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STATEMENT OF PURPOSE VOLLEYBALL FUND 2012-2013 The Volleyball Fund was established as student support group whose primary

purpose is to cover fringe expenses and activities for the WHS and WMS volleyball teams. The group engages in activities that require that funds be accounted for. The guidelines for the budget expenditures are as follows: Purchase of items for team camp for WHS and WMS teams in June and July Purchase of items for WMS Volleyball Clinic in March Purchase miscellaneous team equipment Purchase of items for prizes and snacks for preseason and during the season Purchase of senior gifts and other items needed for postseason team banquet

Budget Income: Carryover Balance Fund-raising Summer Camp (HS) Summer Camp (MS) Volleyball Clinic Total Summer Camp Spring Clinic Equipment/Supplies Total Summer Camps
High School Camp- $250 for shirts, $400 to pay for camp instructor Middle School Camp- $250.00 for shirts, $160.00 to pay for camp instructor

$0.00 $200.00 $870.00 $540.00 $1,440.00 $3,050.00 $1,060.00 $912.74 $525.00 $2,497.74


Spring Clinic $528.00 volleyballs for the campers, $330.74 for shirts, $54.00 for prizes Equipment/supplies $200 for 4 official game balls, $75 for 5 volleyball stat books $125 for senior gifts, $50 volunteers gifts, $75 for Popsicle and candy (prizes)