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58718553 Old Earth History Book 1 5 Million to 750 B C the Annunaki

58718553 Old Earth History Book 1 5 Million to 750 B C the Annunaki

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49,000 years ago

Anunnaki males continued to marry human females. Enki and Ninhursag elevate humans
of Anunnaki parentage to rule in Shurupak. Enlil is enraged and plots the demise of
Mankind. The stage was being set for the flood in 11,000 BC – the event that was meant
to eliminate mankind from the face of Earth.

Properly translated, this is how the Bible describes the circumstances that preceded and
led to the flood:

And it came to pass,
When the Earthlings began to increase in number
upon the face of the Earth,
and daughters were born unto them,
that the sons of the Elohim
saw the daughters of the Earthlings,
that they were compatible.
And they took unto themselves
wives of whichever they chose.

The Nefilim were upon the Earth
in those days, and thereafter too,
when the sons of the Elohim
cohabited with the daughters of the Adam
and they bore children to them.

The Elohim is another name for the Anunnaki. The sons of the Elohim were the Nefilim.

The Old Testament tells a similar tale:

the sons of the gods
saw the daughters of man, that they were good;
and they took them for wives,
of all which they chose.

The Nefilim were upon the Earth,
in those days and thereafter too,
when the sons of the gods
cohabited with the daughters of the Adam,
and they bore children unto them.
They were the mighty ones of Eternity -
The People of the shem.

Shem is a sky vehicle.

The Book of Enoch also states what happened:

And it came to pass when the children of men
had multiplied, that in those days were born
unto them beautiful and comely daughters.
And the angels, the Children of Heaven,
saw and lusted after them,
and said to one another:
"Come, let us choose wives from among the
children of men, and beget us children."

Thus the time preceding the flood was a time when many Anunnaki males began to
marry human females and had children by them. This is what upset Enlil/Yahweh the
most and was the primary reason for the effort to wipe out mankind with the flood.

And Enlil/Yahweh said:

I will destroy the Earthling whom I have created
off the face of the earth.

Enlil first attempted to do that with biological warfare. He released diseases into the air
that resulted in many deadly plagues. He also tried to eliminate mankind by starvation.
But mankind continued to survive and multiply.

In 11,000 BC Enlil would have a new opportunity to eliminate mankind – the great flood
that buried most of the land under water.

Historical events described in Mesopotamian tablets
Holy Bible
Book of Enoch

37,000 years ago

Carvings on rock walls in America 37,000 years ago.

Ridgecrest California

McConkie Ranch Utahnia,

33,000 years ago

At Monte Verde, Chile archaeologists have found remains of stone tools, bone
implements, and wooden shelters - a campsite occupied some 13,000 years ago.

Lower strata at this campsite yielded fragmented stone tools that suggest that the site's
human occupation began some 20,000 years earlier.

When Time Began by Zecharia Sitchin

33,0000 years ago

Colonization of Earth takes place. ( probably espinols – anunnaki – Eridu statue)

need to put LRH reference here

the espinols were operating on Mars – tape The Free Being – need the specifics, they had
to abandon their base on Mars about 1150 AD

There is also a 1963 HCOB with part of the title being – Marcab Between Lives Implants
But, since Marcab was knocked out 10,000 years ago, then perhaps espinol took over
Mars since then, until they were knocked out 1150 AD?

19,000 years ago

Cave drawings - Pech Merle, France –17,000 BC

c. 15,000 years ago

The Aryans lived on the shores of the Caspian Sea. The Aryans were cousins of the
Hittites and the Hurrians – from whom the Aryans obtained Sumerian knowledge and
beliefs. The Aryans migrated to form new nationalities in Greece, Europe, etc.

Caspian Sea

Greek, Latin, etc. are modifications of the Aryan language.

The Aryans also migrated into India and the Hindu language and beliefs were those of the

The Hindus say that the Vedas, sacred scriptures that are not of human origin, were
composed by the gods themselves in a previous age. They were brought to India by the
Aryan migrants as oral traditions. In 200 BC a sage wrote down the verses of the Veda.

Other ancient Hindu writings are Mantras, Brahmanas, Aranyakas, Upanishads, Puranas
Mahabarata and Ramayana. Together with the Vedas they make up the sources of the
Aryan and Hindu tales of Heaven and Earth, gods and heroes.

The word Avatar means Descent - from the world of the gods to the world of men.
Avatars are incarnations. Lord Krishna is the 8th

avatar (incarnation) of Vishnu.

Lord Vishnu

Lord Krishna

An early god was Kasyapa who had many offspring by diverse wives and concubines.
His consort Aditi bore him twelve children – among them were Vishnu, Tvashtri, and

Tvashtri, the craftsman of the gods, provided them with aerial cars and magical weapons.
From a blazing celestial metal he fashioned weapons for Vishnu, Indra, and other gods..

