Who Killed Officer J.D. Tippit?

by Richard Mayn Hooke May 11, 2012

So if Lee Harvey Oswald did not kill J.D. Tippit, who did? And how did it happen? There have been thousands of different accounts written attempting to explain the baffling murder of Dallas Police Officer J.D. Tippit. Historical accounts, by humans, are inherently flawed because we cannot recreate a past event, exactly, at this point in time, so I am going to utilize a particular technique I have found useful. If you can accept a fact, that is likely to be true, near the core of an event; like a mountain climber hammering in a piton, to gain purchase, and then carefully build on that, from the core truth, with other ergo truths, you can create a small historic picture, buried within an extremely complex event; that otherwise would fall apart; fragment, in a myriad of conflicting minutia; the traditional, start to finish, ‘complete’, yet, inevitably flawed approach. I am not going to spend as much time speculating, as other JFK theorists have, on how the participants got to, and from, the crime scene. The main issues being: Who did it? And, how was it done? I have decided to accept some statements from the confession of James E. Files, who claims to have fired the final, and fatal, shot on November 22, 1963, from behind the picket fence on the grassy knoll. James Files made his videotaped confession, in 1994, at the Illinois State Penitentiary, in Joliet, Illinois. He was guaranteed immunity, by the U.S. Government, from prosecution for the murder of John F. Kennedy. It’s all in Files on JFK, compiled by Wim Dankbaar, along with a goldmine of other information on crimes James Files was involved in, and had knowledge of, throughout his life as a U.S. Army soldier (82nd Airborne), career criminal, Mafia hit-man, and CIA operative. In his 1994 confession, Files stated he knew who killed Officer Tippit, it was not Lee Harvey Oswald, and that Tippit’s killer was still alive at that time (1994). Files was reluctant to explain any more about the Tippit murder, but Files did say, “the man that killed a police officer that afternoon had come by my motel and told me…he said that things got messed up today he said and I killed a cop…and my remarks to that was well you did what you had to do and he left shortly thereafter…the person that I am referring to now was not part of the team to assassinate JFK…as far as I know his job would have been to kill Lee Harvey Oswald…”1 That is all Files would say, in 1994, about the Tippit murder. Files’ reluctance to talk about Tippit and the way he explained what he knew of Tippit’s murder; a gradual, cohesive, explanation, divulged over many years, is what leads me to accept what he has told us, of J.D. Tippit’s murder, as probably being true. What Files said in 1994, although brief, was significant: Lee

Files on JFK, Dankbaar, 2007-8, p. 53

5) Roscoe White did not fire the first three shots over the hood. and so he would not have sent a hit-man to do it. at 10th and Patton. later that afternoon (11/22/63) and the hit-man said. He said Lee Harvey Oswald was ordered.D. Tippit?” And then Files finally decided to open up. says. and pulled over. to Oak Cliff. to explain what happened to Officer J. 2) Tippit was not supposed to kill Oswald. although it did turn out to be convenient. James Files did a video-taped interview with Jim Marrs and Wim Dankbaar. Files told Nicoletti he was worried that Lee Harvey Oswald would be a link back to them once they had killed JFK. next to the hit-man (thinking it was Oswald). as some theories have maintained. it was not planned. p. I had to kill a cop. where a plane was ready to fly him out. Tippit2. almost as an afterthought. In 2003. Oswald went straight to the Texas Theater. from a different angle.Who Killed Officer J. shot J. we can draw some inferences. once again from the Illinois State Pen. to frame Oswald as a cop killer. and test fired a trunk full of weapons that Files brought down from Chicago. Texas. looking for Oswald. and Rock White. to Redbird Airfield. for whatever reason. Friday morning. if he was. because Tippit would never have mistaken White for Oswald. Tippit (because Tippit mistook the hit-man for Oswald). he changed it to ‘Files’ after the assassination) around Dallas the week prior to the assassination.D. Dankbaar. James Files said the hit-man came by his room at the Lamplighter Inn. that he would have ‘the boss’ (Sam Giancana) take care of it. Instead. it was not Ozzie that shot Tippit. in the right temple. to kill Lee Oswald. Tippit tried to make the hit-man get in the car so the hit-man shot Tippit three times to the body. into Tippit. 2 Files on JFK.D. screw-up. Then. but Tippit was shot one more time. and the man who killed Tippit.D. 204-207 Richard Mayn Hooke 2 . “things got messed up. sent to kill Oswald. with a different type bullet. in Mesquite. The original plan was for Tippit and White to take Oswald to Redbird Airfield. Roscoe White does not match the description of the guy talking to Tippit through the passenger side window of Tippit’s police car. over the hood of Tippit’s police car. to show James Files (actually his name was James Sutton at the time. that help clear away a lot of misleading information on the Tippit killing: 1) The Tippit killing was not planned. Tippit? Harvey Oswald did not kill Tippit. in Chuckie Nicoletti’s burgundy Chevrolet. James Files did not know this. Tippit. went over all the details of JFK.” At this point. was actually supposed to have killed Oswald. and finally. 1963. Oswald and Files calibrated the scopes. 3) The ‘Tippit for body parts’ theory is wrong because this was an on-site. David Atlee Phillips would have known that. Nicoletti told Files not to worry. Tippit drove around Oak Cliff.D. 4) The CIA hit-man. Files said Giancana sent a hit-man. “What can you tell me about about the death of J. ‘to silence Oswald at that point in the game’. deviated from the original plan to get a ride from J. by his CIA controller (David Atlee Phillips). Oswald. it was not a premeditated murder of a ‘bluecoat’. November 22. through CIA coordinator David Atlee Phillips. The interview was extensive. Marrs. 2007-2008.

