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Educandrio Casimiro de Abreu Prova Parcial de Ingls do 9 Ano 2 Bimestre Nome:______________________________________________________Data:____ ___

ATENO: Todas as respostas devem constar na folha extra. 1. Rewrite from the book sentences with verbs: 10 uniforms, 2 biforms and 3 triforms.
2. Write the sentences bellow in interrogative form:

a. Kelly worked in the Burguer King last year. b. The school created a new studying method. c. Carlos complained about his new shoes. d. Menphis accepted all the students after the test. e. The king blocked all the roads from the realm. f. I invited them all for the trip. g. The lawyer converted the contract correctly. h. Nancy insult the guys. i. The disease prevented easily. j. Mandy shooted the birds.

3.Rewrite the sentences above in interrogative form. 4.Write all the cognates words from bellow: Aspirin, that, among, go back, adult, be hungry, vendor, toothpaste, alone, require, because, again, nose, melon, weakness, apple, symptom, main, mild, who, again, why, when, exhaustion, toy, water, whats the matter, add, between, how often, popcorn, twice a month, hurt, sugar, temperature, papaya, feel, tired, beverage, multiply, gum, milk, headache, invitation, done, smart, late, rest, counter, cavities, wanna, melon, rare, weakness, office, up to, memorable, costly, sleepy, avocado, implant, strawberry, scale, need, three fourths, eight tenths, outside, subtract, runny nose, dental floss, pear, tea. 5.Translate 15 words from the above.