Indra's Vimana (aerial car) had lights and rapidly traveled vast distances.

The gods, the texts reveal, sustained their immortality by drinking Soma, an ambrosia
that was brought down to Earth from the Celestial Abode and it was drunk mixed with
milk. Cattle also provided the gods with roasted meat.

Wars between the gods were fought on land, in the air, and beneath the seas. One who
excelled in these battles was Indra. He won land and aerial battles.

When the fighting was over, Indra, having contributed so much to the victory, claimed
the supremacy. One of his first acts to establish his claim was to slay his own father.

For this crime Indra was excluded by the gods from drinking Soma, thus endangering his

continued immortality. They ascended up to Heaven, leaving Indra only with cattle for
food. But he went up after them, with the Thunder-weapon. Fearing his weapon, the gods
shouted: "Do not hurl!" and agreed to let Indra share once again in divine nourishments.

The Wars of Gods and Men by Zecharia Sitchin
The Vedas

15,000 years ago

The "Rama Empire" of Northern India and Pakistan developed at least fifteen thousand
years ago and was a nation of many sophisticated cities. Rama apparently existed parallel
to the Atlantean civilization in the mid-Atlantic Ocean.

According to ancient Indian texts, the people had flying machines that were called
Vimanas. The Samara Sutradhara is literature dealing with construction, take-off, flight
and landing.

Another text, the Vaimanika Sastra, even contains instructions on how to switch the drive
from solar energy to an energy source that sounds like anti-gravity. It has been translated
into English and even contains diagrams such as the one below.

Vimanas took off vertically, and were capable of hovering in the sky. They were
described as being of various shapes, some multi-leveled, some cigar shaped, etc.

In India the flying vehicles were called Vimanas

Egyptian hieroglyphs depict the same flying images carved in stone

It is evident that ancient Indians flew around in these vehicles. Writing found in Pakistan
is similar to writing found on Easter Island.

The Atlanteans, known as "Asvins" in the Indian writings, were apparently even more
advanced technologically than the Indians. They had flying machines called "Vailixi"

The Indian Emperor Ashoka started a "Secret Society of the Nine Unknown Men": great
Indian scientists who were supposed to catalogue the many sciences. One book was "The
Secrets of Gravitation". This book dealt chiefly with gravity control.

Only a few years ago, the Chinese discovered some Sanskrit documents in Tibet and sent
them to the University of Chandrigarh to be translated. Dr. Ruth Reyna of the University
said recently that the documents contain directions for building interstellar spaceships.

Their method of propulsion, she said, was anti-gravitational. The manuscripts were also
said to reveal the secret of "antima"; "the cap of invisibility".

The Anti-Gravity Handbook by D. Hatcher Childress

c. 11,000 BC

According to Plato there existed an island nation located in the middle of the Atlantic
Ocean populated by a noble and powerful race.

Plato lived in Greece in the 5th

century BC and dated Atlantis over 11,000 years ago.

For generations the Atlanteans lived simple, virtuous lives. But slowly greed and power
began to corrupt them. When Zeus saw the immorality of the Atlanteans he gathered the
other gods to determine a suitable punishment.

Soon, in one violent surge it was gone - the sea swallowed Atlantis and its people.

The Earth Chronicles by Sitchin
Writings of Plato

Zeus was Utu, son of Nannar and Ningal, grandson of Enki and Enlil

c. 11,000 BC

Ancient Vimana Aircraft and Nuclear Warfare

Indian texts are filled with references to gods who fought battles in the sky using
Vimanas equipped with weapons as deadly as any we can deploy today.

In the Mahabharatra, an ancient Indian poem, is a lot of information about conflicts
between gods using advanced weapons. The poem records the use of blazing missiles.
Indra's Dart was a circular reflector that produced a shaft of light which immediately
consumed any target.

In one fight Krishna is pursuing Salva in the sky when Salva made his Vimana invisible.
Krishna fires off a special weapon: 'I quickly laid on an arrow, which killed by seeking
out sound'.

The Ramayana, Mahabarata and other texts speak of the war that took place some twelve
thousand years ago between Atlantis and the Rama Empire.

The Mahabharata text tells the destructiveness of the war:

flying a swift and powerful vimana
the weapon was a single projectile
charged with all the power of the Universe.
An incandescent column of smoke and flame
As bright as the thousand suns rose in all its splendor

An iron thunderbolt,
A gigantic messenger of death,
Which reduced to ashes
The entire race of the Vrishnis
And the Andhakas.

the corpses were so burned
As to be unrecognizable.
The hair and nails fell out;
Pottery broke without apparent cause,
And the birds turned white.

