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Extra Potentials

Extra Potentials


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humam brain, human mind, power of human brain, extra potentials
humam brain, human mind, power of human brain, extra potentials

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Published by: E-gurukul on Jan 02, 2009
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“How could one visualize the future or have premonitions…?”. Before discussing these issues, we should keep in
mind the cyclic flow of time…. Time is not absolute. We have divided its relational realization in three phases – the
past, present, and future, as per our experience and convenience. What we have experienced in the present goes into
the domain of past and what is yet to happen or to be experienced is supposed to exist in future. The scientific
interpretation of time as a multidimensional phase implies that the seeds of future are sown in the present, or that,
one end of the future-interval of time always lies in the present… Therefore, likewise an experienced farmer, who
could predict about the time-duration of sprouting, quality of the crop or fruit etc, just by looking at the seed, we
should also, to some extent, be able to envisage the near future based on the present…

We have discussed in the earlier section the different levels and types of vision of the future, which express the
distinct wisdom and specialized training of the mind. Here, we look into the rather rare and deeper reflections of
(inner) mind associated with precognition and prophecy.

Dr. J. D. Wassermann, a distinguished Mathematician and Physicists of the University of Durham, England opines
that – man can have the premonition of future because the pattern of every event in the cosmos exists in the timeless
impulses of the mental domain. Every component – material or conscious, within or beyond the expansion of space,
is subliminally connected with these impulses.

In Swami Vivekananad’s views – “This universe, described as a macrocosm, is a limitless repository or infinitely
many microcosms. The latter correspond to the perceivable as well as the subliminal entities that have an existence
in the timeless expansion of the cosmos. Be that the tiniest particle of an atom, a beam of energy waves, subliminal
presence of events in the infinite folds of consciousness, or the existence of plants, trees, and living beings like the
microorganism, insects, birds, animals, men, etc…, every microcosm is an eternal component of the macrocosm.
This is what is described in the Vedanta as – “Añu me Vibhu” – the existence of the ultimate in the subliminal; like
that of the ocean in the tiny droplets of water… The microcosms have perfect coherence and linkage with the
macrocosm and hence with every vibration of the infinite ensemble of the microcosms… This is what forms the

basis of the science of precognition – the realization or vision of the future events, of the unknown…, in the inner
domains of mind”.

William Von-de-Venotz remarks that – “Every man and woman is endowed with the potential to arouse his inner
intellect and see the future in the mirror of mind as clearly as the present… The great visionaries and prophets of the
world could foretell the future even thousands of years ahead of the present because of the arousal of this hidden
power… They used this gifted vision to enlighten the masses age after age, and guide the righteous way to people’s
present course of life….”.

Professor Adrian Dons of the Department of Physics in Cambridge University had signified in a seminar in 1965
that – “The impulses of future events generate some kinds of waves in the present. These collectively may be termed
as “Psytronic Wave-Front”. The neurons in human brain can catch their vibrations and thus acquire the information
about the corresponding future instances… Notably, the frequency of the psytronic waves matches with that of the
alpha waves emitted from the human brain. Thus, if the mind remains alert and there is significant rise in these
impulses (alpha waves), the process of receiving the signals of future becomes quite feasible and natural….”.

Loyal Watson emphasizes the possibility of precognition in his book “Super Nature”. He refers to a three thousands
years old volume “Iching” – meaning “Book of Changes” in this context and asserts that –– “Effective inference of
the pattern of subtle changes in the present and associated planning for the future could be derived from higher
dimensional geometrical computations. Human mind is endowed with such potentials. Mrs. Jean Dixon used to
view the future in a crystal ball with the help of this aroused power of her inner intelligence…”.

According to Prof. Watson, each one of us can invoke the inner inspirations and develop the faculty of precognition…
Some visionaries make 100% accurate prediction or prophecies because of the divine consciousness or the afflatus
in their inner mind. In some spiritually electrified minds this power emerges by active linkage of their individual
consciousness with the cosmic consciousness which enables sensing of the subliminal signals from the timeless
domains of Nature as per the focus, depth and intensity of their mental concentration. Some people are born with
this gifted power because of the intrinsic assimilation of their mind since the earlier lives. Maharshi Arvind,
Nostradamus, Caero, etc are among the professed seers and astrologers of the present era, who possessed supernormal
vision and precognitive brains.

