Can Your Body's pH Be Too Alkaline?

by Kal Sellers (see all articles by this author) (NaturalNews) This question has appeared from time to time and calls for a visit in the news of today: Can our body's pH be too alkaline? A friend of mine who helps run a very good health food store near me reported that she had been raw and had been alkaline for some time when a person approached her and warned her that "there were diseases that could come from being too alkaline too." She experienced something I have taught a lot about, concerning how much our thinking affects our health. She immediately became acidic (without changing anything) and has stayed acidic since that time. This calls for a questioning of the issue to see if we really should be cautioning anyone to not get too alkaline. My first step in such searching is to ask myself the question: What does nature suggest? Clearly, we have the physiology and digestion of frugivores and, as such, should be enjoying a delightfully alkaline state in our blood most of the time. The foods we would eat in a natural setting would leave us with an alkaline pH and in cultures where they do not know about checking and worrying about their pH, they tend to stay pretty alkaline if they are eating a natural diet and living a lifestyle close to nature. This establishes that alkaline blood is the natural state, but still does not establish whether we can be too alkaline. On a side note, I often wonder if perhaps we would all be better off if the whole pH discussion (and many others) had only taken place in a few alternative healing schools where they used it as a test to help them create health plans for their clients without telling them anything new to worry about or mess up. Some people just mess up anything they have the chance to think

This inefficient state of the blood will inevitably result in the body becoming more acidic to try to speed the nutrient flow to vital organs. All known diseases today exist only when there is a pH that is slightly lower (more acidic) than ideal. . The result has been that love is not felt or really given. the love of many has "waxed cold" to quote a very old scriptural prophecy about our time. one could stop metabolizing key nutrients if they are too alkaline. There are four key reasons for this: 1. From a purely theoretical standpoint. These are theoretical possibilities. Modern diet and the toxic world around us tends to create clutter in the blood and diminish the blood's ability to carry nutrients. Fixing this human failing requires learning that you can be wrong and still be loved. that you are lovable whether you get it right or not. let me get back to the point. however. Stress always results in immediate pH lowering to a more acidic state. discipline.about. in the sense of absolute love. self-restraint. One could experience their blood not carrying oxygen if too alkaline. One certainly could fail to get hydrated or use water efficiently if too alkaline. Well. Unfortunately. where the blood gets thinner and more active and more acidic. This means that no known disease occurs that is experienced while being too alkaline. there will be as much malfunction as when someone gets too acidic. 4. not empirical realities. Sickness results in immune response which results in a state similar to stress. Stress is the middle name of just about everyone in modern society. Theoretically. 3. if one gets too alkaline. 2. that you can take fine care of your experience of life. We do not share and impress that love in kindness. effort and trust in each other in the life experience.

that are the product of one's pH being too high.There are two more things that should be noticed about this before going on: First. is that there are no diseases. We are not well prepared to handle this. This is vital to get the body's immune system to clear out all cancer (well. This can be induced unwisely on certain health programs and . because of the alkaline program. also what we think can cure cancer almost immediately). The conclusion. Having said that. By oscillate. Many healers seem to use this system very effectively for treating cancer. The immune system functions higher when the body is slightly acidic and the extreme alkaline moments actually reduce the size and virulence of the cancer. there are a few principles to discuss in connection with this that will help us care for our health more wisely. Principle 1: Sudden alkaline shock Sudden alkaline shock is what some professionals create when treating cancer. but the outcome. however. The healer might put the person on a program that includes several very important things. Of course. it goes to extreme alkaline again. if someone wanted to sabotage the health of the world it would be a crafty trick to put things into the environment that would cause rapid shift to the too alkaline state. as soon as people became afraid of dying from it. but one of those is sudden alkaline shock where the alkalizing foods and herbs and habits result in such a dramatic shift upward in pH that the body goes too alkaline and often starts to oscillate. not the cause of. under normal conditions. Certain malfunctions in the body buffering systems (designed to keep the pH stable and healthy) can result in a too alkaline state. our blood would shift right back to acid and we would be healed! Second. I mean that the body becomes extremely alkaline and then overcompensates back to acidic and then. Such a state would not be the cause. a disease. then. the reality of being too alkaline (pH too high) exists as the product of.

. we got stuck in alkaline and could not get back to acidic. acidity is quite necessary for survival and over alkalinity can be a hazard. Being an herbalist. In addition to this. I took a small group on a healing and meditation retreat into the high mountains of Wyoming.KalsSchool. For example. alkaline water does not hydrate well and we had gone to a much higher altitude where we needed more hydration help. you can find the recipes on (www. Further. Even in serious illness. This was unwise and made it hard to make the trek down the mountain! When we got home we ate large amounts of watermelon and were hydrated in just a few hours.accidentally in certain situations. extraordinarily alkaline. While this sounds like a pretty good program. not less.the fact that we would all get stuck in extreme alkaline shock. to make for a slightly acidic hydration source. Because of the spring water. We camped at 10 or 11 thousand feet and made day hikes up as high as 12 thousand 3 hundred feet. we drank only spring water coming from a glacier right above the lake we camped near. We just cavalierly kept drinking from the spring and doing half a dozen other things to make ourselves alkaline. we took along a totally raw selection of fruit (limes) and some totally raw energy bars that were highly alkalizing and healing. The consequence was weakness and extreme dehydration. on the downloads page -. it actually had one serious drawback -. itself. it is important for the body to be able to regain a slightly acidic state in order for the immune system to function well. which was.available to registered users. We had not thought to bring along a watermelon or distilled water or some vinegar even. While there. I also planned for us to eat lots of the wild greens along the way.

