Steve Jobs

He was born in San Francisco (California) 24 Frebuary 1955.

His parents were students at the same university and they were not married. One week after he was born, he was adopted by Paul and Clara Jobs. Biological fathers Adopted father and Steve

Steve Jobs was an inventor. He founded the “Apple" company. Apple isn't an aliment, apple is a computer company.

Apple’s logo

He founded Apple in 1976 along with a boyhood friend, Steve Wozniak.

Apple’s logo (1976-1998)

He make in 1976 a Computer named Apple I He sold 200 computers this model

The first Apple computer

A year later, in 1977 developed the Apple II, with video, keyboard and plastic case.

In 1980 went on sale the Apple III, which was a complete failure.

In 1984 appeard the Macintosh, initially without success, but by adding a printer and software Page Maker became a success by its ability to desktop publishing.

He invented the ipod, the ipad and the iphone.


He created PIXAR Company in 1986

He died in Palo Alto (California) on October 5, 2011 from pancreatic cancer.

The End
By: Noel & Candela

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