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Green Technology 2 Final

Green Technology 2 Final

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Published by: Elizabeth Ho on Jun 11, 2012
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Done by: Elizabeth Ho and George Lim 4Ch6

or clean technology. refers to use of technology that makes products and processes more eco-friendly based on its manufacturing process and supply chain  Overall aim: contribution to sustainability of environment .What Is Green Technology?  Green technology.

*Energy production from green technology less harmful to environment than usual ways of generating energy such as burning fossil fuels *Green technology facilities require less maintenance so it is cheap to operate *Can bring economic benefits to certain areas e.g. boost tourism *Uses science to preserve natural environment and resources and also to reduce human impact on Earth .

conversion of sunlight into electricity is not possible *Green technology facilities expensive to build *Building these facilities also requires lot of land so people may have to cut on land usage *Some of these facilities can only be set up in certain areas. For example. if certain area relies on solar energy and there is weather disturbance.g. . wave energy can only be produced if waves reach at least 16 feet.*Amount of energy generated not consistent e.

talk about how chemistry is applied to these examples in such cars and the advantages of using these forms of green technology. . but we have decided to focus on the use of hydrogen fuel cells in electric cars and solar energy. In the next few slides we will give a brief description of these examples.There are many examples of green technology.

Introduction 0 Electric cars use hydrogen as a power source for their engines 0 Chemical energy of hydrogen converted into electrical energy to power these cars .

water and heat . generating electricity.Fuel Cells O Devices in which a fuel (hydrogen) reacts with oxygen in air to produce O O O O electrical energy directly Operate like batteries but does not run down or require recharging like batteries Produce energy in form of electricity and heat as long as fuel (hydrogen) and oxygen supplied Consist of two catalyst-coated electrodes (porous anode and cathode) inserted round an electrolyte Oxygen passes over one electrode and hydrogen over the other.

=> 4H2O + 4e • Electrons produced by this process pass around electrical circuit to the cathode • Overall equation: 2H2 + O2 => 2H2O . oxygen is passed into it and is reduced Reaction: Oxygen + 2H2O (water) + 4e => 4OH• At anode.How Fuel Cells Work • At cathode. hydroxide ions formed are removed from the fuel cell by reaction with hydrogen Reaction: 2H2 (hydrogen) + 4OH.

http://www.com/flashfiles/howWorks.Proton Exchange Membrane • So this reaction produces water only as you can see what happened to the 4 electrons? • This membrane allows the Protons from the Hydrogen to pass through to form with the Oxygen to produce water.fctec. • However the electrons which are not allowed to be passed through have to travel around the cell to get to the Cathode • Producing the electrical energy This is a link to a animation showing how the fuel cell works.ht ml .

• They don’t release harmful gases to the environment. • The fuel cells can be stacked up to add more Power to the car • There is fewer parts then in a traditional car so there is lesser noise and the car runs smoother with lesser vibrations. (eg. • More efficient than internal combustion engines as energy is directly converted to electrical energy . Overall More efficient. Oxides of Nitrogen) which contributes to Global warming.

. • Photovoltaics is when certain materials are exposed to light and they release electrons.Solar Panels for Solar Energy • Solar Cells work on the basics of Photovoltaics. By absorbing the photons in the air.

.How it works • The base material for solar cells are usually Silicon. It is then treated with certain other metals to cover the top and bottom layer of It to allow photovoltaics to take place to change the photons into electrical energy. • Multiple cells can then be stacked together to create a large panel for more surface area for the sun to allow more power produced.

• Save money on electricity bills • There are also certain schemes produced by certain utility companies that buy your electricity from you if you produce more than you need! • Solar energy is clean and does not pollute the environment • Does not use any fuel so it does not contribute to Global Warming • Solar Panels are independent.Pros and Cons • Installing or making a solar panel may be expensive but after the initial fee the cost of the panel is practically free. So it does not run on a power grid . .

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