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July 4", 2003 Paul Joseph Martinek J Edward Pawlick Publisher / Editor-in-Chief: Publisher / Editor-in-Chief: Lawyers Weekly Publications The Massachusetts News 41 West Street 26 Bullard Street Boston MA O2111 Sherborn MA 01770 Phone 617-451-7300 Phone 508-653-0358 Sirs. As both of you are well aware, I personally have made a sincere effort to inform you, as newspapermen, of matters that should be of interest to you and merit some mention within you publications. I do agree with the First Amendment and the freedom of the press. Whatever reason you had as newsmen to ignore me is your right. However as lawyers licensed to practice law for a fee you have a bunch of Rules pertaining to Professional Conduct that you must not ignore. Byway of this certified letter I am now proving that I have infarmed you of much misconduct of many members of the bar. Please find enclosed copies of two complaints and their attachments that were filed in Norfolk Superior Court one year ago. They are docketed as 2002 CV 01070 and 2002 CV 01113. My questions to you fellas are as follows: Do you understand the complaints and see the Misconduct of Charles J. Kickham Jr and the assistance by others? If so what do you plan to do about it? If not, why not? I expect your response in writing. Don't bother with the lawyer trick of ignoring me. I will not wait long for an answer. You should have a pretty good idea what will follow this letter in short order. Tf you wish you may go to http:// brief to view all documents pertaining to the matters, David R. Amos 153 Alvin Ave. Milton, MA. 02186 U.S, Postal Service’ Delivery Confirmation’ Receipt fs Poag and Davey Caiman fes mute plbte main tel ee bela be DF Bk wad Pawisek ZE Balaeh Steced Shuvhovw (WA A770 POSTAL CUSTOMER: asp ths eo For ngues ess ume stot® real 00202-1011 gE ONE POSTAL USEONE) Mail" Service: Crt cas a? pace! Cipackage Sorvces parcel (corte DeLWERY CONPRAMATION HUNGER ace 1790 GOG1 4050 1827 U.S. Postal Service" Delivery Confirmation’ Receipt 5 Paxtage and Delvery Confmaton es must epi before mang, us became wel J Mav tron Gi Wast St Bos ue MA ODN POSTAL CUSTOMER: ‘pthc Fr Inquires Feces iret teat wreapscom'® weal aon 202-1811 8 : cect oe ost seo LP rorty mail“Service (Clrirst-ciass tai?’ parcet [Clrackege Services porcet ‘52 May 2002 (ees ove DDLERY con MUM: 0302 4790 0003 Loso uy