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 Save time & money

iDocume nts  Quick to install

 Easy To Use
Electronic Supplier Payment Remittances

Fast, Efficient, Eco Friendly Solutions

Why waste time, money and resources

printing, faxing and posting supplier
payment remittances when you can
send documents electronically?

iDocuments streamlines and automates the

delivery of supplier payment remittances. It
is simple to implement and easy to use.
iDocuments works with your existing Features
accounting system, enabling you to design  Customise document layouts using iDocuments Designer.
and distribute supplier remittance advices  Email remittances as PDF documents after payment run.
electronically.  Enhances your existing accounting system.
 Links to your existing email system.
 Present supplier payment remittances via the web.
 Document archiving with iDocuments Archive Manager.
 Documents can be output in any format including PDF,
HTML or ASCII formats.

Solutions for financial system process Benefits

 Reduce document production costs by delivering
documents electronically.
 Eliminate manual processes associated with preparing,
posting and faxing remittances.
 Eliminate postage and printing costs.
 Process and deliver documents quicker.
 Resend documents in seconds.
 Avoid postal delays.
 Improves supplier relationships by reducing queries and
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