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Sri Krishna's Horoscope

Sri Krishna's Horoscope


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Published by: free_astrovipin8626 on Jan 02, 2009
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Exalted Moon in Ascendant of Lord Krishna’s horoscope shows his true nature of love and compassion.

Powerful Sun in conjunction with exalted Jupiter and their aspect to 10th house of fame gave him undying fame and Jupiter being powerful in Lagna chart and Navamsa chart indicates that he always stood for dharma. Venus being the Lagna lord placed in 3rd house of courage with Rahu

gave him a dynamic nature and a political mind (Rahu shows diplomacy). Ketu (significator of moksha ) placed in 9th house and in aspect of 9th Lord Saturn and 12th lord Mars (12th house rules moksha) connects his dharma with moksha. Mercury being the Lord of 2nd house of status is exalted in 5th house of authority shows his great intelligence and efficiency during his rule. Saturn being placed in 7th house shows his first wife (Radha) was older than him [It is true that Lord Krishna married Radha (which many people do not know and there are many evidences to prove this) and she was older than him].Venus being the 6th lord (6th house rules wars,disputes etc.) in 3rd house shows that he had to fight many battles for the sake of dharma (9th lord Saturn aspects Venus by sign aspect).Exalted Saturn made him democratic and he always listened to the requests of the people irrespective of caste and creed. In Navamsa chart, Ketu aspect Saturn-Venus conjunction by sign aspect from 12th house of moksha showing a great Tapaswi yoga. For free astrology consultation contact free_astrovipin@yahoo.co.in

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