(A Parayana Grandha - Enrich Your Life By Remembering ‘Gurudeva’ Every Day)

Author :

MAKANI VENKATRAO (Srivari Padarenuvu)
(whom Gurudeva fondly called as ‘Venkatramaiah’)

Translated from Telugu into English by

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2/11/2012, 8:40 PM

Publishers : Bhagavan Sri Venkaiah Swamy Ashramam, Golagamudi, Vekatachalam (Mandal)
Nellore District - 524321, Andhra Pradesh.

Srivari Padarenuvu had the unique privilege of serving at the Lotus Feet of the All-Pervading God, Gurudeva, for over a decade. This PARAYANA GRANDHA or call it a Religious Text, is composed by the Invocation of Divine Gurudeva, so that ‘truth’ and ‘dharma’ are followed in word and spirit by the humankind. I pray, the Life and Teachings of My Lord shall inspire one and all.

Enrich your life by remembering Gurudeva every day - Dedicated at HIS LOTUS FEET - Author

© Makani Vekatrao, “Gurunilayam” 20/778, Mulapet,
Nellore - 524 003

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(SAPTAGIRI : A Monthly Magazine with pictures, published by the Tirumala Tirupathi Devasthanams) Bhagavan Sri Sri Sri Venkaiah Swamy ‘Sathcharita’ Writer Sri Makani Venkatrao “Gurunilayam” - 20/778, Mulapet, Nellore - 524 003

Bhagavan Sri Sri Sri Venkaiah Swamy is an ‘Avadhuta’, a ‘Maha Yogi’, a Sadguru belonging to ‘Dattavatara’ tradition. Collecting the material for writing His biography, Sri Makani Venkatrao has given a section of it useful for Parayana. Sri Venkatrao is a revered disciple of Venkaiah Swamy, receiving His Grace and Blessings. Bhagavan Sri Sri Sri Venkaiah Swamy was born at Nagulavellaturu of Atmakuru Taluqa, Nellore District, in the year 1855 to Mother Pitchamma, Father Sompalli Penchalaiah Nayudu. Sri. Venkaiah Swamy showed many miracles since his child hood. Venkaiah who used to live above caste and religion was always a sincere hard worker, whether he sowed or reaped harvest, unmindful of the labour involved. In this book, it is mentioned that Sri Shirdi Sai met Sri Venkaiah, accepted his hospitality and initiated him. This may be true because many a time Sri Venkaiah Swamy told that Shirdi Sai was his elder brother. Just like the ‘Dhuni’ at Shirdi lit by Sai, the Dhuni of Venkaiah Swamy at Golagamudi, Nellore District is burning continuously for removing the agonies of many sufferers.

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Sri Venkaiah Swamy entered ‘Samadhi’, by the side of his Dhuni on August 24th, 1982. The Darshan (just a glimpse) of His Samadhi is fulfilling the desires of many. It is said that Sri Venkaiah Swamy roamed in Madras State, Penchalakona, Koti Theertham, Tirupathi and other religious places, serving many sages and receiving initiation from them. At Madras a very great railway disaster was averted by Sri Swamy, says the author. In this book Sri Makani Venkata Rao has beautifully combined the message of Sri Venkaiah Swamy with the miracles shown by him.

For example:
“What is the fundamental basis for this world, Swamy?’ - As if, in complete innocence the Swamy replied, ‘Kindness, Swamy’. Sri Venkaiah Swamy playing his Tambura -addressing himself as Swamy, nursing and worrying that the people are unable to understand the basis of the world, says compassion is the root of all worlds and advised to practice it. Bhagavad Gita also extols the quality similarly. Elsewhere, He says that one who vanquishes sleep alone should worship God. Here, Swamy has made it clear that only those who can conquer Maya, illusion (sleep) can know God. But it is very difficult to understand such high Metaphysical (Vedanthic) statements of Sri Venkaiah Swamy. Sri Makani Venkata Rao who was showered with the Grace of Swamy has explained them very lucidly. It is mentioned at the end of the book that very soon, all such sayings are to be published as “The Geethamrutham of Gurudeva”. The writer has collected much information about the Life of Sri Swamy, not published before and explained them beautifully in this book. - JOOLAKANTI BALASUBRAHMANYAM
MARCH 1993 iv

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J.Rambabu, IAS (Retd)
Chairman, AP State Financial Corporation Chairman, Bhagavan Sri Venkaiah Swamy Ashram Committee, Golagamudi, Nellore Chairman, Central Dharmic Advisory Council, Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam, Tirupathi

Prayerful Appreciation
It is indeed audacious to pen a Foreword to an exquisite account of sublime revelation. Out of sheer regard for the author, I am venturing to express my humble views on this inspiring book. The book is the outpouring of an ardent devotee, who had the singular good fortune of living with and being a recipient of Love from a realized soul of our times. Spiritual experience, by its very nature is indescribable. One can only allude to the divine ecstasy presenting significant events and inspired utterances to convey a mere flavour of the SPIRIT. The author in this case has ably achieved the impossible. The book is a veritable treasure trove for the seekers of the ultimate TRUTH. It is full of divine wisdom and is replete with sign posts to gently guide the seeker in his arduous sojourn to reach the final destination here and hereafter. Bhagavan Sri Venkaiah Swamy was an Avadhutha, who lived beyond and above the conventional prescriptions ordained by religious texts. His life itself was a spiritual text. Nay, HE was himself a holy scripture! His message, full of riddles to the uninitiated, was the very essence of the lofty traditions bequeathed to us by the benevolent seers of yore. Sri Makani Venkata Rao, who delightfully christened himself as Srivari Padarenu, has effectively unraveled the mystic messages of Bhagavan in a language comprehensible to all. The exposition is a tour de force of the Upanishadic knowledge expounded in Bhagavadgita, our venerable epics, perennial traditional lore and the spiritual under curv

