Wed, 10/5/2011 INTENSE PRAYER Sermon #248 on Destined to Reign, ww.JosephPrince.

org When it comes to prayer it is very interesting, we in Singapore we have this expression that I have noticed since I have become a believer, even in my previous church as growing as a youth leader. I myself have used this expression a lot. When we have Small problems, we say “lets pray about it. When we have BIG PROBLEMS we pray HARD. I never knew there was a pray hard and a pray soft! I learned that from Christians. Some things you learn in church. In some circles you hear “we have to pray through”. Pray through. All these expressions confused me. How will I know when I am “through”? How will I know when I have prayed “through”? Now Today I am not talking about praying in the sprit, which is something you can do anytime, and hopefully you do more of that because there is a rest, supernatural rest and refreshing. In fact, the more you do that the more you light up the all the other gifts of the holy spirit in your life. . But I am not talking about that, I am not talking about intercessory prayer, I am talking about simple prayer; asking god to do something for you, you will find, for example the way we think praying h gets the job done – simple prayer cannot get the job done is amazing and so we look at Elijah, in James 5: Have you ever gotten moody lately? Don’t put up your hands - Have you gotten a little bit short tempered on the road this past week? Have you imagined things you shouldn’t have imagined? done things you shouldn’t have done, said things you shouldn’t have said? Well you know what, Elijah was a man of the same nature as ours I like the old KING JAMES: JAMES 5: 17-18 Elijah was a man with a nature like ours, (subject to like passions as we are KJV). In other words don’t think of Elijah as an extraordinary man. He is like us! The bible calls him a PROPHET and rightly so, but in the bible Moses represents the Law whereas Elijah represents the prophets. But the greatest of all the propets is someone who came in the time of Jesus in the spirit and power of Elijah and that is john the Baptist, Jesus himself said there is no one greater than john the Baptist and he came in the power of Elijah so Elijah represents the prophets. And yet , one of the greatest propeths in the old testament was a man given to discouragement. Right after the greatest victory in his entire life – the fire of God fell upon the sacrifice when all the prophets of baal were unable to call down fire. The entire nation has been in rebellion for many years worshiping idols, worshiping baal and in one fell swoop literally, when gods fire fell the entire nation repented and shouted “the lord he is god the lord he is god” in Hebrew Yahwey, he is elohim. They repented. And all the prop of baal were killed, and the same day the rains fell after 3 ½ years of drought. The rains fell and what an abundancre of rain that fell. Yet, the very next day, when the evil woman Jezabel, the wife of the king Ahab and the bible calls this king ahab the most evil of all kings that rebelled against god., the bible says he was the the most evil, but he married jezebel and became more evil. How many of you know who you marry makes a difference? Don’t look at your wife right now, but who you marry makes a difference! Anyway ahab was extra evil because of jezebel. Jezebel heard what happened the day before, she heard that the prophets of BAAL were destroyed after the fire fell, they brought those evil prophets to the brook kishon and slaughtered all of them and all Israel repented. Then Jezebel said she was going to destroy Elijah, he heard of the threat of a woman called jezebel, and he said “how dare that women, I am caling fire down on her head! He had not called fire on a people before. – in fact his last act was to call fire down on some soldures. You know what he did? He did not do that, he ran! He ran from a woman right after a great victory!! It got discouraged. He was given to discouragement. He was given to feelings of hopelessness. That is a man of like passions! Ok go back to the new king james. So what happened?

