To schedule a Task or Job  Command crontab < filename > In filename we mention what need to be done  Crontab –l : To view all the

scheduled jobs running in server  Crontab -e: to edit the Scheduled jobs on the server Syntax to schedule a particular job  * * * * * crontab <path of file name> 1st Star : minute (0-59) 2nd Star : hour (2-24) rd 3 Star : Day of the month (1-31) 4th Star : Month(1-12) 1-Jan 5th Star : Day of the week (0-6) 0-sun,1-mon -----------------------------------------------------------------------Nohup – runs the job even shell is terminated  Nohup grep : nohup command before another command you intend to run as a background process.  To Terminate Nohup use kill -----------------------------------------------------------------------Halt : stop all process Reboot: stops all process and reboot Sudo halt : shutdown FIND find / -name fname : start from the root directory look for the file called fname find/ -name “ *fname*” : start from the root directory look for the file containing the string fname.

Vi- editor Commands -----------------------------------------------------------------------:w - will save , :q- will exit the editor, :q!- Force exit :w Filename - save the text to new file name :n – moves to line n of the File N dd- Delete N lines, N dw –Delete N words yy- Copy p – paste x-delete character -----------------------------------------------------------------------h-left, l-right, k-up, j-down -----------------------------------------------------------------------/string – search string , :1, $s/word/another word : replace word with another word -----------------------------------------------------------------------Gedit – graphical text editor FILE : 1g: to start of the file g: end of the file Move -----------------------------------------------------------------------a: insert text after cursor i: insert text before cursor A: append text to the end of current line I: insert text to the start of the current line adduser accountname: Create a new user call accountname passwd accountname: Give accountname a new password su: Log in as superuser from current login exit: Stop being superuser and revert to normal user

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