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2/11/2012, 8:40 PM

rent in the unbroken millennia old faith, preserved in the collective memory of the piety. We are fortunate to be the inheritors of a rich spiritual tradition without rigid boundaries. We believe that the quest for TRUTH is an exciting adventure. Such an adventure is not a reckless voyage in a rudderless vessel. The support, guidance and benediction of a towering preceptor are a launching pad for such an adventure. The preceptor lends the endeavour, the much needed focus and direction for the attainment of spiritual goals by removing the hurdles that are encountered by the seeker. Sri Makani Venkata Rao and other blessed souls had the unique privilege of being associated and inspired by a peerless preceptor, Bhagavan Sri Venkaiah Swamy. The persons who are the main actors in this book are all ordinary people. The theatre of events is in most cases part of mundane lives of simple people. However, the experiences narrated are extra ordinary. The messages conveyed through their encounters with Bhagavan are really awe inspiring. The miracles described are a true manifestation of the boundless love and compassion of Bhagavan. The anecdotal style adopted by the author at once transports the readers into the real life events, making them active participants and not passive spectators. The benediction of Bhagavan is thereby assured. The Sanathana Dharma of our Motherland has nurtured diverse traditions through its liberal, all inclusive scriptures. For instance Dakshina Murti the embodiment of Jnana reveals the TRUTH through eloquent silence. A popular verse from Dakshina Murti Stotram of Adi Sankara is worth quoting. Mauna vyakhya prakatita parabrahma tatwm yuvanam Varshishta antevasad rishiganairavrtam brahmanishtaih Acharyendram karakalita chinmudram ananda roopam Swatmaramam muditavadanam Dakshinamoorti meede (Free rendering) I offer obeisance to Sri Dakshina Murti, who though young in age is surrounded by disciples who are great sages of ripe age, adopting CHINMUDRA with his palm conveying the ultimate

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TRUTH through silence, who is full of bliss, has a pleasant countenance and is the greatest of all preceptors. Kindly note the parallels with Bhagavan, including the MUDRAM Conveying spiritual TRUTH in riddles is often found in our scriptures. Brihadaranyaka Upanishad, the largest and one of the oldest Upanishads narrates a story wherein the Prajapati, the creator God, conveys the essence of spiritual and ethical life by a single syllable “DA”. The Devas understand it to mean “Damam-Self control”. The humans interpret it as “Danam-Charity”. The asuras take it to mean “Daya-Compassion”. Prajapathi accepts all three inferences. We mortals are a combination of all three qualities (Satwa, Rajas and Tamas) and therefore we need to cultivate Self control, Charity and Compassion. Sri Bhagavan in his life conveyed the very same message in his own inimitable style. Narada Bhakti Sutras pithily describe the impact of realized souls in this beautiful verse. Teerthhee kurvanthi teerthani, sukarmee kurvanthi karmani, satchastree kurvanthi sastrani —They sanctify the sacred places, add glory to actions and lend authority to the scriptures. This description fits like a glove to the life and message of Sri Bhagavan. In the end I would like to convey my deep admiration and warm appreciation to the author Sri Makani Venkata Rao for joyously sharing his spiritual experiences with all the seekers. Every page in this book is brimming with benediction from, Love and Compassion incarnate, Sri Bhagavan. No wonder Sri Adi Sankara has this to say at the commencement of his famous Advaita Treatise “Viveka Chudamani”. Durlahham trayamevaitath devanugraha hetukam Manushyatwam mumukshatwm maha purusha samsrayah


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—These are three things which are rare indeed and are due to the grace of God—namely a human birth, the longing for liberation and the protecting care of a perfected sage. Sri Adi Sankara could have written this verse, with a blessed soul like Sri Makani Venkata Rao in mind!! My grateful thanks to the author for giving me the undeserved honour to express my humble views about a priceless book. My sincere Pranams to Bhagavan Sri Venkaiah Swami seeking his continued grace on the author and all the readers of this enlightening book.



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Sri P. Balasubrahmanyam, IAS (Retd), Chief Executive Office, Bhagavan Sri Venkaiah Swamy Ashram, Golagamudi, Nellore (Dist), A.P, deserves a special place and special mention for ensuring that this Parayana Grandha, titled, ‘The Life and Teachings of Bhagavan Sri Sri Sri Venkaiah Swamy’ is published on behalf of the Ashram. In the divine service at Bhagavan Venkaiah Swamy’s heavenly abode at Golagamudi, Sri Balasubrahmanyam is a virtuous person blessed by the Bhagavan to be at His service. With an objective to bring to light the Life and Teachings of Swamy and to implant the seeds of righteousness in one and all, Sri Balasubrahmanyam was instrumental in bringing out this published version of Swamy’s life in English. This version will definitely throw more light on many aspects of Swamy’s incredible leelas and thereby benefit a large section of devotees and like-minded people.