William Cox was a mathematician of America. He had conducted an interesting survey of the people who escaped
death or serious accidents because of last minute cancellation or change of travel plans in view of a premonition or
some unknown inspirations… He gathered the details of prior reservation, cancellation and lists of boarding
passengers, on several ill-fated trains and airplanes, which met with tragic accidents. He found that the average
number of passengers on the days of such accidents was smaller than that on the other, normal days… Significantly,
many of those who had cancelled the bookings a day or two before the mishap or who had not boarded the particular
flight or coach at the last minute…, had done so because of some unprecedented inner call, doubt, or premonition….
Cox says the noted fall in the number of boarding on the doomed days as compared to that on any other (average)
day, cannot be attributed to just a matter of chance… Moreover, common experience of so many people on such
occasions cannot be neglected as a mere coincidence. In his views, these are some instances of cosmic instruction or
warning that might have been sent to everybody, but some could not follow it because of ignorance, dormant or blunt
state of inner mind, or a stronger call of death… He describes the active reception of cosmic signals by several
people simultaneously as a sign of collective awareness or precognition through collective consciousness.

William Cox has cited several records of his survey in his paper published in the “Journal of American Society for
Psychical Research” in 1956. Let us look at a sample of his report. Several bogies of a train named Georgian were
severely damaged in an accident on the June 15, 1952 while it was running between Chicago and Illinois. Surprisingly
that day only 9 passengers had boarded that train whereas the average number of its travelers from the records of a
fortnight before and a fortnight after this doomed day was between 62 to 64 per day! Similar was the case of the ill-
fated train that met with an accident between Chicago and Missouri on 15th

December 1952. The statistical analysis
carried out by Prof. Cox showed that in a sample of nearly 100 such accidents, about 90% of the passengers had had
some kind of precognition of the unfortunate event…

Friday 21st

October 1966! At about 1.15am, a deadly volcano had erupted in the Aberphane Mines in Wales, England
and gulped the entire village and surroundings in its 5 lac tons of boiling coal… Many people in England had
somehow or other had the premonition of this disaster but most could no comprehend or correlate it with the specific
location until they read the calamitous news. One man, who had not even heard of the Aberphane Mines or Village
before, had sent a report of his dream to a leading newspaper well in advance. He had ‘seen’ the correct spelling of
the village and almost a live ‘relay’ of the future calamity in this dream. A lady from the same village, who had

survived because of being away for work that day, had narrated with tears her nine years old daughter’s premonition.
Two days before this girl had told her mother about a horrifying dream… She had seen that a black mountain has
fallen on her school building and crushed it completely. What a calamity! She along with her entire school got
buried in the black dome of volcanic blow in less than 48 hours. Some people in the nearby town had frequently
heard unbearable cries, some had seen dangerous mines, and landslide etc in their dreams since past one to two
weeks... Count Yuryiwengmann from Wales had foreseen the volcano eruption in toto on the Tuesday prior to the
devil’s day. He had also told his friends about this dream. He even feared that Wales might suffer a calamity on a

David Booth, an office manager in Cincinnati (Ohio, USA) had experienced the premonition of a plane crash
successively for about a week. It was sometimes in May 1979 when he repeatedly saw (in dreams) a plane of the
American Airlines being exploded in space; several dead bodies being charred in its flames… Even while sitting
awake and thinking on some other topic this horripilating scene used to appear before his eyes as though he is
watching a horror film. On 22nd

May 1979 he reported this to the Federal Aviation Authority and the ground office
of the Cincinnati Airport and also consulted a psychiatrist in view of this unprecedented experience. The concerned
offices recalled his warning and request four days later when – on 26th

May 1979, the ADC-10 Jet of the American
Airlines crashed before landing on the Chicago international airport. This was the worst ever accident in the history
of American flights. All the 275 persons on board – including the crew were burnt alive into ashes in this horrifying
tragedy. This rare example of live-premonition is discussed in detail in the volume no. 5 of the “Unexpected Mysteries
of Mind and Space”.

The realization of precognition usually occurs in the inner domains of our mind – especially in the active state of the
unconscious mind when the latter is prepared to catch the cosmic signals (of the psyctronic waves or the macrocosmic
vibrations…). Most of us do not remember or comprehend it because of our carelessness, extrovert attitude and
excessive involvement in the astray movements of our agile (external) mind. A scientific approach and sincere
endeavor towards arousal of the unconscious mind could bestow the otherwise ‘impossible’ or ‘supernatural’ faculties
of precognition on our ordinary minds too. This would enable prevention and precaution from adversities, and
optimal and timely harvesting of the auspicious opportunities stored in the future.

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