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Gordon Yamate December 30, 2003 General Counsel Knight Ridder, Tne. 50 W. San Fernando Street San Jose, CA 95113-2413 Phone 408 938-7700 Fax: 408 938-7813 Re: Corruption Sir. Please find enclosed a copy of an email exchange between the Kansas City Star and I. My comments within them speak for themselves. I have also enclosed a copy of a letter with all of its enclosures that was recently received by James Moorman, President and CEO of Taxpayers Against Fraud. The copy of wiretap tape number 139 is served upon you in confidence as an officer of the court in order that it may be properly investigated, Please feel free to surprise me with a fine display of ethical behavior that I have become accustomed not to expect from a lawyer. T have also included, for your review, copies of letters sent to the General Counsels of other Big Media dudes, a copy of a letter sent to some other Counsels for Bankers and some copies of some recent reponses to me from some politicians, to prove to you that I am not picking on just you. In fact T gave the Newspapers within Knight Ridder ample opportunity to actually have a fairly big scoop on all of the other newsmen, However I was not surprised when they ignored me because I have been investigating the actions of the press myself for quite some time. I will report my own findings about their failings. I sincerely hope that I embarrass you all into actually reporting the truth about things that really matter to the future of our children. At the very least I have now made you an irrefutable witness to my pursuit of justice. Your name will be mentioned in my next filing in a federal court. I don't care what you may do for me as you act ethically or not all. My race is run and I have already had more fun than ten men. The people of your profession are simply to comically vain for any man with common sense to take seriously. However I will hold you accountable for your actions as you have sworn to uphold the law in order to practice law for a fee. FT) Cya'll in Court® |}, David R. Amos PO Box 2 South Acworth NH 03607 Page | of 2 Amos "David Amos" ‘Tuesday, December 30, 2003 9:07 AM Subject: Re: i read your commentary within Martha! exhibits Thanks. I do believe in the freedom of the press, however lawyers such as Gordon Yamate must obey the rules and the law. Methinks you should expect a call for him in 2004. I wish you luck with him in 2004. [ had contacted the Miami Herald long before you and I ean prove it. They ignored me, Again I must thank you for helping me to prove my point, —~ Original Message From: To: davidamos@come: Sent: Monday, December 29, 2003 4:08 PM Subject: RE: | read your commentary within Martha’ exhibits Ten-four, and best wishes for 2004. Jerry Heaster Original Message: From: David Amos [] Sent: Monday, December 29, 2003 2:23 PM To: Subject: Re: I read your commentary within Martha’ exhibits Thanks at least for acknowledging that | exist. You are only the second newsman to do so. | am now talking to the press outside the USA. As for Martha, She will have to wail until she is further embarrassed before | step up to the plate in her defense. | just melted. Its her lawyer that | am afer. It is not my fault she trusts him. —~ Original Message From: To: davidamos@comcastnet Sent: Monday, December 29, 2003 2:22 PM ‘Subject: RE: tread your commentary within Martha’ exhibits Mr. Amos: Thank you for your feedback. | probably won't retum to the subject in the foreseeable future, Sincerely, Jerry Heaster Original Message~ From: David Amos [] ‘Sent: Sunday, December 21, 2003 11:25 AM To: ‘Subject: i read your commentary within Martha’ exhibits — Original Message — From: David Amos To: Sent: Sunday, December 21, 2003 11:57 AM Subject: | faxed your lawyers a bunch of stuff This recording of my voicemail should convince you of my sincerity. I studied your case a litte. Itis very obvious to me that the U.S Attorney is making his bones off your celebrity status. Likewise the Feds are using your reputation to cause the pubiic to look in your direction while they cover up their many crimes, Mr. Comey has said itis all about lying. | am ‘more than capable of making him eat every word. | am not seeking your assistance in my matters. | am offering my help in yours. | do this out of self interest in my own family. | will use 12/31/03 Page 2 of 2 your celebrity status to expose the crooks in the justice department, You should be exonerated and be able to seek much relief from unlawful prosecution. My family’s interests will be saved by the fallout of the scandalous criminal behavior. | have sent you this email because | do not trust your lawyer, He is an ex US Attorney and knows the game quite well. He is merely dragging things out at your expense. Whether or not you win or lose he still gets his fee. It he disagrees with me, dare him to sue me and then watch his face. the conduct of your previous lawyers should affirm my opinions of them all. | am only a layman but at least | ‘am honest and seek no compensation from you to act ethically in your defense anc simply speak about what | know to be true and back it up with hard evidence. As | said to your lawyers help. If you don't believe me give Elliot Spitzer a call Best Regards Dave 12/31/03