After a few hours
All foodstuffs were infected
to escape from this fire
The soldiers threw themselves in streams
To wash themselves and their equipment"

The above accurately describes an atomic explosion.

Evidence of Ancient Atomic Explosions

In recent excavations of Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro, archeologists discovered skeletons
scattered about the cities, many holding hands and sprawling in the streets as if some
instant, horrible doom had taken place. People were just lying, unburied, in the streets of
the cities.

These skeletons are among the most radioactive ever found. At Mohenjodaro, the streets
were littered with "black lumps of glass." These globs of glass were discovered to be clay
pots that had melted under intense heat.

Other cities have been found in northern India that show indications of explosions of
great magnitude. One city near the Rajmahal mountains seems to have been subjected to
intense heat. Huge masses of walls and foundations of the ancient city are fused together.
The intense heat to melt clay vessels and fuse stonewalls can only be explained by an
atomic blast.

A heavy layer of radioactive ash in Rajasthan, India covers a three-square mile area.
Radiation is very intense and there is a high rate of birth defects and cancer in the area.

Scientists investigating the site have unearthed an ancient city where evidence shows an
atomic blast dating from 8,000 to 12,000 years ago. An archeologist found etchings in
some nearby temples suggesting that they prayed to be spared from the great light that
was coming to lay ruin to the city.

Indian writings are full of descriptions that sound like an atomic blast. The radioactive
ash adds credibility to the ancient Indian records that describe atomic warfare.

More evidence of Ancient Atomic Explosions

Archaeologists have been digging in the ancient Euphrates Valley and have uncovered a
layer of culture 8,000 years old. Recently, they reached another older layer of fused green

It is well known that atomic detonations on or above a sandy desert will melt the silicon
in the sand and turn the surface of the Earth into glass.

An engineer on assignment in Africa had to cross a desert. He was puzzled by a large
expanse of greenish glass that covered the sands as far as he could see.

Pieces of Libyan Desert glass are found in an area 80 miles by 32 miles.

Libyan Desert glass

The origin of this immense deposit of glass has been attributed to ancient nuclear
explosions. Geologists always prefer a meteor-impact explanation, but there is no
evidence of a meteor impact.

Furthermore, other known impact glasses are bubbly and contain partially melted
materials. Libyan Desert Glass is pure and lacks rock inclusions.

Internet data on ancient Vimana aircraft

c. 11,000 years ago

Tape lecture by Ron Hubbard -

And now we get into a total electronic society of Atlantis.

The Atlantean societies at that time were kind of space opera societies. And where they
came from and what they did and so forth, I wouldn't be able to tell you too much, except
they disappeared off the face of the Earth. But I'd say they came closer to the heading of
original inhabitant of this planet than later races but, of course, some of the people on the
planet at this time came through that track and are still here.

Whoever didn't come through that track has come from elsewhere. They've come from
other planetary groups, and they're from outer space.

Now, an electronic society in the immediate background of Atlantis, and that sort of
thing, is a little bit rough to pin, because it gets all mixed up with other electronic
societies. And all of a sudden, why, you run into real heavy space opera, see? Electronics
and every other doggone thing; people blasting walls down with disintegrators and ...

And, actually, the Atlantean society in its latest days was a totally lazy, totally
nonproductive, totally idle, utterly corrupt, psychotic society.

Let's start back a little further... And that is the Marcab, or the Big Dipper area of this
particular galaxy, which received the immigration from another galaxy into this galaxy,
and which set up a society which kept going for a very, very long time - a society which
is something on the order of about 208,000 years back on the track.

Now, that period rather ended and ceased and desisted for that particular society
somewhere about 10,000 years ago. So you see, that is a long, rough society.

So therefore, you should realize that there is this tremendously random, vicious society
lying immediately ahead of Earth society, which has Earth outdone about ten thousand

But the battles were fought with electronic cannon.

Tape lecture by Ron Hubbard 27 November 1959 Principal Incidents On The Track

c. 11,000 BC

Enki lusted for Batanash, a descendant of Adapa. On the roof of a dwelling where
Batanash was bathing, Enki approached her and had sexual intercourse with her. She bore
Ziusudra – also called Utnapishtim, Sisithros and Noah. Enki taught Ziusudra to read.

Whenever Nibiru would get close to the sun in its orbit, its gravitional field would cause
earthquakes on Earth and Mars. At this time, Nibiru was approaching this part of its orbit.

Nergal reported on a dangerous situation. The icecap over Antarctica had become
unstable, resting upon a layer of slippery slush. The problem was that this instability had
developed just as Nibiru was about to make its approach to Earth's vicinity; and Nibiru's
gravitational pull could upset the ice cap's balance and cause it to slip into the Antarctic
Ocean. The immense tidal waves that this would cause could engulf the whole globe.

