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11-Natural-Strategies-To-Kill-Your Cancer

11-Natural-Strategies-To-Kill-Your Cancer

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Published by: sting74 on Jun 11, 2012
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Free radical damage from toxins plays such a fundamental role in the
development of cancer, it is no wonder some of the first supplements people
think of taking for fighting cancer are free radical scavenging vitamins.
Unfortunately, most of them are just okay at best.

Energetic testing comes in at 43 for high dose vitamin C supplementation. Super
high doses where you take as much as bowel tolerance allows come in a bit
better at 64. A course of intravenous vitamin C sessions at much higher doses
does better, 245. Good, but not near as good as many of the supplements
covered in this report. By the way, another popular vitamin treatment for cancer
vitamin B17 or Laetrile energetically tests very close to this, at 247, when used in
the correct dosages. Eating optimal amounts of apricot pits comes in at 127.

When used in therapeutic doses, Vitamin E energetically tests at 30 for its value
in fighting cancer. Vitamin A - 40. The commonly sold grape seed extract is
around 40 also. Alpha Lipoic Acid - 60. Resveratrol - 120. Selenium, which acts
both as a free radical scavenger, and as a mineral that helps prevent cells from
turning cancerous is considerably stronger at 200. Many of these vitamins are in
Ellagic Formula with Graviola covered in the immune supplements.

There is a well known cancer supplement whose claim to fame is its high anti-
oxidant value. Again unfortunately, energetic testing puts Proto... or Can... at a
good but not great level of 249. High quality pycnogenol energetically tests much
higher, 421. Which is why we've heard reports of it knocking out cancers on its
own. A slightly better version is the European sourced Health First Grape Seed
Extract. It comes in at 489 when used in high therapeutic doses.

However, the top supplement in this section, and the top cancer fighter we have
tested -- even stronger than it's sister elixir BLA -- is an elixir that works to stop
cancer cells from causing free radical damage to nearby friendly cells. It is


Research done by Michael Lisanti MD at the Kimmel Cancer Center in
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania found that cancer cells produce and release a lot of
hydrogen peroxide, which damage nearby healthy cells in the tissues called
fibroblasts. Hydrogen peroxide causes free radical damage which destroys their
vital mitochondria enzymes so they can no longer produce energy using oxygen

and must switch to using glycolysis or fermentation of sugars to produce energy.

Cells are known to produce hydrogen peroxide, for example, to signal the
immune system to heal wounds. However cancer cells keep producing hydrogen
peroxide -- and don't turn off.

When Dr. Lisanti and his team cultured breast cancer cells alongside fibroblasts
for five days, they spotted the cancer cells releasing hydrogen peroxide on day 2.
By day 5, most free radicals generated by the hydrogen peroxide were found
inside the fibroblasts. After that, the team found there was a reduction in
mitochondrial activity in those fibroblasts, and an increase in glucose uptake by
the fibroblasts – a sign of glycolysis.

While there are several theories as to the reason why cancer cells produce and
release this hydrogen peroxide, the simplest explanation is that the cancer cells
are using hydrogen peroxide to cause healthy cells to become cancerous. This
may be one way that cancer spreads. At the very least, these damaged
fibroblasts would be producing more lactic acid so that the micro-environment
around cancer cells is more favorable to the development of cancer. Another way
to look at it is that cancer cells are seeds that need the correct micro-
environment in which to grow. “What we’re now saying is that the hydrogen
peroxide is the fertilizer,” says Lisanti.

PrugX was developed to take advantage of this hydrogen peroxide production
and release that Dr. Lisanti observed. Just as the energies in BLA are able to tell
cancer cells to stop the elimination of lactic acid, the energies in PrugX tell the
cancer cells not to release the hydrogen peroxide they produce. This causes the
hydrogen peroxide to build up in the cancer cells. And as it builds up, it kills them.

When PrugX is used with BLA, cancer cells are poisoning themselves through
auto-toxification in two ways -- by the buildup of both lactic acid and hydrogen
peroxide. And will die that much faster. In fact, this combination of PrugX and
BLA tests as the strongest cancer fighting duo we have ever tested -- 30,300 on
our current scale.

PrugX on its own tests as the highest rated cancer fighter -- coming in at 16,300.
Use 3, 4 or 6 bottles per month.

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