HFSS Project 4: Microstrip Patch Antenna

Design Requirements:
Input Impedance =100 Ω Resonant Frequency of the Antenna=10GHz Relative permittivity of the substrate = 2.32 Dielectric loss tangent =0.01

The rectangular patch has dimensions L= 9.693mm.793mm.To do so draw a rectangle on the XZ plane of dimensions such that it covers the trace. d) Draw an Air box below the substrate of dimensions 50x55x10mm e) We need to define a waveport . d) Assign wave port excitation to the rectangle on the XZ plane. W= 15mm Trace dimensions a= 0. Make sure you not select that Face to assign radiation boundary as PerfectE has already been assigned to it c) Assign PerfectE boundary to the rectangular patch and the trace. b) Draw the rectangular patch and trace on the top face of the substrate.32 and dielectric loss tangent of 0. 3) Assigning Boundaries and Excitations a) Select the bottom face of the substrate and Assign the PerfectE boundary to it. Note: The bottom face of the top air also coincides with the bottom face of the substrate.063mm.Procedure: 1) Designing the Microstrip patch a) Draw the substrate dimensions 50 x 55x 0.25.The height of the air box can be any value Here the dimensions are taken to be 50x55x10mm.001 b) Set up a Sweep solution from 7-13 GHz with a step size of 0. b) Assign the Radiation boundary to the top and bottom air boxes.01 to the substrate. with 15 passes and delta as . 4) Solution Set-up a) Set up an Adaptive solution at 12GHz. 5) Analyze the results a) Plot the S matrix in dB to check if the designed Antenna resonates at the specified 10Ghz b) Plot the Mag of Zo to check if the Input Impedance is 100Ohm as designed . Make sure you select the XZ Plane from the menu before drawing 2) Assigning Materials a) Select the substrate to assign material b) Assign a User defined material with a relative permittivity of 2. b=10mm c) Draw an Air box on starting from the bottom of the substrate with the same length and width .

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