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State of New Jersey Department of Community Affairs Supplemental Debt Statement S =r _.. County of ..MERCER.. 20.06... ROWNSHLE.... As of 1. The net debt of the local unit after giving effect to oblizations about to be author- ized, is (page 2, line 4) $.30,016,166-06. 2 Equalized valuation basis (the average of the equaliced valuations of real estate Baunlized Porovements, and the assessed valuation of class IT railroad property of Fanaane iit for the last 8 preceding years) as stated in the Annual Debt State ment or the revision. thereof last filed Year (1) 2003. Equalized. Valuation Real Property with Improvements plus assessed valuation of Class IT RR. property rovements plus assessed (2) 2004... Equalized Valuation Real Property with Imp) valuation of Class II R.R. property S2eSbheBS2-l1A. + (2) .2005.. Equalized Valuation Real Property itt Improvements plus assessed valuation of Class II RR. property $2,398 958 ythd- Sad DAD 82D y Hide 2. Equalized Valuation Basis — Average of (1), (2) and (3) $..2,620,213y524~ 4, Net debt (Line 1 above) expressed as a percentage of tuch equalized valuation basis (Line 3 above) is: per cent (—-beLl- ONE. AND, .RLEVEN..BUNDREDTHS. STATE OF NEW JERSEY } s COUNTY OF ..... MERGER... J _ SHANNON, K. REYES... being duly sworn, deposes and says: Deponent is the chief financial officer of the .....TOWNSHLP. MERCER. . County of alled “the local unit” The Supplementel Debt State {is a true statement of the debt condition of the local ided by the Local Bond Law of New Jersey. here and in the statement hereinafter mentioned cé ment annexed heréto and herety made a part hereo: unit as of the date therein stated and is computed as provi _KEXES. ‘Subscribed and sworn to before me ‘Name. SHANNON.. HIEE. .RINANCE...QRELCER. 1 day of aca Lalilbk /) "4 T ae OK Heep Course Ditedale: <_CORINNE MATELSH) TAN (NOTE=In AUREL a ag! Debt Statement must be filed with:) Tit Address... JAKE, GARZI0..DRIVE... EING,.N..08628.... Notary Public of New Jersey Division of Local Government Services PO Box 803 Trenton, New Jersey 08625-0258 1. ‘The net debt of the local unit, as stated in the Annual Debt Statement made as of December $1, 20.0.» | or the revision thereof last filed, with respect to the following classes of bonds and notes, the amount by which each class has been incressed by the authorization of additional debt, and the amount by. which each class has been decreased by payment of outstanding debt or reduction of the authorization to incur debt, is aa follows: Nat Debt oe “ Decresee fnertane “Zlatement | 06/30/66 i Nut Debt Bonds and notes for school purposes so Dee Bonne Done Sener Bonds and notes for self- Mquidating purposes 2 $ennneQonmnenesees BosnemneDemeenerne, Sameer nn mensne mn Other bonds and notes $.2%s5BSS53B ow $LBLATBL Dane, Boonen Lancemnerce Gomaeenermnnrn 2, Net debt at the time of this statement is: $29 phhb A166 DE 3. The amounts and purposes separstely itemized of the obligations about to be authorized, and any deductions which may be made on account ‘of each such item are: nate “C" below) Purgoe Amount Deduetion Ne MILLING AND OVERLAY. $220,000 Fame Siero $. $520.00. i eect st 4. ‘The net debt of the local unit determined by the addition of the net amounts stated in items 2 and 8 above is: $— NOTES A. If authorization of bonds or notes is permitted by an exce to the debt limitation, ify the particular raph 1g gepbatetin of onde ane, lng niece eae B. This form is also. be uted in the bonding of separate (not Type 1), school dutriets This fom i.alegn burn tt the tent fh MMEN" Zane pages 41, and S anould be come Mpperting any dedaction in line 8 above. C. Only the acount of bonds or notes about to be authorized should be entered. The amount of the “down payment” Cray He eos Sendinence should not be inchuded nor show as « deduction. ieee ra ited by NS. 18h: EeP Stet forth eompata 6 9 SPECIAL DEBT STATEMENT BORROWING POWER AVAILABLE UNDER N.J.S, 40A:2-7(f) Amount of accumulated debt incurring capacity under R. S. 40:1-16(d) as shown on the lstest- Annual Debt Statement. Obligations heretofore authorized in excess of debt limitation and pursuant to: (a) N.S. 40A:247, paragraph (d) (>) N.J.S. 40A:2-7, paragraph (f) (c) NLS. 40A:2-1, paragraph (z) Total Available debt incurring capacity (N.J.S. 40A:2-7(1)) Obligations about to be authorized pursuant toN.J.S.40A:2-7 (f) (If item 8 equals or exceeds item 4, obligations may be author- ‘ ized) BORROWING POWER AVAILABLE UNDER N.J.S. 40A:2-7(¢) Total appropriations made in local unit budget for current fiscal year for payment of obligations of local unit included in Annual Debt Statement or revision thereof last filed as of pre+ ceding December 31,20. 8 Less the amount of such obligations which constitute utility and assessment obligations: oe Excess of item 1 over item 2: $ Amount raised in the tax levy of the current fiscal year by the local unit for the payment of bonds or notes of any school district Amount equal to 2/8 of the sum of item 3 and item 4 [ee (a) Amount of obligations heretofore authorized under N.J.S.40A:2-7(g) in current fiseal year s (b) Amount of’ authorizations included in 6(2) which were heretofore repealed $ (c) Excess of item 5(a) over item 6(b) Excess of item 5 over item 6(c) Obligations about to be authorized Borrowing capacity still remaining after proposed authorization (item 7 less item 8) ca (If item 7 equals or exceeds item 8, obligations may be authorized)