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Straightforward Beginner Progress Test 2 Listening

Straightforward Beginner Progress Test 2 Listening

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Published by: pandorabox7 on Jun 10, 2012
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Straightforward Beginner Progress Test 2 Listening scripts

Track 8, Progress Test 2, Listening: Part 1

1 Woman: Hurry Ben, it’s time for school. Get up! Ben: What time is it? Woman: It’s 8.30. You’re late! 2 …or visit our website www.english.uk.go 3 A: Do you use a lot of technology? B: Well, not really…I have a computer but I don’t use it. I don’t have a mobile but I have a fax. 4 A: What’s your email address? B: It’s jack25@hello.com. That’s J-A-C-K twenty-five at H-E-L-L-O dot com. 5 W: I often have toast for breakfast but I hardly ever have eggs. Sometimes I have fruit.
M = Man W = Woman

M: Oh no, the taxi’s here and I’m late for work! W: OK, I’ll help you. M: Where’s my black jacket? W: Umm, yes, it’s behind the door. M: Thanks. OK, where are my keys? W: Wait, here they are, under your bag. Do you have some money? M: Yes, it’s in my wallet, in the jacket. Now, where’s my mobile phone? W: Umm, yes, it’s on the table under the newspaper. M: And my glasses? W: Next to the mobile phone. Is that everything? M: Yes, thanks a lot. Bye! (Door slams)

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