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Once upon a time in a distant land far far away there lived a beautiful princess, but as an adult princess was cursed by the wicked witch to be ugly ogre, during the day she is a princess but when the night come she became the ugly ogre and then the king and the queen alienate his daughter in a guard tower with the wild dragon .anyone who can save her and kiss her .he will remove the curse on the king made of country far far away land. Not far away from there lived in fear that ogre named sherk .he made friend with the donkey ,when them a walk in the woods they get lost because donkey forget to bring the map to go home. Evening came and the rain began to falls. Then they seek shelter and they do not accidentally see the tower in the middle of the woods. When they enter a state a very quiet and they saw many human bone everywhere . Suddenly, there was a raging dragon and want to take their fight .sherk and donkey escape to hidden when the dragon attacked them.when that happen donkey saw the beautiful eyes and fall in love to the dragon and trying to make the dragon fall in love with him. With high sense humor and unique behavior from the donkey she then fell deferent and fall in love with donkiey. While sherk ran from there ,he hear a beautiful voice from a mysterious room. Sherk try to looking for that voice and found that room .when sherk open the door he saw a ogre women and then that ogre says I am a princess from far far away land if you want to kiss me you will to be king and I can to be a normal then, sherk kiss her then her change to be princess because sherk is a real love. Since that together with the princess their lead far far away land with fair,wise and justice all segment of fairytale in there have a happy and fair life.