GPS: Charting a Course for the Future

*Guinea Pig Society Parent Permission*
Please ask your student to provide you with the Middle School Acceptable Use Policy (which was attached to the email they received) BEFORE signing this document! I, _______________________, parent of _____________________, officially give permission for the above mentioned WCS student to participate in the GPS group. I have reviewed the Middle School Acceptable Use Policy (personally and with my student). We acknowledge that _________________________ is solely responsible for all devices used in accordance with this group as referenced in the aforementioned Middle School Acceptable Use Policy. Signed: ________________________________ (Parent Signature) Signed: ________________________________ (Student Signature)

*Guinea Pig Society Teacher Recommendation*
Please write a few sentences, describing why you feel this WCS student would be a good candidate for the Guinea Pig Society, on the lines provided.

Signed: ________________________________ (Teacher Signature)

Signed: _______________________________ (Head of Middle School, Dr. Rai)

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