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Philips Consumer Electronics Manual 7655 | . Model no.: 55PP9753/84 Technical Service Data First Pu 09-18-2003 Rev. Date: 09-18-2003 Service and Quality Print Date: 18/09/03 Service Publications Dept. One Philips Drive P.O. Box 14810 Knoxville, TN 37914 Parts List REFER TO SAFETY GUIDELINES SAFETY NOTICE: ANY PERSON ATTEMPTING TO SERVICE THIS CHASSIS MUST FAMILIARIZE HIMSELF WITH THE CHASSIS AND BE AWARE OF THE NECESSARY SAFETY PRECAUTIONS TO BE USED WHEN SERVICING ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT CONTAINING HIGH VOLTAGES. CAUTION: USE A SEPARATE ISOLATION TRANSFORMER FOR THIS UNIT WHEN SERVICING | © Philips Electronics North America Corporation Visit our World Wide Web Site at hitp./ 55PP9753/84 - Manual no. 7655 20 comb Pitter oasie bon ‘shield, Top. . 20092 BE i, sine a3 SE Soo oh ibe Eaten se ae, 470, (aoe, gov, ‘electrolyte gauze cap. tu, 20k, Sov, Blectrciytic. rose 300n, 108, 16V, Ceramic 31040 Sb Sh i Bh Be Boh Gap, 150p, $8, SOV, Ceramic: 3810 SB. ES Bi te, Seis Es iu,"204, sv, ‘electrolytic su," 20,"xe¥, “Blectrolyise 2p," shy" sov, ceramens |! 2p, $8, Sov! Serene ty 260, ‘Blecerolyese Electrolyte 200, sleceroiytse 2oY, Eiectrotytic oa i/iewe Meranizea cia si. ain! etaisiea Gia Se, isiow, wecanisca' cia io'olm, 50; isi, natdudeea'oi iad ona, si, a/16M) metaiszed G2 page 021 33210 326 om, sh, 2/168, Hetalszed G2 326 om, sh, 2/160, Hetaitzed G1 5 = safety Pare sh, 2/60, facaisied 6 a/sw, focaisied Giaes 3198 081 38620 3083 pone 3017 sore gost 2003 $60 obm, 54, 21/16, Hetalszed cl Res, i0 ohm, 58, i/iek, Netalized cla fee, 267, 58) i/o, ‘Notarized ciase Bea, 10 ohm,'st, 1/i6h, Metaltzes Gla Res,16 Onn, st, 2/10, Hetaitzed G2 fee, 33 Onn, st, 2/160, Hetaitzed G1 Bes, 210" olm, 30) viel, ‘nevanized ci Bes, i0b um, st aire, Hetaisced Gt a7 ohm, Sa) iio, wacanized cia 330 om, 54, iii, ‘Nerdaizea ci 2 88 oan, “st, “a/aiw, Hetaiszed G1 Bee, 126 Sum, sb, 2/160, Hetaiszed G1 si, aw, Heiaiied 6 Bee, 336 hm, sh, 2/166, Hetaitzed 61 fee, Sei, sh, a/sbe, setaiszed cua Bee, 560'obm, 54, 1/108, Metaitzed GL Se) iit, wéeanieea’ cia iio, weedaieea' cia sh, Sf, metalized 58, i/iew, wetalized oi afew, Hetaisied case A/l6W! Metatizea Glas Su Sree, weratszes 61 Sen, 186 ohm, 56, 2/168, Hetaitzed G1 See, 86 um, st, 2/160, Hetaitzed 61 ee, 276 Sun, st, a/sée) Hetaiszed G1 Bee, Grd Sum, st, a/1ew, Hetaitzed 61 Res, io ohm, 58, i/iew, metalized Gia 30 ont, si, a/a6w) wetaiszed Gta 470 obm, 58, ite, wecdiizea' oi + 20 oom, "st, 1/36, Hetaitzed Ga Ree, 3x3,"18, 1/368, Hetaitzed Gua Ree, 1S) 58, 1/l6H, Netalized Sia Res, 10 dh, ‘st, i/ieh, Netalized Gla Bes, 220 olm, $4, i/iew, ‘woratiaee’ ci fer, ix, 58, iio, wetauizea ciage. fea, 22, Se, 1/teb, Motalized Clase 220K, "56, 1/10, Metaltzed Giast 2h set" 1/S6e, ‘Netaiizea class S10'obm, 54, 1/20H, Netalized GL ai, 54, 1/360, Hetaitied dias fea, S60" ohm, $4, 1/60, metalized GL 1 a 'oim, Se) iio, ‘needaeoa' cia 4 dam, Sh, 1/26) Hetaiszed Gta Res, aévi, ‘si, ajatw! etal sed Gu stv" 1/4en wotatized clase feo, 247, 38) 1/lew, Meteiized GI Bea, 30" obm, 54, 1/so8, Metatised GL 3nd cum, sh, /a6e) metaiszed 2 flow, wocinizea case See i/tew, netatized Gt Sv! isi, weranizea'cia si. aw, Hekaitaed Gd ‘tia‘ohm, 58, iio, Necatizea' ci Page: 1 ase om gage 021 Bide oat oa oa aise 022 sen1o ns20 so 55PP9753/84 (continued) S000 Res, 1K, 54, 21/16, Metalized clase. 3196 356 ohn, Sey i/lew, metaiszed G1 folotm, Se) i/iok, weeanizee cia 200, “58, 2/164; total szed Gees 3238 0'Son si Metabiaed Gt ina, si, 1/268, tetaitzed Glass 3138 Ske, 58, 1/36W, Netaiized Glass 3198 W70'onm, 54, t/aon, wetalsze3 G1 ix Se) iyiok, necsnizea clase) 3138 He, A, TAG Weeahisea Sage: 358 1.3 obm, sv, 2122 Inductor, ania Sek, Picea, “aus Inductor, Inductor, inductor, Fixed, room room: Diode, signal, save Diode, Rect, si Diode, Sian Signal, BAav99 Diode; Signal, Asi). 30 che AS Panel Assembly (automatic) Eryotal Resonator, jai, = safety Pare os oon38 Be aure to use exact replacenent part Gap, 100, 20%, 26¥, leceroiyite Gap, ion, ioe! 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