wearing tan shoes. Markham denied this interview. Kennedy. about 25 years old. behind the seat. Mrs. Markham told a police officer. Roscoe White was also on hand. from the knoll. The Warren Commission said Mrs. Tatum said. about 18. but it was recorded. Tippit? My explanation is that Dallas Policeman. and a white shirt. and another. kind of heavy. said the killer was short.D.Who Killed Officer J. with brown hair. his police shirt was very likely the shirt seen hanging in the backseat of Tippit’s car (see photo above).M. and dark trousers. leaning over the passenger side of the squad car. medium build. talking to Tippit. It was White’s responsibility to verify that Oswald was picked-up and taken to Redbird Airfield. black hair. kind of on the heavy side. 5’8” tall. after he was down. over what looked like a white t-shirt. White. as he approached the squad car he noticed a young white male with both hands in his pockets of his white. When Tatum heard shots. over in the driver’s seat. in the head. and CIA operative. Markham gave another description to FBI agent Odum of a white man. Witness Helen Markham. named J. zippered jacket. at 10th and Patton. he stopped his car. and that Roscoe White had shot JFK in the neck and head (White thought his second shot. and was around 5’10”. in Tippit’s police car. into his temple. advised by the Dallas Police not to repeat to the Warren Commission what she told them. Witness Jack Tatum was driving east on 10th St. Tippit was shot one final time. with a different type bullet. wearing khaki trousers. was wearing a black bushy toupee. and saw Tippit lying on the ground. “whoever shot Tippit was determined that he shouldn’t live and he was determined to finish the job. almost completely bald. the man was white. and a long coat. a coup de grace shot. Roscoe White was either slouched down. Mrs. red complexion. described two men at the scene of Tippit’s murder: one tall and thin. wearing a white jacket. or had driven there in another vehicle. that he was known to wear. He saw a man walk around the rear of the police car. so that he could not give a deathbed confession of what he knew about the conspiracy to kill John F. In front of the Warren Commission. in a phone interview with author Mark Lane. Poe. turn and walk along the driver’s side to where Tippit had fallen. Tatum said the man had dark hair. with slightly bushy hair. CIA operative Roscoe White considered it necessary to make sure Tippet was dead. Once Tippit was shot. Witness Acquilla Clemons. was the fatal one).” Richard Mayn Hooke 3 . dark eyes. tan jacket. kind of a short guy. The man then shot Tippit in the head. to silence him.

from a photo taken by assassination witness Mary Moorman. Pamela J. It just so happens that James Files ex brother in law. 2009.D. is a dead ringer for the man in the photo. long face.242 Richard Mayn Hooke 4 . Tippit. hair receding on either side. nose. chin.D. was fired by Roscoe White.D.D. by Gary Mack in 1982. Gary Eugene Marlow3. center). I would like you to look at the Badge man’s assistant. At this point I would like to refer you to the Badge Man photo (see below). Tippit James Files said he knew the hit-man that shot J. his height. The man who shot Officer J. I am not buying the myth that this was a construction hardhat. over the hood of Tippit’s police car.D. p. that he is in a photo with this man (see tall man with sun glasses in photo below). Files did confess. who died in 2007. His V-shaped hairline (this hairline is a dead giveaway of Tippit. was CIA hit-man Gary Marlow. and gradual shoulder slope 3 Interview With History. and forehead lines in the photos below. into the right temple of J. neck. however. Gary Marlow and James Files The final. coup de grace shot. Tippit three times. and comparing the ear. by Jack White. and then enhanced through photo techniques.Who Killed Officer J. James Files ex-brother in law. The Badge Man photo was extracted. as you can see by cutting up.Tippit but would not give up his name. Ray. in the following photo (below. Tippit? Gary Marlow and Roscoe White Killed J.