got it: they said he died the deaths. there shall not be dew nor rain these years. god’s ways are like. Watch this . JAMES 5: 17-18 Elijah was a man with like passions with a nature like ours. of the inhabitants of Gilead.. and it did not rain on the land for THREE YEARS AND SIX MONTHS. it’s like this.. you know.God calls that INTENSE prayer. he prayed again and the word “earnestly” is not there!. this is not a new covenant prayer. and he prayed earnestly (prayed with a prayer – HEB) that it would not rain. you don’t . before whom I stand. To Man it is intense prayer. Jesus prayers..we are introduced to him here for the first time .m and the heaven gave rain and the earth produced its fruit. an the earth produced its fruit. Now. But when we speak in faith. an the earth produced its fruit. an intense death. which means he died a violent death. And he prayed again *notice no” earnestly” this time* and the heaven gave rain. it is DEATHS plural. said to Ahab. now the word there in greek is prayed with a prayer he prayed with a prayer hebrewism. JAMES 5: 17-18 Elijah was a man with a nature like ours. Isn’t is amazing.He prayed EARNESTLY that it would not rain. and Declare by faith . He prayed earnestly that it would not rain and it did not rain for 3 ½ years. and he prayed earnestly (prayed with a prayer – HEB) that it would not rain. Hebrewism is a manner of speech Hebrews use for intensity. but god calls it “just a prayer”. They are meaning he died a violent death. Jewish people in the Hebrew language for intensity. This know how Elijah prayed earnestly? I kings 17: 1 FIRST TIME Elijah’s name was mentioned . hallowed be your name” if you quote that prayer – by the way. Now have you notice the phrase “he prayed earnestly”? that it would not rain. “our father who art in heaven. 3 ½ years! And he prayed again. And he prayed again *notice no” earnestly” this time* and the heaven gave rain..m and the earth produced its fruit ok. and the heaven gave rain. “OH GOD OH GOD…is just a prayer. even of up to the lord’s prayer. “he prayed a prayer” means he prayed intensely. and it did not rain on the land for THREE YEARS AND SIX MONTHS. prayed earnestly. “as the LORD God of Israel Lives. and it did not rain for 3 years 6 months. For example Jesus in his death.. except at my word” He just declared “at my word”! Lets read again… Now back to James. Do you see that? He just prayed. And Elijah the Tishbite. and the heaven gave rain. both of you are Elijah. when you DECLARE by faith. Notice earnestly was omitted – he just prayed AGAIN yet notice the results… You see. Wow! What is his secret? “and he prayed again. Notice EARNESTLY was omitted – yet notice the results… Patrick come up here and mark stand over here Demonstrate this. In the original Hebrew. In the mind of god. Prayed with a prayer means he prayed strong prayers. god says that is a powerful prayer.

Because faith as small as a tiny seed of mustard will UPROOT that tree. But even if you pray the Lord’s prayer today. we must read a lot into the writings of Apostle Paul because he is writing directly TO THE CHURCH. but when the Holy Spirit comes (thru the Apostle Paul) He will guide you into all Truth. “I can I can I can” or God is like God is like …like some Christian science try to tell you..’ and it would obey you.find paul quoting that or any other writers of the new testament quoting that. TODAY we forgive BECAUSE God has for Christ’s sake forgiven us! we are forgiven BECAUSE of Jesus. It is not vain repetitions. ? you don’t have that kind of faith? You only NEED the faith of a MUSTARD Seed Thursday October 6 INCREASE YOU FAITH…. “increase our faith.. COMMAND It to throw itself into the sea in jesus name. but you do find Jesus rebuking the Pharisees for pretending to pray long prayers Matt 6: 7-8 But when you pray. Jesus is about to give a revelation of Apostolic Faith… “Increase our faith”. you can say to this mulberry tree. You don’t want to pray that prayer today. Be not ye therefore like unto them: for your Father knows what things you have need of. You don’t find Jesus rebuking people for SHORT prayers. as the heathen do: for they think that they shall be heard for their much speaking. use not vain repetitions. I showed the sycamore tree. So. Even the day before He DIED He said: I have many things to tell you. it was actually under LAW – but it is in between law and grace.. when I taught the series on the plants of the bible a few years ago. What is the Lord’s answer? “So the Lord said. ‘be pulled up by the roots and planted in the sea. Jesus before he died was born under the LAW and he could not tell them many things. Now. So Jesus is telling us it not the number of times you say it (vain repetition).” Many times they are called disciples. actually mulberry tree. is only about 45 seconds if you read it slow. not the Jesus before He died. our foundation has changed… Under LAW we forgive in order TO BE forgiven. So. it is a very rooted tree.” So the WAY TO INCREASE YOUR FAITH IS TO LEARN TO ISSUE COMMANDS WITH THAT LITTLE FAITH YOU HAVE. but here they are called apostles. even before Jesus died? Because they asked the question: Increase our Faith.. If you have faith as a mustard seed. one of the most heavily strongly rooted tree. is a very thick-trunked tree and the roots are very deep. BEFORE YOU ASK HIM. under GRACE you forgive BECAUSE we are forgiven. mulberry fig they called it. ok? Because that prayer says “ forgive us as we forgive others”.? You know why the holy spirit honors them with that. you can be standing just a few meters away and you will find the roots coming out down there. Paul is not contradicting Jesus. This mulberry tree. it is NOT your much speaking… you MUST KNOW WHO YOU ARE TALKING TO. The Lord loves to hear that. by the way. COMMAND it to be uprooted. 45 seconds. . And if we are not careful even Confession of Faith can be by rote. paul is quoting from the present day Jesus. by Vain repetition. It is not much speaking. Lukle 17: 5-6 and the apostles said to the Lord.. the one you are talking to is one with whom NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE! Next :: Don’t go around your same problem your same trouble the same disease.

