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Dr Niswan Preena

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What is a computer virus How a virus infects your computer Types of viruses Diagnosing a virus infection How to avoid them

What is a computer virus?

A virus is a program that self-replicates It is not data You can only get affected by executing an infected program

How a virus infects your computer

Virus program is launched

Virus code is loaded into PC memory.

Virus delivers its destructive payload.

Virus copies itself to other programs

Types of viruses

File Infector Viruses Boot Sector Viruses Macro Viruses Script Viruses Trojan Horses Worms

Diagnosing a Virus Infection

Programs quit working or freeze up. Documents become inaccessible. Computer freezes up or wont start properly The CAPS LOCK key quits workingor works intermittently Files increase in size. Frequent error messages appear onscreen. Strange messages or pictures appear onscreen. Your PC emits strange sounds. Friends and colleagues inform you that theyve received strange e-mails from you, that you dont remember sending.

How to avoid them

Dont open files that you are not expecting Many viruses automatically send files without the e-mail account owners knowledge. Ask the sender to confirm unexpected files. Suspect messages that appear more than once in your Inbox You may receive the same e-mail from a virus repeatedly.

How to avoid them

Learn file extensions Your computer will display both an icon and a file extension for files you receive. Open only file extensions you know are safe. The following file types should never be opened:


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