Were you upside down on a rope bridge or swinging on the Flying Fox?

If you also think these are fun, then you would agree that adventure activities should be longer and more often. The best part of camp was by far the adventure activities because it was lots of fun. There was not enough time to do all of the activities more than once. The time could be longer or we could have more than one day for the activities. We live in a city and can’t do these types of activities in Bangkok. Outside in the countryside it is perfect to get wet and breathe fresh air so you probably agree with me that adventures activities are fun and important for kids in the city. The adventures activities are the most fun in camp, you cannot do it in Bangkok and it is not so polluted in countryside like in Bangkok, so because of these things we should have more time to do these adventure activities. By Viktoria 6JK / 27 January 2012