Enlil was furious at Marduk, who was recruiting the hybrids descended from marriages of
Anunnaki males to human females. Enlil saw the threat of a tidal wave as an opportunity
to get rid of the Earthlings.

King Anu beamed Earth to prepare for evacuating Earth and Mars. The mines in Africa
were shut down and the Anunnaki went to Edin. Enki, Enlil and Ninharsag were to orbit
Earth in spacecraft until the waters subsided.

King Anu's order continued - To let each Anunnaki decide to leave Earth or wait for the
water to subside. The Anunnaki who had married the daughters of men must choose
between departure and their spouse – for no hybrid earthling may be brought to Nibiru.
For those who choose to stay, they must orbit earth in spacecraft until the water abates.

Enlil convened a meeting of the Assembly of the Gods. He said he decided the Earthlings
must drown in the deluge. Enlil demanded Enki and all swear not to tell the Earthlings of
the impending inundation. Enki refused; he and Marduk stamped out of the Assembly.

Enlil brought the Assembly back to order. He decreed that Anunnaki with human wives
and children must move to mountain peaks above water level. Enki, Ninharsag, and I - as

well as our sons, daughters and their descendants - will orbit Earth until the Earthlings
drown and the waters recede.

Enki and Ninharsag buried their records and grain seeds in a vault beneath their space
facility at Baalbek, Lebanon. They also prepared genetic banks of each kind of Earth's
creatures so they could be brought back into existence after the flood.

Enki also went to the dwelling of Ziusudra and talked to a wall. Enki told the wall about
the impending flood and left instructions for building a submarine. Ziusudra overheard
what Enki told the wall, thus Ziusudra was forewarned of the impending flood.

The Hebrew term in the bible for the boat was Teba, which denotes something closed on
all sides, a "box" rather than the commonly translated "ark." Teba stems from Akkadian
Tebitu which means "to sink." The boat was thus a "sinkable" boat. A son of Enki was
assigned to pilot the submarine.

Ziusudra was also instructed to take his family and the seeds of all living things, both
plant life and animal life, aboard the submarine so that each species would survive the
flood. It was not the animals themselves that were taken aboard, it was their seeds.

Nibiru then arrived near Earth in its orbit 13,000 years ago and its gravity force caused
the Antarctica icecap to fall into the ocean. A tidal wave arose, spreading northward. For
forty days, waves and storms swept Earth, drowning everything on the planet except
those on mountaintops and in Ziusudra’s submarine.

Enki’s Salvation Plan included instructions of where to land the submarine after the tidal
wave subsided. This was Mount Nitzir (Mount of Salvation) the twin-peaked Mount
Ararat in Turkey. These twin peaks would be the first to emerge from the tidal wave,
being the highest peaks around there.

The submarine was surfaced and set sail for Mt Ararat, where Ziusudra built a huge fire
as a signal. Enki and Enlil descended to Mt. Ararat and Enlil became furious when he
saw the human survivors. Family, friends, and helpers of Ziusudra had all been onboard.
Enki told Enlil that Ziusudra was no mere mortal, that he was his son.

Enlil accused Enki of breaking his promise to not tell humans about the flood. Enki said
he did not break his promise because he only told a wall about the flood. It was pointed
out to Enlil that the submarine contained the seeds to start life over. Enki also said that
the services of humans were needed in making Earth habitable again. Enlil finally saw
the wisdom of it and calmed down.

Mount Ararat in Turkey

The floodwaters from the Deluge receded. The flood had left the Anunnaki settlements in
Mesopotamia and the African mines buried in mud. Of the Anunnaki settlements, only
the Landing Place at Baalbek was intact; their spaceport at Sippar was gone.

Enlil summoned all survivors to the Landing Place - the Anunnaki and humans who
survived the flood on mountain peaks and those in spacecraft orbiting the planet. He also
called in his son Nannar from his refuge on the Moon and Enki's son Marduk from Mars.

Marduk reported that Mars was devastated by the passage of Nibiru.

Sumerian tablets state that 432,000 years had passed between the arrival of the Anunnaki
on Earth and the flood. The Anunnaki arrived 445,000 years ago, establishing the date of
the flood as 13,000 years ago = 11,000 BC.

Historical events described in Sumerian tablets

There is proof of nuclear warfare around this time.

Perhaps nuclear weapons were used to chip off the polar icecap causing the icecap to fall
into the ocean. When a giant piece of the polar icecap fell into the ocean it caused a tidal
wave that buried Atlantis and other landmasses underneath water.

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