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City of Flagler Beach Community Redevelopment P.O. Box 70. 800 South Daytona Avenue Flagler Beach, Florida 32136 Phone (386) 517-2040 Fax (386) 517-2048 STAFF REPORT ITEM- #4 Approval and execution of amendment documents to the MUUC Interlocal Agreement for undergrounding of utilities issues with FPL and the PSC. BACKGROUND- The Interlocal Agreement the City signed a couple of years ago expired on December 31, 2008. ‘The attached documents indicate a continuation og the City’s membership in the group and does not involve any dispensation of funds. Should the need for additional assessments be necessary in the future, the City may opt out of funding the assessment. However, the MUUC and the City’s interests are better served in “power in numbers”. CRA Director Recommendation Staff recommends the Board approve the Interlocal Amendment documents and have the Mayor sign the necessary forms First Amendment to the Municipal Underground Utilities Consortium (MUUC) Interlocal... Page 1 of 3 City Clerk From: Caryn Miller Sent: Tuesday, December 30, 2008 3:18 PM To: City Clerk Subject: FW: First Amendment to the Municipal Underground Utilities Consortium (MUUC) Interlocal Agreement Importance: High ‘Attachments: First Amendment MUUC INTERLOCAL AGREEMENT. RSW.Dec19.doc; INTERLOCAL AGRT-SIGNATURE PAGES-AMENDMENT .Dec20 doc; Resolution 02-09 First Amendment of Interlocal Agreement between the Town and Florida municipalities to promote undergrounding of utility facilities. doc; Interlocal Agreement Execution Edition with Appendix 052306. pdf Angie, these are the back up docs to the CRA Agenda additional item. I want this email also included as back up please. I will send you the revised Agenda and Staff report in a few minutes. Thanks! !!!!!! Caryn Miller Community Redevelopment Director City of Flagler Beach PO Box 70 Flagler Beach, FL 32136 386-517-2040 Fax 386-517-2048 From: (mailto:} ‘Sent: Tue 12/30/2008 12:04 PM To:;;;;;;;;;;;;; KDailey@CI.PUNTA- GORDA.FL.US;;;;;;; Caryn Miller;;;;;;;;;; gbrown@ci.boca-raton;;;;; gary.;;; Richard Hartman; ‘Chris Lukowiak; Linda Childs; Ron Koper;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ‘;;;; honda;;;;;;;; Gbooth@;;;;;;;; Linda C. Cox;;; 12/30/2008 First Amendment to the Municipal Underground Utilities Consortium (MUUC) Interlocal... Page 2 of 3;;;;;;;; clindskoog@; ‘Subject: First Amendment to the Municipal Underground Utilities Consortium (MUUC) Interlocal Agreement All: ‘The current MUUC Interlocal Agreement expires on January 1, 2009. See Article 3.1 of the existing Interlocal Agreement in this regard. The MUUC has decided to pursue renewal of the Interlocal Agreement to continue our ‘work until 2010. The paperwork to effectuate this for every municipality and others is attached herewith, Attached below, please find: First Amendment Document First Amendment Signature Pages Palm Beach Resolution No. 02-09 Approving the Interlocal Agreement for use as a model, ifneeded. ‘The original MUUC Interlocal Agreement for your reference, if needed. Ifa signature page does not exist for your municipality the document has been provided in an amendable format that allows you to insert the name of your municipality where needed. These documents were prepared by Schef ‘Wright and were approved by the Palm Beach Town Attomey for legal form and sufficiency. Please have the same reviewed by your own legal counsel before proceeding. I wll use the same at the Town's January 13 Town Couneil meeting to have the Town's participation extended. On behalf ofthe MUUC, | am asking each of you to do the same thing as soon as possible. know that money is tight and will probably get tighter in fiscal 2010, but I want to point out something that is very important to highlight when taking this before your elected officials. Article 7.2 allows each party to the Agreement o participate or not participate in future funding activities. Funding participation has been and always will be optional. 1 ‘would rather your community continue to be a MUUC participant and not pay any future assessments than to not renew the Agreement out of current or future funding concerns. Remember, there is strength in numbers. One of the first questions I am asked when I go before FPL, the press or other parties is *how many participants does the MUUC have? They always want to know. Please sign up again even if you have funding concerns. We will finalize the current underground issues with FPL. very soon. Remember, your community is only one hurricane away from undergrounding becoming a "front burner" issue again. It is always good to be able to show the public you have been doing your best, in spite of funding problems to remain proactive on this issue that is important to so many people in your city and across all of Florida. Ifyou have any questions, please feel free to call or email me. Thanks for ‘your continued support. ‘Thomas G. Bradford Deputy Town Manager Town of Palm Beach 360 South County Road P.O. Box 2029 Palm Beach, FL. 33480 Telephone: (S61) 838-5410 Fax: (561) 838-5411 12/30/2008