From left - Sri P. Balasubrahmanyam, IAS (Retd), Chief Executive Office, Bhagavan Sri Venkaiah Swamy Ashram, Golagamudi, Sri Makani Vekatrao Garu, Author and Dr. T. Ashok Chakravarthy, Translator


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2/11/2012, 8:40 PM

Sri P. Balasubrahmanyam is a person of great good repute, who had been continuously rendering exemplary services in various Government departments over the past four decades. Perhaps for his sincere and dedicated service, by the good stroke of fortune he was blessed with the privilege to be in the service at Gurudeva’s Ashram, Golagamudi, Nellore District, Andhra Pradesh. Free from the restless and agitate worldly affairs, Sri P. Balasubrahmanyam, is looking after every aspect of the Ashram by reposing unwavering faith in the Almighty. He undertook a chain of long-lasting welfare measures for the benefit of Golagamudi ashram and for the well-being of devotees; both of which are beyond describable words. May the God Almighty shower His Choicest Blessings for the welfare and prosperity of Sri P. Balasubrahmanyam and his family members. With due respects and very special acknowledgements,

Dr. T. Ashok Chakravarthy, D.Lit.,
Poet-Laureate - Doctor of Literature email:


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2/11/2012, 8:40 PM

Sri Makani Venkata Rao has faith in God ever since childhood. Moving with courteous people (Sajjanulu), doing service to Sadhus and helping the needy are his daily duties. He is a very beloved disciple of Venkaiah Swamy. By the blessings of Gurudeva he wrote the book “Satcharitra of Bhagavan Sri Sri Sri Venkaiah Swamy of Golagamudi‘’. I have read this book completely. The Leelas of Sri Swamy are described beautifully in this book. I have a thorough belief that anyone, whether young, or old, will become a man of noble character by reading this book. May auspicious blessings be bestowed on all.

Shubham Bhavathu

Principal, Full Additionai Charge, Veda & Sanskrit College, Mulapeta, NELLORE.


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2/11/2012, 8:40 PM

Dear Friend Venkata Rao guru, Namaskarams. I was honoured today to read the Life and Sayings of Srivaru. I could understand Geetha without the help of any commentary. But it is impossible to understand Srivari Sooktas (sayings) without your commentaries. The Swamy has given that potential to you. You are lucky. I found nothing to correct or adjust in your writings. I coud feel your emotions while writing the events of Srivari Life. Your pulsations are unique and have the fullness of an emotional writing. Emotions need no correction.

Yours, Dasaradhi Rangacharya B.A., I.I.B., I.S.,G.D., D.U.M.A. 10-1-688/A, Marredpally, SECUNDE’RABAD.


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2/11/2012, 8:40 PM

We have to carefully introspect the extent to which we are putting our devotion to the Guru in practice. On the other hand the respect towards mother and father is on the decline. Material desires are on the increase. Unrighteousness and despair are all disturbing the peace of the human mind. Devotion to God without fear of sin is like a house without foundation. Without devotion to mother, father and the guru, devotion to God does not sprout.. Devotion begins by a desire to do good deeds, honoring elders, dedication to dharma and speaking only the truth. Whenever dharma is ignored, the divine incarnation comes. There is a definite unmistakable link between Sri Sadguru Sai Natha and Sri Bhagavan Venkaiah Swamy. Sri Baba prophesied that His skeleton would answer from His Samadhi. In the same way Sri Bhagavan after leaving the physical body was seen in different places showing His all pervasive nature. People from all castes visit the Samadhi and are cured of their maladies. During His life before Maha Samadhi, Sri Bhagavan came many a time to the house of Sri Venkata Rao. By the divine Grace of Srivaru, till now in Guru Nilayam the nama-japa and the Aaradhana festival are being continued. The Jeeva who is bound by the prarabdha karma does not know how to recognize a Sadguru and how to get their grace. By the noble deeds done in the past , Sri Makani Venkata Rao could get darshan, touch, chance to talk with the greatest of all, the chance to serve Satpurushas. Sri Venkaiah Swamy is a divine personality, worthy to be remembered in early mornings, fit to be worshipped, a tapaswi, simple and innocent, eternal, the absolute and a mahatma. His fame will remain till the Sun and the Moon appear on the skies. This noble book deserves a place in every devotee’s house as a daily parayana grantha (a book which ought to be read daily with great devotion).

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2/11/2012, 8:40 PM

Sadhus and Satpurushas leave the physical wordly ties, being estabiished in Brahma, remaining always in Nirvikalpa Samadhi. They enjoy the divine bliss continuously. Though they do not have any direct link with anyone in particular, their torrential flow of love cascades all over the world and they have the ability and power to establish Truth and Dharma. To help the downtrodden and to protect His devotees, the Lord has become incarnate in our midst. Though very recently I came to know Sri Makani Venkata Rao, I was asked to write an introduction. I have very little command over language. I placed my trouble before the Lord. That night he blessed me with the visions of Rama, Krishna, Siva, Maruti etc. I understood that there is no difference between Sadguru and God. Sri Makani Venkata Rao is a truly dedicated son of Bhagavan Vankaiah Swamy. In the service of Sri Gurudeva.

