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58718553 Old Earth History Book 1 5 Million to 750 B C the Annunaki

58718553 Old Earth History Book 1 5 Million to 750 B C the Annunaki

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2680 BC

The symbol for Enki was a snake.

Enki had founded the Brotherhood of the Snake. It sought to give humans advanced
spiritual knowledge that would liberate them from spiritual bondage on Earth.

When we look to discover who founded the Brotherhood, Mesopotamian texts point right
back to Prince Enki. Enki was described as good-hearted in regard to human beings. He
opposed the cruelties that other Anunnaki rulers, such as Enlil, inflicted upon humans.

Brotherhood of the Snake symbol

The teachings of the Brotherhood in ancient Egypt were carried out in Mystery Schools.
The Mystery Schools provided the priests and pharaohs with their spiritual education.

The first temple built for use by the Mystery Schools was erected by Pharaoh Cheops in
2680 BC.

Brotherhood teachings were arranged as a step-by-step process. A student was required to
complete one level of instruction before proceeding to the next higher one. Pupils took an
oath of secrecy to not reveal the teachings of a level to anyone who had not yet graduated
up to that level.

Despite all of their reported good intentions, Enki and the early Brotherhood clearly
failed to free the human race. Mesopotamian, Egyptian, and biblical texts relate that the
"snake" was quickly defeated by other Anunnaki factions.

Enki was banished to Earth and was villainized by his opponents to ensure that he could
never again secure a widespread following among humans. Enki’s title was changed from
"Prince of Earth" to "Prince of Darkness". He was labeled other horrible names: Satan,
the Devil, Evil Incarnate, Monarch of Hell, Lord of Vermin, Prince of Liars, and more.
He was portrayed as the mortal enemy of the Supreme Being and as the keeper of Hell.

The early Brotherhood of the Snake, after its reported defeat, came under the domination
of the very Anunnaki factions that Enki and the original Brotherhood opposed.

The Brotherhood of the Snake was taken over and its teachings were corrupted by the
Anunnaki who wanted to keep humans in a slave state and under their control.
The Gods of Eden by William Bramley

The author, William Bramley is not giving specifics here. What specific Mesopotamian
and Egyptian texts state that Enki started the Brotherhood of the Snake? In order to say
its teachings were corrupted, you would have to know what the original teachings were.
Bramley does not say what the original teachings were.

The Emerald Tablets of Thoth reveal data promoted by the Brotherhood. See Doreal at
the 1930 AD time track entry.

2680 BC

Brotherhood of the Snake

Satanism predates Christianity and all other religions

Satan is our True Creator God. Satan is the Anunnaki God Enki.

The Magnum Opus (Great Work) is what Satanism is about - humanity reaching physical
and spiritual perfection. Satanism is about elevating humanity to reach equality with the
Gods, which was Satan's intention.

Enki's symbol is the serpent.

There has been a war over humanity in which Satan wishes to give us the knowledge to
elevate ourselves to physical and spiritual perfection, while the enemy wants to keep us
spiritually ignorant. Satan is depicted below, intervening to assist chained humans.

An old painting by Edward Burney from Paradise Lost

Another name for Enki is Lucifer. Lucifer brings light – he is the bringer of knowledge.
The morning sun brings men awake from the darkness of sleep. In order to be victimized,
one must be unknowing. Lucifer brings knowledge and enlightenment.

Lucifer is the liberator of humanity. He does not fear humans having spiritual power and
knowledge. Lucifer gives us the knowledge to become independent and free. He directs
us to be masters of our own lives.

Lucifer stands for freedom, strength, power, and justice. He shows us that we are
deserving of happiness and a better life.

Enki/Lucifer/Satan established the Ancient Egyptian Order of the Serpent, also known as
the Brotherhood of the Snake. This Order was to bring humanity godly knowledge and
power and to complete the Great Work of transforming our souls.

Another Anunnaki God (Enlil) is attempting to prevent Enki from finishing his work on
humanity – the attainment of physical and spiritual perfection.

Through the millennia, the teachings have been corrupted and no longer resemble the
original doctrines.

Enlil introduced monotheistic religions, such as the Jewish and Christian religions. These

introduced the lie that there is only one Annunaki god and attacked the Brotherhood. The
intention is to keep humans spiritually ignorant and in servitude as a slave race.

Judeaism, Christianity, and other monotheistic religions stand for servitude and slavery
and program humanity to be the perfect slaves in a new world order.

Christians rant concerning the "one world order" where all liberties will be lost and all
humanity will be in a one-world slave state. They fail to see how their own monotheistic
religion has always been the roots of and blueprint for this regime.

The Lost Book of Enki; Memoires of an Extra-Terrestrial God by Zecharia Sitchin
Cassel Dictionary of Witchcraft by David Pickering
Satan Wants You by Arthur Lyons
The Biography of Satan by Kersey Graves
Joy of Satan Ministry

Enki was not called Satan at this point in time. The word Satan was invented much later.

2650 BC

The Egyptian pyramids that were built by pharaohs began with one built by King Zoser at
Sakkara circa 2650 B.C.

Pyramid at Sakkara built by Pharaoh Zoser

However, the pyramids built by humans could not match the Great Pyramid at Giza that
was built by Thoth.

The Earth Chronicles by Zecharia Sitchin

c. 2550 BC

There is a depiction of the zodiac in the temple of Egyptian Goddess Hathor.

Goddess Hathor

Goddess Hathor, Menkara, Goddess Hare Nome

Temple of Hathor – Denderah, Egypt

Zodiac on temple ceiling

The zodiac is seen on the ceiling of the temple.

Zodiac on ceiling of Temple of Hathor at Denderah 300-50 BC

A relief in the Temple of Hathor – Dendera, Egypt

Hathor was Ninharsag, the half-sister of Enki and Enlil. When Ninharsag had first come
to Earth 430,000 years ago she was young and beautiful. By this time Ninharsag had
grown old and so had Enki and Enlil. The immortality of the gods that humans sought to
attain was only an apparent longevity due to the longer life cycle of the Anunnaki.

The Earth Chronicles by Zecharia Sitchin

2500 BC

This is a Sumerian tablet dated at 2500 BC.

Sitchin says it is Ninurta bringing Abzu before Enlil for judgement.

Sitchin also says it shows the Sumerians knew about all the planets in our solar system
and that they orbited the sun, as shown on this tablet.

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