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2006 MUNICIPAL DATA SHEET SFY STATE FISCAL YEAR (aust accomanny 2096 bud) MUNICIPALITY: Township of Ewing (COUNTY: Mercer Govering Boay Memes Wendel Pia 1231106 Tayors Fa Te pres Namo Kathleen Waller Donatd Aba Tania Oca Trt Steinman oss i/05 Somme Charles L. Green Taste Joseph Muro Era. tessa ae ‘cing Thomas M. Hespe 39 Shannon K. Keyes Aging Eugene J Flas 505, epatoed Wail ASE Te Maeve £ Canon wie OTe ‘Oficial Maing Adaress of Municipality Township of Ewing Take Garo Dr re aT ‘lees aia isto your 2006 Budget and Malt: Dictr Dison of Local Goverment Series Deparenent of Community ae 7.0. ox 600 Danae ‘reton i 0025 ‘Sect & “ene a sy Mar Ca -BF¥ 20 ‘Tew Eur, Mace Cony SFY 208 Butt SFY +2006 MUNICIPAL BUDGET STATE FISCAL YEAR ot Eulogy Mar "ey aie ae Bears bgt eed oan ase at owt con el Bat an Cap pt apa anno Got Bone ne Bupa Township 13 ceyet _ Decenber 00 Nunc S200 Goan Centeseyme.te (hye —_ December ee (69 8832900 7609. Ta STS Te BIST SOIR STRSTR SBT OTH ATS TE TS OT SG TTI 1e cone steers taeda a nt sn a eid eee eo oar Ccrteseyne.tie soy December 08 cuntestyme. tis Eth devel December so08 0. ton 7648 Princeton, N) 085437648 (603 6895700 CCERTIICATION OF ADOPTED BUDGET ‘ulema ‘CERTIFICATION OF APPROVED BUDGET one so, a 20s or Shoot T Towahe berg Her Gn SF Bae “omtiod nig, Mecer Cty FY 28 Bet SFY COMMENTS OF CHANGES REQUIRED AS A CONDITION OF CERTIFICATION OF DIRECTOR OF LOCAL GOVERNMENT SERVICES ‘The changes or comments wtih follow mut be considered conection wth fr ston on thi buat owen of ing coumyot Yaron ‘Sheet 2 Tap rg, Me Coty 208 pt