Aadipoodi Durgambarnohana Rao, President and Honorary Editor “Emee Ninnu Upekshintunna?” (Om Sri Sairam) Monthly Magazine, Koritipadu, GUNTUR -7


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2/11/2012, 8:40 PM

- Dr. Mallela Guruvaiah, Madanapally, A.P.

Guru is God
The Master is the Lord Divine The Divine Lord is the Master “Yada yada hi dharmasya glanir bhavati bharata abhyutthanam adharmasya tadatmanam srujamy aham” (Bhagavad Gita Ch – 4, Verse 7)

Meaning :
Whenever and wherever in the world there is a decline in religious practice and when Adharma dominates and rise predominantly, at that time I manifest Myself as an incarnation. Infinite are the expressions of the Lord. Incarnation (avatara) is one which limits itself in a physical form and shows its miraculous plays (leelas). Living amongst crores and crores of beings in a very subtle form to shower His Grace to cater to the needs and desires of devotees, the Lord incarnates Himself with different names in different places as “The Gurudeva”. Serving the poor - establishing dharma lavishing Universal Love is the real reason for these incarnations.


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2/11/2012, 8:40 PM

However wicked one may be, the companionship of the incarnation removes the darkness of ignorance in the heart and illuminates it by the light of knowledge. The incarnations come silently and secretly into this world. They go away in a flash. Few are those who can see them and fewer are those who recognize them. Incarnations come down to earth to fulfill divine missions: After completing the task, they go back to their abode. They do not have any special or separate place. They are in Brahman and the Brahman is in them. Therefore dwelling in the Brahman without name and form, pervading all over and protecting the creation is the play of the Sarveswara with form. The Sarveswara taking a physical form, sending forth the illumination of the formless, protecting His devotees and persons who seek the protection is our divine father, our Gurudeva, Bhagavan Sri Sri Sri Venkaiah Swamy. To those who are completely engrossed in the world of the senses, subjected to a variety of anxieties and troubles, the repeated study (parayana) of the noble, miraculous life of Gurudeva, The Divine Incarnation, is sure to give relief. Relief means: Peace, satisfaction, acquiring happiness, the mind becoming pure, getting divine experience with stead fast devotion and faith. The divine knowledge - Venkaiah Swamy : Venkaiah Swamy is the divine five syllable mantra (Panchakshari). The continuous repetition (Japa) of this mantra, the performance of Gurudeva’s commands. “Feed the hunger” “Save the suffers”

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2/11/2012, 8:40 PM

In a spirit of self - less service (karma yoga) and leading a life according to the rules of the Sarveswara gives divine knowledge.

The result of serving Gurudeva :
The word’s spoken by Gurudeva - Geetamrutam of Gurudeva 3rd Chapter – 66th verse. What is there with Venkaiah I do not know Nothing, Swamy Said the barbers and washermen. For those in bondage what is your message ? Sixty persons got The ‘Chit’ in Heaven How many are left See Swamy

What is there with Venkaiah? Why should we serve him? Barbers and washer men that is ignorant people (the caste or profession is not meant here). Venkaiah had nothing, they thought he had nothing to give, but was just pretending. What can we tell to those who are imprisoned in ignorance? Out of a hundred, sixty think like this. Forty are left. See Swamy. Swamy has emerged from the heaven. They think that Swamy has brought chits for them. On every person’s forehead, a chit is written by Brahma. It is known as the ultimate writing of destiny by Brahma, The divine messenger Venkaiah is capable of explaining this. ‘Fate written on Forehead’ i.e., the writing of Brahma. Not only explaining but blessed them with peace and happiness. Thus they acquire peace and happiness in the future life. You see divinity in all beings. I alone is not divine. The whole universe is the form of God, the form of Venkaiah, your own form. There is no difference between me, you and God. Acquire this knowledge.


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2/11/2012, 8:40 PM

“Son, do not worry. What is it that cannot be done by my inspiration? You start writing my biography without hesitation. You go on writing what I utter, sitting in the lotus of your heart. (This is a true experience which Gurudeva, my father, gave to me) It was Monday midnight, on 30.04.1979. I was in the service of Swamy, when Swamy was camping at Gurunilayam, Moolapeta, Nellore. Swamy inspired me to commence this pious book. Sitting before Swamy along with Sri Veluru Rama Nayudu (a pious soul, fortunate to get the opportunity to serve the Swamy), by the power given by Swamy’s divine will, writing of the pious book was commenced. The Omnipotent, Omniscient Master observing what was happening before Him, bestowed divine blessings with His divine vision and the work has commenced. Thus the writing of the divine biography started. Real incidents were collected in details from those who had faith in Sri Gurudeva’s deeds, those who knew Gurudeva in different places, those who took part in His travels and those who spent their lives in His service and were added continuously to the first manuscript. Poojya Sri Paramananda Swamy who matured in the tutelage of Swamy established the Paramananda Ashram at Somasila. On the other side of the road Sri Narasimha Swamy Devasthanam was constructed. On 1st September 1979, the Divine Master visited this place with his group of disciples. On 02-09-79 afternoon, Swamy called me to Him affectionately and said, “Ayya, write down a chit” and started dictating...


