nail pail snail rail sail tail

main pain rain vain chain sprain

brain chain drain gain grain plain

bake cake fake lake make quake

rake take wake brake shake flake

bale dale gale male pale sale

tale scale shale stale whale

came dame fame game lame name

same tame blame flame frame shame

an ban can fan man pan ran tan van bran clan plan bank thank shrank lank rank sank tank yank blank clank crank drank cap gap lap map nap rap sap tap yap chap clap flap ash bash cash crash dash gash hash lash mash rash sash flash at bat cat fat gnat hat mat pat rat sat brat chat ate date fate gate hate late rate crate grate plate skate state .

caw gnaw jaw law paw raw saw claw draw flaw slaw straw bay day hay jay may nay pay ray say way clay play beat feat heat meat neat peat seat bleat cheat cleat treat wheat bell cell dell dwell fell sell tell well yell shell smell spell best quest guest nest pest crest zest test rest pest west chest dice ice lice mice nice rice vice price slice spice thrice twice .

kick lick pick quick sick tick wick brick chick click flick slick bide hide ride side tide wide bride chide glide slide stride snide knight light might night right sight tight flight fright slight bright plight bill dill fill gill hill ill kill mill pill sill will skill bin din twin fin kin pin win sin chin grin shin skin dine fine line mine nine pine vine wine shine shrine swine whine .

bing ding king ping ring sing wing zing bring cling fling sling kink link mink rink wink blink brink clink drink stink shrink think dip hip nip lip rip tip sip skip slip grip trip flip pit quit twit grit skit spit bit fit hit kit knit lit dock hock knock lock mock rock tock sock block clock crock stock joke poke woke yoke broke choke smoke spoke stoke stroke .

bop cop hop mop pop sop top chop crop drop slop stop bore core fore gore more pore tore wore shore score shore snore cot dot got hot jot knot lot not pot rot shot trot buck duck luck muck puck suck tuck cluck pluck shuck stuck truck bug dug hug jug lug mug pug rug tug chug drug smug bump dump hump jump lump pump chump clump frump grump plump slump .

bunk dunk funk hunk junk sunk chunk flunk plunk trunk stunk shrunk .

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