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pnw ones BOM INTER OFFICE MEMORANDUM From The Zonal Manager Kolkata Zone Personnel Department To: The Assistant General Managers The Chief Managers The Sr.Br.Managers/Br. Managers Ref.No. ZO/PERSINRM/ 01s 7% faa Selection of Officers for posting in Zonal Audit Offices and Information System Audit Cell It has been decided by Head Office to call for applications from Officers in Scale || and Scale II! who are desirous to work in Inspection and Audit Department, Head Office/Zonal Audit Offices and Information System Audit Cells. 2. The following are the broad criteria for selection of Officers :- The officer should have completed Rural / Semi-Urban Branch exposure of 3 years; a) b) The officer must have knowledge / exposure to the branch banking in general The officer should have adequate knowledge in Advances/Foreign Exchange/ Computer Operations and exposure to investment / portfolio management will be an added advantage c) d) The officer should have minimum ‘A’ rating in APA for preceding 3 years e) The tenure of officers selected for posting in Audit will be normally for 3 years f) The officers may indicate 2 (two) Zonal Audit Offices of their choice other than the one pertaining to their Home Zone / Home Town. The efforts will be made to post them in one of the Zonal Audit Offices, as indicated by them, subject to availability of vacancies. However, officers are liable to be posted to such other Zonal Audit Offices for which less number of applications are received / as per Administrative requirement of Bank. 9): All Branches/Offices/All Dept. Heads of Z.0. Date : 28.05.2012 20 3. The officer desirous of working in Information System Audit Cell, should have adequate knowledge of computer system and exposure of working in I.T. areas alongwith knowledge of Advances / Foreign Exchange /Exposure to investment / portfolio management will be an added advantage. Additional qualification like CISA and CISSP are preferred 4. The officers in Scale-JMS-| having sufficient knowledge of computers and are willing to work Information System Audit Cell, can also apply. 5. The list of Zonal Audit Offices and their jurisdiction is enclosed to enable the Officers to indicate their choice. 6. Applications should reach us by 02.06.2012. Please also note to certify about the (ed, if any, while forwarding the same. disciplinary action pending / contemplated / ini 7. Please bring this to the notice of all the officers posted in Branch/Office/Department and ensure timely submission of application as stated above 8. We seek your co-operation in achieving the schedule state above, Encl: As above (_ P_K.SINGLA ) DY.ZONAL MANAGER Mv ANNEXURE TO CIRCULAR IOM NO.ZO/PERS/NRMI|43/,DT.28.05.2012 VACANCIES OF RISK BASED INTERNAL AUDITORS AND INFORMATION SYSTEM AUDITORS FOR THE YEAR 2012-13 [= ZAO” oo) RBI 1S.) | cel Auditor Auditor | Bihar 13 6 19 Eastern 9 0 a Gujarat 7 oo meee MP. 12 2 15 Mumbai 13 Oper 15 Northern ae 4 7 Pune 1 3 4 Southern 14 2 16 UES) eee 1 es Total 98 20 118