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2/11/2012, 8:40 PM

Details of the Chit
Om Somasila Devasthanam 02-09-1979 The divine vision chit of Bhagavan Sri Sri Sri Venkaiah Swamy. “Write Down Steadily ! Forty Crore padigalu” Because these are ‘dictated’ by the divine creator, these are permanently kept safe, labelled as the creators ‘chits’. The God in human form, bringing divine blessings, by rotating His hands on His Sahasrara impregnated the chit by gently pressing it with his divine hands and made it divine. Ordering me to go on writing with concentrated dedication, without succumbing to any mental distraction, giving attention to the work in hand and to write steadily as A Master to his servant A Teacher to his student A Father to his son Gave his protection and blessings.

Sri Narayana Das, the beloved disciple of Swamy and one who obtained realization in the service of Gurudeva, following the orders, established an Ashram at Talupur village (8 miles from Podalakur of Nellore District and thereby one mile west of Kalichedu Village situated on the road going to Gudur from Podalakur). Swamy consecrated the Divine Mother in His disciple’s ashram and ordered his disciple to stay there and be in the service of the Divine Mother. He is living there as per His orders. Gurudeva used to frequently visit this place and the surrounding places along with his group giving the residents of the area a chance to see Him (darshan) thereby obtaining peace and blessings, staying only for the required allotted duration at each place.

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2/11/2012, 8:40 PM

The Most-Sacred Book (which Swamy kept under His Head for a whole night)

Gurudeva spent one day during July, 1980 in the temple of Sri Chennakesava Swamy at Penavarthi Village. He spent one day in the house of the late Vallapareddy Adinarayana Reddy (the main person behind the construction of the Ashram building). He is the son of Smt. Vallapareddy Tulasamma who had the great fortune of being addressed as “Mother” by Swamy. From there He started in their car for Talupuru with His troupe. He spent one week there. In the presence of Swamy at Talupuru, I got the idea to include in the divine biography of Gurudeva the details of Sri Naryana Das, who acquired the grace of Gurudeva and other devotees. One day while I was collecting the experiences of Sri Narayana Das, at around 4.00 p.m sitting not very far from Gurudeva, Sri Nagaiah who was near Gurudeva shouted, “ayya! Come here, Swamy is calling you”. The Love Incarnate immediately said, “ayya, let him write”. After collecting the experiences of Sri Narayana Das and others in a small note book, I went to Swamy. Immediately the Compassionate Master snatched the small book from my hands and kept it under his head for the whole night. Any thing on earth becomes pious by the divine vision and touch. Just as Sriman Narayana makes the hood of Adisesha as his pillow and sleeps, so also Swamythat night made the small note book as his pillow and blessed it with divinity, and eternity. Next morning, looking lovingly at me, with sweet loving words He said, “Come on who writes’. Giving me back

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2/11/2012, 8:40 PM

the small note book which was soaked in the Grace of Swamy by being used as a pillow, He said, ‘You continue writing without a break. I am with you’. Such a Father Compassionate is my Kaliyuga Avatara Gurudeva, who gave me the courage and mental fortitude.

In the afternoon of 11.08.80, at about 3 p.m, when “I” ‘the dust of the Feet of Gurudeva’ (myself) was engaged in massaging Gurudeva’s feet while taking rest in the temple of Anjaneya Swamy, Guravaiah another disciple was also present there. On that day Sri Bala Brahmananda Swamy came to Golagamudi Ashram and prostrated before Gurudeva. Obtaining blessings from Gurudeva he went to the old Ashram. While he was deeply engrossed in the narration of Sri Swamy’s divine leelas with mother Tulasamma, Sabari Mata Vakkamma and other disciples, I had to go to the old ashram. Enchanted by the incidents they were narrating and desirous of keeping them safe in writing, I came back to the Anianeya Swamy temple, took some white papers and was running back towards the old ashram. Seeing this, Gurudeva stopped me saying ‘where are you running’? Sit here. Immediately I sat down near Gurudeva with white paper in my hands. The compassionate Gurudeva made me sit for some time near Him bestowing on me the ability to understand the Writings of Brahma and the capacity to write it and then allowed me to go to the old ashram. By the grace of my compassionate father, I could record many incidents from Sri Bala Brahmananda Swamy. Those details helped me to write Gurudeva’s biography.

Poet, friend and a disciple of Swamy, Sri Y. Obul Reddy, a resident of Pulivendula Taluk of Kadapa district visited Gurudeva frequently and used to go back after seeking His blessings. He promised to give slab stones for flooring (naparallu) for the construction of Gurudeva’s ashram. The construction of the ashram

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2/11/2012, 8:40 PM

was in progress then. On 28.01.182 we went to Pulivendula to know the whereabouts of Sri Reddy and to get the naparallu. I brought along with me the manuscript of Sri Swamy’s biography. Under the auspices of Sri Obul Reddy at the fater–in-law’s house of Sri Rajasekhara Reddy at Pulivendula, yagna was being conducted. The sacrifice was finished on 30.01.1982. After that they kept ‘Akhandamulu’ (means to keep the flame burning at the temple of the divine mother continuously night and day for 40 days). Sri Obul Reddy took the manuscript of Gurudeva’s biography and kept it near the Feet of the Divine Mother. Thus this biography was showered with the blessings of the Divine Mother.

