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CERTIFICATE ON THE COMPLETION OF THE INTERNSHIP To whomever it may be concerned This to certify that Ms.sofia, D/O Mr.

Naresh has worked with our organization for the period of 45 days (1-May-2011 till 14-Jun2011). She was assigned to undertake the responsibilities such as; event planning and scheduling, client relationship, and vendor management in where she persistently excelled. Additionally, on the non-event days, she undertook the tasks of client correspondence and the office routine such as documentation of accomplished events filing, etc. We have ascertained that, during her internship, following are her strength in soft skills; Outstanding design and problem solving skills with the ability to handle rapidly changing schedules and shifting work priorities. Excellent organizational, interpersonal and communication skills with the flexibility to remain highly focused and selfpossessed in fast-paced, demanding environments. Superior ability to concurrently manage numerous projects while meeting rigorous performance standards and demanding schedules. A hands-on team player and critical thinker, who can quickly learn new systems, develop useful expertise and produce significant contributions.