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AFRICAN POLITICAL SYSTEMS ‘M. FORTES, Ma, PAD, and E, B, EVANS-PRITCHARD, MA, PAD. Padi INTERNATIONAL AFRICAN INSTITUTE OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS gy 19,1963, 1964185 od 1907 ©. G, SELIGMAN, MD, ERS. Ta token of pest and adinsion for his great contritions to the sudy of Alsen ethnology ‘THE NUER OF THE SOUTHERN SUDAN By BB, Bra Pereano [WRITE hn fe Noe bce have aly cred & Considerable pr of my creations he pola consi ‘ion andthe wide shout tobe plaid abo They bine ‘eerie, Bon nll a ts ylume fr the rns tet Ahir enti i sont of Eat A sd ht pres ‘les ur with an exe plea pe 1 Diario "To dns the princi of thar sate west ft review brie toca te gopher sof etond, {ie dtebacon, andthe relton of hse ot urodngs, ‘The Neer pace tl devia, ‘They a0 {bho nd colt id oa Bo, le the wher toate ef thf ply cleave ore than ute {erat being inde of greater vale nth een than sng ‘ony sough they hie « mised comony, Not ae pt Aemninaty psa a nese ‘urlend'e more scl for sok-reling tan fragile ‘ast at cyey avanti pared ad bard Srought and flooded and covert with high gre dving te tna Hey sin sd the vers oven thee bak fom Jone to Decober. "Preah Fines lw rom, December to June. The year hs ups to senso aut fen drenn. This ewanal dichotomy, cone wih poral Interests: fondly es pla reins Tia Nas lug phd onthe bck of tool aa igs a died ‘one mehr a ogy aed sound and engage in he ction of lt snd i.e ‘Sonny hich intervenes twee lage and ile eng ee sense i soca oar ape sl Bead iy ee Gama ea ep en py Sag TERRES Seis nats ete dante apts Pe Sess Sactne sity spe tyes ema yaaa cape nen ot cr ls flooded for ix months, then unstable fr babii, Serialare, or grosng. Anything fom Rr to trey tke may ‘part scghouring vile, while retr distances ay ide ‘eros ofa ibe and ibe fom tbe ‘At the end ofthe sing the people bu the rae to provide seo pacar sd eave te ile to fea in tal cape ‘Whe the drought becomes seve, the imate thes ints ‘mete cnnp concentrate on permanent water sup, Ahowgh ‘hese move re ae primary for he ake of he atl they seo able the Noer tf which sgeneallyimparle fom vilage the, and lower pest ead cect wil and ‘oot ‘When the rin sf asi, they return othe ile, thre the cle have protection andthe Higher grout permis sereature The disrivuton of the Nur is determined by the phycal comions and mode of ie we ave one. Dio he, Vilges are spared, though by ne mean slated, fom hit tighbour by ded sertcber of grdand, and’ loa come nui ge terre very dint is, Dasing the deh peopl of diferent vag ofthe xe disc evenly concen: {as on permanent wate-eupplc and shure common cape, On the ober hand, ome fai file ny go one ca end tome to anater, though the maj for laeal eommtty ‘Sroeghow the yee "Noe edo fave x urph of feed and atte beginning fhe ‘sim tif ice for Scr nnd Tc ay eed Ahan they are generally an the vege of wat and ha every ew ea thy fat mor les vere anne Ta thew condos ‘a underandable the here much sharing of food inthe sune_ lige pecially among menbay of spent meses and Jamies Though st say fine some members may Eve rare cate and grain than othe, sad thee sre tc pre pees: Sins, people et in one anothers meted teas a ly ‘neal and fod iin oer way are, to soc an extent that oe {Bay opak f+ common ssck Feo is out abundant fen the nd of Septeber to the middle of December in = nora rar, At eis duing these month iat more creo, dances, ‘te ple “The Nr fave a ery simple echoology “Thi country ska iro ad stone and heuer sod vary of treat esl and