OPEN ON: BLACK. PETE (o.s.) Whoa. What is that?

BILLY (o.s.) He’s a Mogwai. FADE IN: INT. HOUSE - LIVING ROOM ON A BOX. The top opens. RAND (o.s.) I call him Gimzo. (beat) He seems to like it. CUT TO: INT. HOUSE - LIVING ROOM ON RAND. He clears his throat. RAND First off, there are three rules you have to follow. (beat) One, he hates bright lights. It’ll Kill him. (beat) Two, don’t give him water. Not a bath. Nothing. (sighs) And the most important rule you can NEVER forget. (dramatic pause) NEVER. EVER. Feed him after midnight. CUT TO: A green, ugly, tiny creature LEAPS towards us, snarling and showing off it’s ugly yellow pointy teeth. BLACK. GREMLINS. The green creature has it’s head stuck in a blender. It laughs evilly. Lynn walks up and presses the ‘on’ button to the blender. BRRRRRMMMMMM. BLACK. BEWARE. THEY’RE COMING SOON.

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