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Ol HIS Homework 12, Physics 451 F2011, Dr. Hearn, Due 11/18/11 1) Awater molecule has two hydrogen atoms attached to an oxygen atom with a total angle of 104 degrees between the bonds. Find the center of mass relative to the oxygen. 2) Three particles of masses 2, 3, and 5 move in a force field such that their positions are given by F3=(2t-3, ), re=(ted, 3t, -4) and rs=(t%,-t, 2t-1) a) Find the total momentum of the system, b) Find the total external force applied to the system. ) Find the angular momentum of the system relative to the origin d) The total external torque applied, 3) Repeat the above problem, but now find the momentums, force and torque relative to the center of mass. 4) A projectiles fired at an angle of 45 degrees with intial kinetic energy Ey. At the top of its trajectory it explodes with additional energy Ea into two fragments. One fragment of mass m; travels straight down. What is the velocity of the second fragment of mass m, and the speed of mass ms, 5) (7.3) A bullet of mass mis fired from a gun of mass M. Ifthe gun can recoil freely and the speed of the bullet as it leaves the barrel is vo, show that the actual velocity of the bullet relative to the ground is vo/(1#¥) and the velocity of the gun is —Yva/(14Y).. 6) (7.6) A ballis droped from height h. Show that the total vertical distance the ball travels before stopping is h(1+e")/(1-"), ~~ O uni OF \jo3? —>x 4b Mass Onegin =/b macaH (Periadsc Tobe ) Jom = 0 9 . (on 0+ 2mend2°L ay ~ bry + 2m, — —7 eee q = pynset <[ 0642 | Thag ook F ca oa 95 x0 = 75pm a= (0684) (*5>0)= iC Yom > @ _et T+ i ¢° op] re[oe c ad m= 2, = 3,525 Qa pene) Webra Byte | u ee Yio \-2 dp. {10 Q) PRs | 4 ©) ~\ \