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Individual channels may be patched to external effects The signal for a simple stage monitor systems derived devices as shown on inputs channels 3.9, 10 and 11. from the aux 3 output. The signal available may be bus- This allows the engineer to isolate specific effects 0 sed eitherpre-fader or both. single channels while allowing bussing, via aux 1 and 2, of any channels to additional external effects as ilus- trated. Additionally, aux 1 and 2 returns may be bussed to any subgroup allowing further blending of “wet” or ‘dry’ signals or the selection of one in plage of the other forspecific program portions. BASS DRUMS (MICS) (olRECT) KEYBOARD ence LIMITER GATE FLANGER 13 Inthis largerlive system, additional input channel patch- ing is utilized and specific subgroup assignments be- ‘come more critical even though the channel utilization is the same as the previous example. Significant ‘changes are obvious in the output area, indicating an entirely different approach to the inputioutput matrix as ‘well as output function Primary and secondary program signals are derived from the program and 2 track outputs, fulfilling a need for additional fil signals, The three seperate, independently controlled monitor signals are derived from aux 2 and 3 as well as from DIGITAL DELAY MAIN HOUSE SYSTEM (Ler) ENGINEER. SIDE FILL. ‘SYSTEM REVERB MONITOR SYSTEM | (LEAD VOCAL AND BACKUP VOCAL MONITOR SYSTEM II (KEYBOARD) MONITOR SYSTEM Il (BASS & DRUM) 2. TRACK TAPE FOR PRE/POST SHOW SYSTEM ‘CHECK LIMITER needed in each, assignmentis done viathe channelaux output section, eos cortisone by.euzaro ezeanivent Hf desired, a 2 track tape machine can be added, as ‘Aux 1 is dedicated to a digital delay which may be used shown, for pre or post system checkout as well as inter- ; ‘on instruments and/or vocals, while subgroup 4, con- mission fill material. taining only the vocals feeds to an external reverb which subgroup 2. Since different reference materials are is bussed, via the return network, directly to the master } | DRUM (MICS) KEYBOARD BACKUP. RYTHM VOCAL, HARMONIZER LIMITER, NOISE aaa FLANGER GATE 15,