Do NOT think you need big things. as small as a grain of mustard seed. Brain. well I beg to differ with you. and the trunk looks like a tree but it is actually an herb. I heard this teaching that once you say it. . So instead the devil comes to you and says “your faith. how can this tree be uprooted. Now Imperfect tense therefore. I told you last time in the Greek there are tenses that tell you something cannot be repeated. that is how you grow your faith. how can you command these things to happen? But Elijah was the same nature as us. FAITH is uprooting it. Watch this. if you have faith as a mustard seed. one of the tallest and fastest growing herb. it can grow over 10 feet. in other words. once its done.. for example. when you speak. perfect tense. “how you speak out in faith?” Do not forget the exhortation of the Holy Spirit: Elijah was a man of LIKE passion! How can you. all right? Elijah used the declaration of faith. you feel so hopeless in yourself. he said: “if you have faith as a mustard seed. They say that once you say it agin. Tell that disease. I don’t have that kind of faith!” YOU need nothing more than tiny faith of a tiny mustard seed! That is how you increase your faith. This is god’s way. be no more dumb. Imperatives are commands in greek. that’s where you have to have the Faith as small as a mustard seed TO COMMAND the tree be plucked up by the ROOTS... Be planted. and it happened! Start speaking to your body… body. be renewed in youth in Jesus name! Wrinkles. but is an herb but it grows like a tree. Passive why is it passive? Because the root is not uprooting itself. don’t say it anymore. it is accomplished are a bit conscious. can you . In this passage in Luke 17: 5-6 When jesus taught his disciples – apostles – how to increase their faith. you know when you speak out . Aorist is the past tense in greek. you can SAY…” Do you remember. that tumor. it’s not faith”. I want to show you something here. that’s why I showed you just now God used simple things to confound the mighty. ‘be pulled up.the mulberry bush…don’t go round and round your same problem. when he cried out on the cross “it is FINISHED” In the Greek it is the perfect tense. in Jesus name. a bit moody. speak as though it is done!! BE PLUCKLED UP!! Use a forcefull commanding tone. Don’t just weakly say.. You’re all so . that doesn’t work Command IT in jesus name! Instead of singing songs…”here we go round the mulberry bush . in Jesus’ name. its DONE. same disease. looking at this problem like: have the doctors told you that this problem is Incurable? Have they said that there is no answer for this? Is your bankruptcy beyond help? Alright whatever doesn’t stand to logic and reason.. which means the effect is once and for all. are imperatives? What are imperatives? Imperatives are COMMANDS it’s aorist passive imperative. “but Pastor. you can say to the mulberry tree ‘be pulled up!’ be pulled up do you know in the Greek. can never be repeated. Go back to Luke 17: 5-6 Now. mulberry tree. It cannot be repeated. plant it!! Plant it by speaking it! If you have faith as small as a mustard seed.So what jesus. jesus. but the result remains.. amen? Command diabetes to be uprooted! Command it to throw itself into the sea. a command. uh if you don’t mind. The jawbone of an ass! A shepherd boy’s simple slingshot and a stone! Five loaves two fish to feed thousands. haha in Jesus name… So.. that’s how you increase your faith! Command! “Now pastor.. “be plucked up by the roots out of my body and be planted in the sea! Last year when I was in Israel we past a mustard tree growing It is not a tree actually. So. (tv shows photo of the plant and also its e tiny seed – about the size of a large grain of sand) if you have faith as a mustard seed (as small as this) you can start commanding. move over… Al right. and you start commanding. is being done to it. is what? Repeated action. leave in Jesus name – ha ha Hair Grow.