From 02.10.87 to 1-7.05.89, the fortnightly magazine “Simhapuri” of Nellore brought out the biography of Swamy in 30 parts and introduced Swamy to the world. Since June 1987 it is being published serially in the monthly magazine, published from Guntur. “Yemee ninnu upekshintuna”, dedicated to spread the message of Sai. Gurudeva inspired Sri K.V.Ratnam, Director of Ratnam Coaching Centre and his wife to get this material published as the “Biography of Sri Sri Sri Bhagavan Venkaiah Swamy” as their offering on the ninth Aaradhana festival (on 14.09.91)

Sri K.V.Ratnam and his wife

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2/11/2012, 8:40 PM

Feed the Hunger Save the sufferer - “Give food to those who are hungry - Help those who are in distress” -` Explanation : The essence of food is prana The essence of prana is mind The essence of mind is wisdom The essence of wisdom is bliss

Maitreya Upanishad “Prano – annasya rasa Manah – pranasay Vigyanam – manasah Anandam vignanasya”

Food gives and protects Prana. Prana steadies the mind. A stead-fast mind acquires Wisdom. Wisdom gives bliss. The being which is in bliss naturally desires to do good deeds and to help those who are in trouble. aatmoupadyena sarvatra samam pasyati yo Arjuna sukham va yadi va dukham sa yogi paramo matah (Bhagavad Gita - 6ch. 32v) Arjuna! He who in all situations see others as himself, i.e., he who compares the distresss of others as his own distress and also their happiness as his happiness and gives a helping hand, He is the perfect Yogi. A Yogi who forgets the world being fully immersed in bliss is lesser than one who desires the good of the world, works hard towards that goal. In the Holy Bible, The Hymn of David – First chapter - the 41 Hymn: it is said – “One who helps the poor is great”. Holy Quran, in “Sooraye Purkhan” – in the 25th Makki, 71st sentence, - “One who does good deeds asking forgiveness is the one who is returning to God”. Our Gurudeva Bhagavan Sri Sri Sri Venkaiah Swamy is God incarnate who descended on the earth to show the above precepts in action.

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Bhagavan Vankaiah Swamy, the Divine Incarnate, a Mahatma and a Sadguru Form; once we look at Him, he entices us with spiritual solace and gives bless us with peace abound. A stanch devotee of His, never had I dreamt that I shall be showered with such Divine Knowledge and Glory to translate the telugu version of the unique Parayana Grandha of Swamy’s Satcharitra into English. Padarenuvu, Makani Venkatrao, the revered disciple of Gurudeva, who composed the original Parayana Grandha in Telugu by Swamy’s blessings, has entrusted me with the mammoth task. By the Will and Command of Gurudeva, the Ocean of Compassion, I am showered with His virtuous and nectarine blessings along with knowledge and dedication to grasp the gist of His life and Teachings. Had not that marvel of Guru’s Grace showered on me; can it be possible to accomplish such a divine task? Enslaved by viewing His Comely Form some five years ago, the very moment my vision fell on His Comely Form, my heart missed a beat. Then onwards, I felt inspired by His Divine Form of protection and He never let-me-down to look back in life. Waves of devotion surged in me by the great good fortune bestowed upon me and I had several darshans of the God-Incarnate at Golagamudi, the Home of All Sanctity. With single-minded devotion, keeping away from most of the ties of worldly life, when I began the task of translation, I am choked with emotion to say that, indwelling in me, it is Gurudeva who accomplished the task. At times, I felt jealous about the unique experiences of some of Gurudeva’s beloved disciples had, while in His Service. On one such occasion, Gurudeva, the CompassionIncarnate, appeared to me in a dream and gave an astounding appearance in a posture of ‘Agni Stambana’. Wherein, Gurudeva,


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with His Body Glittering Like Gold, sat in a yogic posture in the middle of the ‘Agni Gunda’. While the Holy Fire was engulfing His Form, unmoved in a yogic trance, He was firmly seated with the Divine Glow getting more and more bright. Even from the deep sleep, I woke up by the mind-blowing marvel. Perhaps to assure that I am no less than His Loved Disciples, He demonstrated the incredible leela of leelas. Another marvel of marvels is the life-sized idol of Gurudeva installed at ‘Gurunilayam’, (Padarenuvu’s residence), Mulapet, Nellore (AP), on 21.09.1993. The idol was etched by sculptor Sri Sita Ramanjaneyulu (stapathi), a native of Kurnool, who is more than a family relative of Makani Venkatrao. It took him three long years to etch the idol and he succeeded only on the third time to fulfill the task. In the first instance the stone meant for etching the idol broke, second time while the sculptor was about to begin the work, he met with an accident. Only on the third time he succeeded to accomplish the task. If the photographs taken during September, 1993 and during August, 2011 are keenly observed and compared - to the bewilderment of eyes and the elation of heart - you will notice visible bodily changes taking place in Gurudeva, especially more visible in His face. Year after year, slight changes are taking place to the life-sized idol of Gurudeva as similar to the bodily changes which take place in a human being with the advancing age. (same may be noticed in the pictures, after the INDEX page in this book) If such occurrence is visible to the naked eye, one can affirm the ‘truth’ that, Gurudeva is ‘dwelling’ in His Life-Sized Idol at Gurunilayam, Mulapet, Nellore. Yes, see it and believe it. I whole-heartedly thank Sri Makani Venkatrao Garu (Srivari Padarenuvu) for the virtue he provided me to translate the mammoth religious text from Telugu into English, a task, which I took as a blessing in disguise Gurudeva.


