K.A. Dimuthu Dharshana, Department of Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, University of Ruhuna.

Galle, Sri Lanka

CCPDHE, Faculty of Medicine,University of Ruhuna - 16th May 2012 1


 Genetics  Artificial Intelligence/ Robotics  Information Technology  Nanotechnology

3 CONTENT   What is Nanotechnology Few Applications of Nanotechnology .

 field of Applied Science whose theme is the control of matter. • Physical • Chemical • Electrical • Mechanical • Optical • Magnetic • • . its properties on an atomic and molecular scale..4 N ANOTECHNOLOGY IS A .

5 H OW SMALL NANOMATERIAL ? Nano fibers Single Human Hair .




No operations.     . Just one quick injection. No more pills and chemotherapies. The nano sized machine communicate and target millions of different foreign bodies/ matters that may have developed in the body. It will search and destroy foreign objects.9 F UTURE TREATMENTS  Nanodevices can make gene sequencing more efficient. and rebuild the bodies vital cells. It will revolutionize the specificity of diagnostics and therapeutics.

The overall drug consumption and side-effects can be lowered significantly by depositing the active agent in the morbid region only and in no higher dose than needed.10 Nanotechnology has been a boon for the medical field by delivering drugs to specific cells using nanoparticles. This highly selective approach reduces costs and human suffering. .

hearing. etc.loosing hair.11 F UTURE CANCER TREATMENTS   Nano molecules will travel and kill the cancer Cancer cells can be killed by Magforce nono theroperies. Nano xray therapies eliminating painful side effects of chemotherapy. Destroying tumor without killing healthy cells No addition of toxics to body   ..


13 F UTURE  TREATMENTS CONT … New formulations and routes for drug delivery. optimal drug usage. (High consumption. cost and suffering)  ‘Gene gun’ that uses nanoparticles to deliver genetic material to target cells Tissue engineering: More durable. lower side effects. artificial tissues and organs   Bones can be regrown on carbon nanotube scaffolds  Sensors for early detection and prevention .

light switches. cars…. clothing. characterized by the connection of things in the world with computation. . computers embedded in walls.. chairs.14 N ANO E LECTRONICS AND C OMPUTING thousands of people sharing Past Shared computing a mainframe computer Present Personal computing Future Ubiquitous computing thousands of computers sharing each and everyone of us.

fossil fuel replacements with high efficient cells Many more…    . Eg: Super hydrophobic Security. Nano materialized clothes with special properties.Nano sensors.  Cleaning. high security uniforms: Institute for Soldier Nanotechnologies (ISN) at Massachusetts Institute of Technology Energy..Advanced Solar panels (24 hours working).15 A PPLICATIONS CONT.Super washing machines.

16 N ANO MANUFACTURING • • • • • • Carbon Nanotubes Nanostructured Polymers Optical fiber performs through sol-gel processing of nanoparticles Nanoparticles in imaging systems Nanostructured coatings Ceramic Nanoparticles for netshapes. .

Lighter.17 N ANOTECHNOLOGY  IN SPACE Improvements in shuttle  Lighter weight and smaller in size  Nano sensors and Nano robots  Use of laser sails  Micro and Nano rovers for planetary exploitation Benefits to Astronauts   Nano suits. Protection from bacteria and diseases. Greater Safety margin due to Dimondiode fibers. Nano food : No refrigeration.   Cheaper space flights Nano satellites  Will be 90% lighter. Greater Strength. .

USA Cornel University -USA Canfield University – UK Osaka University.USA  Center for Applied Nanobioscience  Center for Bio-Optical Nanotechnology  Center for Bioelectronics and Biosensors  Center for Nanotechnology in Society  Center for Single Molecule Biophysics Massachusetts Institute of Technology.USA University at Albany (UAlbany).18 G IANTS  IN N ANOTECHNOLOGY Arizona State University .Japan Amity Institute of Nanotechnology (AINT) –India Australian National University.Australia        .

19 R EFERENCES  All sources in the internet    Wikipedia Youtube Google .


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