But some of us don’t even think of this as prayer! The amazing thing is that when it talks about Elijah praying earnestly.. the NAME OF JESUS. and let them prayer over him. anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord and the prayer of faith will save the sick. anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord. why are you crying? Why are you crying to me? Lift up your rod!”. there’s no record he put his head between his knees.our church is very much like a bible school and in fact sometimes we learn more than in a bible school! I say that to the Glory of God.blessed. sometimes more than once a day. You notice the prayer of faith is a commanding prayer. in the context of James 5 because before it talks about Elijah do you know it talks about. anyway.. What man thinks is simple prayer. god thinks is just a prayer. which means you DECLARE and COMMAND by faith it is the energy of the Holy Spirit that is released! Are yo with me? God is not your problem@ don’t ask God…! Many people think the prayer of faith is like this: (repeats the above scene. imperative. And then a few verses after that it talks about Elijah prayed this prayer. lights flashing. are you with me? Now what I am trying to say today is that God calls that prayer EARNEST prayer. that fervent means this: (pastor clasps his hands. confusion everywhere! And this policeman is there. and the lord will raise him up. and you know . Moses looked up and he cried out to God. BE rooted BE plucked up BE planted. in the context of the prayer of faith. That happened at the end of 3 ½ years when he prayed for rain again where God thinks is just a prayer. people sprawled out on the ground and a policeman comes on the scene in full uniform and there are busses and 3-ton trucks and cars. and the word there is ENERGEO. god considers Earnest prayer.’ L Look at this next verse: and the prayer of faith will save the sick. but it’s always ‘BE plucked up’ in the PAST tense. James 5:14-15 is any sick among you? Let him call for the elders of the church.. winces and grimaces. I didn’t say all bible schools… don’t get angry ok? So.. People have this idea.. in the same chapter asks ‘is any sick among you? Let him call for the elders of the church.” God is ALREADY merciful when he sent his Son. So. he brought the children of Israel right before the Red sea and behind him are the armies and chariots of Egypt coming to get them and in front of them is the deep deep deep blue sea. In fact I did this for a skin condition I did it every day. What did God say to him? “Moses. just one word. In fact. the word SAY is in the imperfect active indicative. er Red Sea. whining oohh god be merciful to this person. not two words. church same chapter in James. where we get our English word ‘energy’. And if he has committed sins. You are going to command that condition again and again to be uprooted. and the prayer of faith will save the sick Look up here.. There is a time God finds it displeasing to him for you to cry and call on him when He’s given you the ROD. blue sea. he says you can SAY to this to this mulberry tree. Red sea. Y’all learn greek. saying oohhh god oohhh god).. when he’s given you the AUTHORITY! Can you imagine this scene: there’s been an accident at a cross junction. which means what? It means it’s not a onetime saying: it is actually a continued action. The Prayer Man thinks is earnest prayer.’ .. Actually the word there: ‘effectual fervent’ is one word Greek. this is confirmed. and double confirmed. he will be forgiven. “the energetic prayer of a righteous man. and let them prayer over him. so why I s the healing not manifesting? There is a Spiritual Obstacle!! We are to command that spiritual obstacle to be pluckled up by it’s roots and throw itself into the sea!! God is on your side! God is not your problem!! Remember when Moses.. are you with me? In fact in the same chapter it says’the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man. His Son was/is merciful when he died and carried our diseases. You can speak to the condition again and again. haha doubly confirmed. the prayer of faith .

