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2009 Morgan Family Goals

Family Goals Read the New Testament

Invite 12 families to dinner/FHE Exercise 2x/week as a family
2 family service projects 8 temple trips
Meatless once/week Finish New Testament

Dad’s Goals Exercise 4 days/week

195 lb goal weight Listen to all scriptures
Take girls on dates once/quarter Take a class

Mom’s Goals Professional Certification

Read Ensign Not miss a day of personal prayer

Cook with dry milk, wheat

Emily’s Goals Finish yellow piano books

Try out for cross country Read Scriptures 5m./day
Pray every day Smile
Read New Era Keep room clean

Savannah’s Goals Finish yellow piano books

Read Book of Mormon Gymnastics Level 6
Do a triathlon Ride bike 100 miles
Straight A’s Keep room clean

Addie’s Goals Read 2 pages Book of

Get all A’s on report card Exercise 3x/week
Run for student council Keep room clean

JJ’s Goals Memorize Articles of Faith

Keep room clean Read a chapter book
Start piano lessons Run on treadmill

Caleb’s Goals Write Letters

Give a talk in primary
Temple Trips Family Service Projects

Inviting someone over

JJ’s Articles of Faith

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