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Victoria, B.C. V8X 4A9 June9,2OL2
Honorable George Abbott, Minister of Education Member of the Legislative Assembly for Shuswap Constituency Room 310, Parliament Buildings Victoria, B.C. V8V 1X4 Dear Honorable George Abbott:
the Victoria Public Education Coalition, a coalition of parents, educators, and other citizens who are deeply concerned about the lack of foresight that prevails in the govefnment's lack of response to calls for adequate funding for our public schools. Like most people in British Columbia, members of our coalition are concerned about having a strong public school system in our province, and we applaud the five Cowichan School Board trustees who have voted to submit a Restoration Budget that outlines the true costs of providing quality

I am writing on behalf of



the children of the Cowichan School District.

By submitting a Restoration Budget, these trustees are not only fulfilling their promises to their constituents but they are also attempting to fulfill the mandate of the School Act: to achieve quality education for the children in their school district. As the School Act mandates that School Board trustees provide quality education to the school district they are governing it should be assumed that a Balanced Budget provides adequate funding to achieve this mandate. When this is not the case, we believe that it is the ethical responsibility of the trustees to inform the Education Minister.
The Victoria Public Education Coalition respecdully requests that as Minister of Education, you invite these trustees to meet and engage in dialogue with you so that you might be better able to appreciate why they have chosen to submit a Restoration Budget. Yours truly

Dr.) Starla H. Anderson, Ed.D.

W fu^_

chairperson, Victoria Fublic Education Committee

c.c. Cowichan School Board Trustees