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The english translation, though tough, I made a humble attempt to satisfy every reader. I hope, the readers, listeners and devotees will cherish while going through the Satcharitra. Last but not the least, I gratefully acknowledge the invaluable help offered by my wife Smt. Y. Sri Vani, Sri Y. Ramachandra Rao, a fatherly-person, colleague Sri M.Srinivasa Raju and the architects behind shaping the book, cover page, layouts, photos, Sri Narahari and Sri Raghupathi. May the Grace of Gurudeva shower on every reader and listener of this Sacred Grandha. I bow in reverence at His Lotus Feet O Gurudeva! Shower Your Blessings Enlighten One and All

Poet-Laureate Dr. T. Ashok Chakravarthy, D.Lit.,
International Poet-Review Writer Universal Peace Ambassador, Switzerland Honorary Adviser, BIOU, Malaysia Vice Chair, Global Harmony Association, Russia # 16-2-836/L, Plot-39, Madhavnagar, Saidabad, Hyderabad–500 059 (AP) e-mail :


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With the Divine Blessings of Gurudeva, the translation of telugu version of ‘Bhagavan Sri Sri Sri Venkaiah Swamy Satcharita’ is accomplished by three writers into English. I feel sure, influenced by the Will of Gurudeva, the God-Incarnate in Human Form, blessed the three writers with required devotion, dedication and determination to accomplish the gigantic task. I acknowledge my sincere thanks to the writer-trio, viz., Dr. Ramakrishna, Sri Vedururu Narayana Rao and Dr. T. Ashok Chakravarthy who have done their best in bringing out the true translation of the said Satcharita into English, titled, ‘The Life and Teachings of Bhagavan Sri Sri Sri Venkaiah Swamy’. Dr. Ramakrishna is a former Lecturer at Guntur. He was also a propagator of “Gayatri Mantra”, who extensively toured the country on his mission. He is one of the persons who took the initiative to begin the translation work and has done his best in translating a part of the book in the initial stages. Sri Vedururu Narayana Rao is a native of Gotukuru Village, Anantapur District. He is a retired Govt. servant and is an ardent follower of ‘Sai Tatwa’, who is now settled in Jeedimetla, Hyderabad. With abundant knowledge of Hindu philosophy, he interacted with many living spiritual saints. He translated Sri Guru Charitra in Telugu and English from Sanskrit for the benefit of ‘Truth seekers’. He rendered the required back-up work of the translation of the said book with extreme devotion and dedication.

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Dr. T. Ashok Chakravarthy is a native of Hyderabad city, a poet in English and is reputed for his literary works across the world. He was conferred with Doctor of Literature and has translated over six spiritual works from Telugu to English. He became familiar with unique presentation of translation works and received good acclaim from several readers. He has accomplished the translation work of Gurudeva’s Satcharitra by relentlessly working on it and was very instrumental to accomplish this divine task. Mr. Narahari is a native of Mahabubnagar District, is a talented person in the field of printing techniques. He is well equipped to provide eyepleasing lay-outs for publication works, cropping of photographs, cover page designing’s, DTP works and other related works in the sphere of shaping new books. I pray and prostrate before my Supreme Guru, Sri Sri Sri Venkaiah Swamy, to shower blessings aplenty so that they lead a peaceful, progressive and prosperous lives

SRIVARI PADARENUVU Makani Venkat Rao ‘GURUNILAYAM’ Mulapet, Nellore


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S. No. Foreword Preface 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. Childhood and adolescence of Swamy The way Gurudeva takes food Thorough practice - Darshan of Sri Sai The power of penance (Tapoyoga) at Penchalakona Kanva Maharshi – Darshan of Rishis – Manifestation of the Universal Goddess (Jaganmatha) Arrival at Madras Darshan of Kanchi Varadaraja Swamy – Visit to Rajapadmapuram Practice of Yoga at Kapila wells Assessment of God Koti Teerdham - The Shrine - Its Importance Five cognitive senses, viz., smelling, tasting, seeing, touching and hearing Guru’s Name is the greatest Mantra Smell (Gandha) The Science of Navavidha Bhakti Venkaiah is Lord Rama Servant Chelama Naidu Agni Stambhana Can the incredible leelas of the Creation (Srishti) be described The Saying of Gurudeva 93 41 60 69 71 72 76 88 14 18 20 22 26 33 Particulars Page No. iii xxviii 01 04 06 10 12

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20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37. 38. 39. 40. 41. 42.