all right? But the prayer of Faith is DECLARATION. that God is the one that must be persuaded… this is not a right picture god. I’m going to experiment this. so why speak to it? But he didn’t. God is not holding the blessing back. You NEVER find Jesus going “Father.. pray in the spirit. even a child. why is it that some people seem to have that authority and power?” Go back to what Elijah said in I kings 17. the Rod is the picture of the Name of Jesus Today. How far do you think this policeman can go? “But. de-stress you then you will live longer and more peacefully your telomeres will all be repaired and the effects of aging will be less in your life .what he does? He gets his iPhone he dials his supervisor: “Sir. And this guy was yelling at her. right before my very eyes he stopped. he called his supervisor! Isn’t that good?” how many understand he must use his Authority!? “You there. you feel like God is holding back. if it is so natural or what. But the policeman has the authority! So there’s a time when god is displeased when you call on him. there’s a place for asking god. God be merciful” The whole thing from a third party’s point of view. come forth! Woman. Our idea of prayer is always asking god. Even the double decker bus is bigger than him. you are loosed from your infirmity” jesus commanded. One of the best ways to ask god is to pray in the spirit. Even asking god. driving and influencing the person.. I ve done it before. please heal this person. God is not holding a beautiful harmonious relationship from your . or if it be your will.” See. we get angry with people when people are not the problem. it is the power behind the person. when this revelation was new to me . Father. For what? I wait? So Hallelujah. accident down here. You can and should pray behind closed doors. You can command. Are you with me? Don’t accept you know. you foul spirits of hate and strife. OK do your own research. please loose this woman. The word ‘save’ is sozo – save the sick. or a girlfriend. Address that evil spirit and Command it. You say the prayer of faith. and then what happened is that we said good-bye to each other. I said You can command. our idea of prayer tends to be nothing but religion. “So Pastor. you understand. Now. So look at Jesus. you don’t ever find jesus praying for the sick. I bind you from off this man in jesus name” I’m telling you. and I heard a loud quarrel going on a few cars away from me. But that is not our subject today. the prayer of faith is not looking to God asking “god heal this person. “Stretch forth your hand! Stand Up! Pick up your bed! Walk! Lazarus. according to the example he puts before us. is will disentangle you. God told moses “Lift up your Rod! (use the NAME. God is not our problem. it’s natural. So I said “in the name if jesus. and at this time this revelation was pretty strong on my heart – so I thought ok. and I was about to get into my car. the first time. so pray in the spirit. As small as a mustard seed that is how small your faith is. In fact your house is full of strife? Your family always quarrelling? Then you say “you foul spirits of disharmony. You never find jesus praying for the sick. One time I was in Newton circus at night with a few of my brothers. instead of the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ. If your father has a bad temper. (in tongues) and keep your prayer life going when you feel worried or pressured or stressed. Then I go home. then right away he was holding her. I’m just trying to make a point to you lol). I will tell you what. Well jesus can say to the mulberry tree it is so strongly rooted. I think he just slapped this girl. but COMMAND. don’t know if it was a wife. what shall I do?”.. right? James 5:14-15 “and the prayer of faith with save the sick. STOP! And they all must stop. So I was saying just now.. ask according to the bible.. You find Jesus COMMANDING the sick to be healed. I will repeat it again. And this guy. 3 ton truck. I am telling you our problem.. yelling and yelling. ( you don’t have to yell out loud like I am. he has been energized in a evil way by an evil spirit. disunity and strife BE GONE FROM MY HOUSE in jesus name and NEVER return – stay far away. Our subject is the Prayer of faith. Even the 3 ton truck is bigger than him in size. or whatever.

when you sin. every judgment was absorbed in his person and he cried IT IS FINISHED! Understand how his PERFECT finished work at the Cross has .. I try to practice this. or maybe even not prayer at all is. that will not obey until they are COMMANDED!! Sometimes they will hold on until they see whether you know what you know that you know what you know…that you know you have the power and authority!! Next: Elijah. I take communion” but is your taking communion asking god asking asking god. YOUR FAITH OPERATES EFFORTLESSLY. “pastor you preach all this. lifting people up. no spirit for 3 ½ years. setting people free.Experience his unmerited favor. full of the rain. there is no curse because heaven does not record sins of the BELIEVER. trying to persuade god? This can be a form of unbelief! This is not a prayer of faith? Or do you take communion DECLARING ‘by Jesus’ stripes. use a commanding tone OFFERS GRACE .. every poverty. full of the spirit! ‘Be pulled up (aorist passive imperative) by the roots and be planted (aorist passive imperative) in the sea.’ and it would obey you. Ever since the cross there is no more record! For in it the righteousness of God is revealed from faith to faith. Judgment mentality: there was no dew. Jesus ministry was full of dew. not your Love for God. No favor. When you realize how much GOD LOVES YOU. So. when you fail. He gave comfort to the brokenhearted. Jesus for 3 ½ years was full of dew! He went about healing.. God is is the one who most wants heaven on earth for your family. That is the love OF GOD FOR YOU. when you They are forces. giving courage to those who were afraid. but command it. Every stroke every curse every disease. no rain for 3 ½ years. Today. his favor is like dew on the grass. To see Jesus in all the loveliness of His person and the perfection of His work. I am healed’ but are you saying this in an imperative tone? An imperative way? You must COMMAND. what man thinks is simple prayer. Dew in the bible speaks of Favor.. in proverbs. there was no rain – speaks of the holy spirit. no favor for 3 ½ years. but you know.

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