Rather a person should adhere to the basic alkaline rules that are taught at KalsSchool. such as two weeks. We also drink distilled water. if used at all. The body will switch to acidic to clean up. Most importantly.stress and cleansing always involve an acidic state. is very usable as water to flush the system and to hydrate as much as water can hydrate. where supplements that are alkaline mineral based are used. These are programs where no acidic foods are taken. where extremely alkalizing fruits or supplements are taken every day. So.. Principle 2: Stress and cleansing Stress and cleansing always result in an acidic state. to heal rapidly. but it is easy to switch back to acidic because there are no unnatural or extreme alkaline agents in the body. eat only what nature provides and work on improving the way we think and what we believe about life and ourselves in life. Most of the time the body stays alkaline. . Alkaline water does not do this well at all. to kill invaders. as such. we want the body to be able to switch back and forth freely. to rapidly hydrate. perhaps I should rephrase that -. water is used to flush the system. we stay alkaline to keep disease away. to deal with threats and so forth. should be kept to a short time frame.This is the natural way of things.. This is because the body does everything faster and with more aggression when it is acidic and is calmer and quieter when it is alkaline. Some programs I have heard about are like this and. where water is alkalized before drinking it. but when disease strikes or finds its way in. This leads to the conclusion that we should watch out for alkalizing substances and programs that are so extreme as to attempt to manipulate the body in an almost drug-like way to be extremely alkaline. to kill cancer. which is slightly acidic and. which are that we keep our body clean.

Finally. healthy thinking and believing and loving life. the body protects its vital nutrients from water and keeps them protected while allowing wastes and deposits to be flushed away. natural diet and meditation. feeling that it is okay to be loved and wrong at the same time and feeling that he/she can handle life for him/her. without interfering with its ability to flush out wastes. If you already have an alkaline water system. such as chemicals and alkaline water. the body kicks out vital nutrients and loses control over them.The person who wants to stay. ii. the food becomes a poison. Avoid unnatural means of alkalization. This will help. If there is some need to use such things. when one eats under stress. Principle 3: Seek wise solutions i.meaning at the wrong times and out of balance with nature and harmony and personal peace and health. more alkaline should be aware that cleansing should be done intensively and then followed by a healthy. add lemon to it before drinking it. Normally. keep it to two weeks and no more. when one is under a lot of stress and the stress management is not working (I think this happens to all of us some times) one should not drink lots of pure distilled water by itself. we make herbal teas or drink water with lots of lemon in it or sea salt stirred into it or some such thing that will make it less aggressive to vital nutrients. Distilled water works so well for flushing the system that a problem arises when stress is high. The person will generally digest the food to be acidic (if she/he digests it at all) and then the person will find that his/her body will oscillate asynchronously -. I would also alternate by drinking distilled water periodically to keep my body well flushed. . Keep your water acidic by drinking distilled water or by adding lemon or vinegar or by making an herbal tea that is not too alkalizing. Thus when stress is high. Additionally. overall. Under extreme stress.

Reflexologist and more. chew your food lots and enjoy it fully. Keep your body nourished and clean with live foods and at least seasonal cleansing. Natural Nutritionist. Whether stressed or not. depending on whether it is working or not. Of course. exercise uses up the nutrients you are eating to build new you. Exercise helps to keep a natural smooth oscillation wave going that helps the body go through healthy cycles of alkaline and acid states. Mind-Body Medicine Practitioner. Kal is a Master Herbalist. digestion is the thing that is most supportive or destructive.iii. MH About the author Kal Sellers. sea salt. so any exercise program should include plenty of really healthy. Eat a wide spectrum of healthy food and eat with the seasons as much as possible. live herbs. Kal Sellers. Seek peace with everyone and everything and yourself in your heart before you take a bite and stay that way or stop eating until you regain it. This manages pH without creating alkaline shock. Mental Re-programmer. Emphasize digestion always. Eat raw fruit 20 minutes before each meal. vii. celery seed. vi. v. Until next time. seaweeds and so forth. This includes celery and carrot juice. take ¼ teaspoon of cayenne pepper in a little water 15 minutes before each meal. a Massage Therapist. MH is a lifelong student and practitioner of the natural healing arts. Kal is currently attending Life University in preparation for . Understand that the advantage to using whole. Iridologist. Technician of the Rolf Method of Structural Integration. instead of isolated supplements for your alkalizing and cleaning is that they will generally allow the natural oscillation to continue to take place. live food. natural. iv. Use sodium sources for natural pH mitigation. Life Coach.

chiropractic school.BestFoodist. the last by Kal. They live now in Powder an online school for natural healing and herbal medicine. the last three of which were delivered at home. GA where they maintain live classes on food and medicine for anyone choosing to master medical independence and life-long optimal health! . Kal also maintains as the website for the distribution of his and his wife's books on natural nutrition and companion recipe book (Traci's Transformational Kitchen Cookbook and Traci's Transformational Health Principles). Kal and Traci have five children. Kal currently operates and maintains www.KalsSchool.

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