Measurement of earth Controlling and diverting the waters (Jala Stambhana) Mudra (The ‘Thumb’ Impressions of Swamy) The significance of Mudra (Impressions) Significance of Hamsa (Principle of breath) Hastamu (Hand) The origin of “Abhaya Hasta Mudra” Absoluteness (Poornamu) The Supreme with the Third Eye (Trinetrudu) The History of Golagamudi The history of Golagamudi Ashram While having food, Gurudeva saying ‘Eat, Eat’ - “Want more”, “Want more” Arranging food for the servants and followers during Gurudeva’s wanderings Gurudeva’s way of dressing Sri Kolla Venkata Ramanaiah Gurudeva, the Protector of Cattle – His blessings to children Sri Jayarama Raju Sri Nooteti Sriramulu Naidu Whoever takes food in the village, they shall get rid of their disease Revered Paramananda Swamy Gurudeva’s tour of West Godavari district Construction of Ashram on the mound of Penna Badwel The spectacle of Gurudeva walking over the waters of river Penna

96 106 120 134 136 140 142 146 151 155 160 170 176 180 184 190 193 199 200 203 219 222 224

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43. 44. 45. 46. 47. 48. 49. 50. 51. 52. 53. 54. 55. 56. 57. 58. 59. 60. 61. 62. 63. 64. 65.

Gurudeva disclosing the past birth of sishya Chalama Naidu The ashram on the mound of Penna Badwel–Theft of jewelry Theft of jewelry – Explanation offered by Sri Veluru Subrahmanyam Gurudeva’s wanderings (1957 - Rajapadmapuram) Gurudeva’s Narration - Gitamruta Gurudeva commanding the Nature (Prakruti) Gurudeva visiting Rajapadmapuram (1959) Gurudeva visiting Rajapadmapuram (1960) The core meaning of what Gurudeva spoke to Jambulingam Sri Adinarayana Reddy (son of Mataji Tulasamma) Srishti Cheeti of Gurudeva Mataji Vakkamma Curing Leprosy - Giving a new lease of life by Gurudeva Discourse of Gurudeva Trikalavedi (The All-Knowing) Commanding the Nature (Prakruti) Controlling the force of overflowing stream The Ashram of Sri Balananda Swamy The Omniscience of Gurudeva Gurudeva, the Life-giver Gurudeva’s teachings on non-violence Gurudeva, the Compassion Incarnate - Renovation of Siva Temple at Talupur The benefit of offering alms

227 228 231 232 237 237 240 242 246 248 269 272 280 282 286 292 293 295 297 300 303 313 314

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66. 67. 68. 69. 70. 71. 72. 73. 74. 75. 76. 77. 78. 79. 80. 81. 82. 83. 84. 85. 86. 87. 88. 89. 90. 91. 92.

Gurudeva’s visits The divine sport (leelas) of Swamy Recitation of Guru’s Name - Accomplishment of task Attaining Moksha in the Divine Presence of Gurudeva Gurudeva’s blessing - Gaining vision and wisdom Gurudeva’s saying, I will come back after having a sea-bath Guru Bhagavan’s Divine Touch - Water aplenty Grandhi Ramaiah Nuvvula Keshavaiah Veluru Rajappa Naidu Gurudeva’s Abhaya Mudra - Equivalent to Sri Rama Raksha Chi. Nivedita The Skylab incident Sri Kasturi Ankama Naidu Akkim Venkatrami Reddy The All-Protective Thread (raksha bandhan) Sri Chunduru Nagaiah Sri Polireddy - Gurudeva’s beloved disciple Sri Karreyya Revered Smt. Chella Subbamma Revered Sri Kuncha Venkataiah Revered Disciple Narayana Dasu Sri Velooru Rama Naidu His Holiness Sri Chidananda Swamy Sri Korakooti Guruvacharyulu Sri J.C. Penchalaiah Sri Nooteti Appaiah

316 327 329 330 331 334 337 347 350 352 354 357 358 360 363 364 368 373 375 378 385 392 409 422 427 433 436

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93. 94. 95. 96. 97. 98. 99.

Sri Bala Brahmananda Swamy Sri Atmakuru Venkaiah, Indukurpeta village The Srishti Cheeti of Nagula Vellaturu Village Sri Chekuru Pitchaiah Sri Mopuru Dasharatharami Reddy Sri Nuteti Adepa Naidu Sri Rayi Gopalaiah

442 450 462 465 478 488 492 495 496 497 498 502 504 505 509 547 547 548 562 565 566 568 570

100. Sri Mallika Venkaiah 101. Sri Sompally Rama Naidu 102. Sri Komaragiri Ramanaiah 103. Rendering selfless service to Gurudeva by disciples 104. The group of Gods (Devaganamu) before the Godhead 105. Sri Veluru Narasappa Naidu 106. Srivari Padarenuvu, in the service of Swamy – Construction of Ashram 107. Foundation Laying Ceremony 108. Gurudeva’s Divine Assurance 109. 110. 111. 112. 113. 114. 115. What a great good fortune Swamy bestowed on me Guru Bhagavan’s Maha Samadhi The Sacred day of Guru Bhagavan’s Maha Samadhi The Glory of Maha Samadhi Publication of Article in ‘Simhapuri’ (a weekly journal) Rare Articles of Swamy Sayings of Gurudeva

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Life-size idol of Bhagavan Sri Sri Sri Venkaiah Swamy (in a sitting posture), installed at ‘Gurunilayam’, Mulapet, Nellore District (AP) during September.1993 Note : Keenly observe the physical features of Swamy at that time.

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Physical features of the same idol are ‘Miraculously’ undergoing a change (visibly noticed), year after year in accordance with advancing age of a living human being. (This can be ascertained with this latest photo taken during August,11) Is it not a marvel!!!

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