I took some higher mathematics… what are the odds that these photos look as they do. exploded JFK’s head back and to the left. You think this is a configuration of light? Not me. builds correct. Roscoe White had just finished shooting the President. and his assistant was J. who is in front of Tippit (which would be accurate). You know. holding camera to his face) is in front of White. that actually may have been a partial hit. I would think. their heights are accurate.Who Killed Officer J. he was convinced he had killed JFK with the two shots he fired from Badge Man position.D. Richard Mayn Hooke 5 . albeit without the frangible mercury explosion. and other versions of the photo have revealed his mother’s camera held up to his face (all consistent with Gordon Arnold’s account). Arnold’s body type. would explain why. at 12:30 PM. as he confessed in his diary. White’s muzzle flash. uniform.D. up the road. and. and his second shot to the right front of JFK’s head. Tippit. the same direction a hit from Roscoe White would have caused. though. that White had killed JFK. I think the Badge Man photo has White and Tippit written all over it. the assassination. on his death bed. and Gordon Arnold (Army man in front. uniform. it appeared to be a hit because James File’s hit on JFK. above his right temple. once Tippit was gravely injured. and fled. as Roscoe Whites second shot went through. and into the grass. Having just participated in. Tippit? (exactly like Tippit). are involved in the next killing. I think Roscoe White was the Badge man. and Tippit was right there with him. To Roscoe White. ended up in the grass. and then the same pair (White and Tippit). Roscoe White did not know about James Files and the other shooters of JFK because he was on a ‘need to know’ basis. aiming position. and Arnold said the policeman was not wearing a hat. behind the picket fence: White’s first shot into JFK’s neck. Tippet’s head. and toupee are all consistent with a right handed rifleman (exactly like Roscoe White). just 45 minutes later…pretty good.D. Also. so Roscoe White put the final bullet into J. White could not risk Tippit spilling the beans.

right after the shooting. and Tippit was seen leaving the scene.Who Killed Officer J. he had delivered the very rifle that blew JFK’s head off. could Tippit have done that to White. at 10th and Patton. assassination kills (Philippines and Japan). Why do you think Ruby was so worried about having alibis that placed him away from the plaza. placing an advertisement in the newspaper. Julia Ann Mercer saw Jack Ruby deliver a rifle to the grassy knoll. said she overheard her husband and Jack Ruby plotting the assassination of JFK. 1963. to low intelligence. J.D. I do not believe so. What do people think they brought him in there for. He had at least ten. And when Tippit was down. Who used this rifle? Ruby would not have delivered it to the grassy knoll if it was not to be used from somewhere near the knoll. the parade? White was seen in the area of the pergola.” To those who say Tippit was the Badge Man: they never would have trusted Tippit to be a shooter. Soon after that. As I said before. Tippit told his son. and would. Geneva. because Richard Mayn Hooke 6 . Why would someone fire a coup de grace shot into J.65 Mauser that Roscoe White used to shoot JFK. Tippit? Roscoe White joined the Dallas Police Force in September of 1963. his wife. He was of medium. reportedly of low intelligence. “No matter what happens today. successfully execute the shot. Why were faux Secret Service Agents given fake ID (delivered by Chauncey Holt) to keep people back from the knoll? James Files said he was brought in that final morning. who fired the final shot into J. Jack Ruby delivered the 7. on November 22.? As far as Ruby knew. behind the TSBD. White had no qualms about putting him out. just before the shooting. They knew Roscoe White could. the morning of the assassination. Tippit? Why? He was just a regular cop. just a regular guy.D. Tippit’s head. out of a green pick-up.D. it had to be someone who had killed many times before. at 11 AM. which fits the description of the other man. etc. who wore a black bushy toupee. offshore. and that was their big mistake. I love you. A normal person could never have handled the pressure.D. they never should have included Tippit in the plan. White was a heavily muscled man.

in a Naval storage drum. Texas. in Oak Cliff. in my opinion. Richard Mayn Hooke 7 . it’s like war. His life was a tragedy. Gordon Arnold’s testimony. and head. “How can you do it? He (JFK) has two kids just like you?” To which. in 1982. in Paris. White said Tippit messed up the Oswald pick-up at 10th and Patton. Ricky White. had said to him. was crying and that may have been Roscoe White. His wife. Gordon Arnold said the policeman.Tippit. When Rock White was given an order. as they were lying in bed the night before. Arnold high-tailed his ass out of there like 99 out of 100 American’s would have done. whose feelings surfaced as he carried out his orders: to kill his own President. He was the president of his high school class. to facilitate his escape. The president is a national security threat.” By many accounts. Kennedy. that’s why the CIA brought him to Dallas. and then had to kill J. but the fake ID’s were in the works days before that. was a good man who was ordered to do some terrible things for our government. “Honey. White explained that he shot JFK in the neck. that took his film.Who Killed Officer J. we’ll be in a nuclear war very soon. that was confiscated and never returned by the FBI. he got it done. is too odd not to be true. a good man gone over to the dark side. Geneva. of course. If I don’t do it. Roscoe White. Rock White answered.D.D. matters were taken out of our hands a long time ago. of how a man in a police uniform took his film. there had to be another shooter on the knoll they were keeping people back from. John F. Honey. In the diary. Roscoe White said that he was in Badge Man position in his diary that was found by his son. Tippit? Johnny Roselli backed out. White also tells of how he jumped the picket fence and confiscated the film from ‘a military man’ (Gordon Arnold) right after he fired his second shot at JFK.

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