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Mile Mail

Group Members:
Farhan Umer FA05-BCS-001
M. Amjad Shahzad FA05-BCS-006
Osama Javed FA05-BCS-012
Kashif Hussain Turabi FA05-BCS-017

Project Advisor
Dr. J.S Mirza

Introduction Cloud Modem Internet source WAN PC Phone Line Cell Phone Exchange Radio tower User .

E-Mail documents. doc. Fax documents. Supports almost all the file extensions e.Features Some salient features are given below. Ease of access. ppt. Auto search to find the documents.g. . pdf etc. Activates itself by just receiving a phone call. xls.

Working Application with all the features described above. Documentation.   GUI which enables all the services on the user computer.Deliverables:   Following components will be delivered after the completion of the project to the project coordinator. .

Required Hardware and Software   A PC with a modem A cell phone C sharp software and books .